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Evaluation of the biomass and analyse of the essential oil of three varieties of basil (Ocimum basificum L.) cultivated in Morocco

Belkamel, A.; Bammi, J.; Janneot, V.; Belkame, A.; Dehbi, Y.; Douira, A.

Acta Botanica Gallica 155(4): 467-476


ISSN/ISBN: 1253-8078
DOI: 10.1080/12538078.2008.10516126
Accession: 070609148

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The present study relates the productions of biomass and of essential oils of three cultivated varieties of basil in Morocco: crimson, great green and fine dwarf green. The results show that the crimson variety presents the highest foliar biomass. The comparison of the averages of essential oil concentrations at five cut periods, from July to December, shows that fine dwarf green basil records the maximum out of essential oil. In addition, the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the chemical composition shows that the main identified components exceed 70% of the total mass of essential oils of the three studied varieties. The same chemical compounds are present in the three varieties, but in different concentrations varying according to the periods of cut. The main compounds are linalol, elemene and 1-8-cineole.

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