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Studies on Breeding Management Practices Followed by the Buffalo Owners OF BULDANA DISTRICT OF MAHARASHTRA

Bidwe, K. U.; Chavan, S. D.; Padghan, P. V.

Indian Journal of Animal Research 43(1): 71-74


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-6722
Accession: 070614745

The study on breeding management practices followed by the buffalo owners of Buldana district revealed that rearing of purchased non-descript buffaloes was done by 90, 78.98 and 88.24 per cent farmers from group 1, 11 and III respectively. None of the dairy farmers adopted A.I technique; however 90 to 99 per cent farmers had knowledge of detection of heat in buffaloes. Nearly 10 per cent farmers had no mortality on their farms. Majority of the dairy farmers i.e 56.60 and 60.22 per cent from group I and 11 respectively had poor breeding management index Le below 71-80 per cent.

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