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Rainfall probability modeling for Neelambur areas of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Babu, B.M.; Sahoo, D.C.

Journal of Agrometeorology 11(2): 188-191


ISSN/ISBN: 0972-1665
Accession: 070620872

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Daily rainfall data obtained from the rain,gauge station, Sulur (11 degrees N and 77 degrees E) were analyzed for fitting one day maximum rainfall, average weekly, monthly and seasonal rainfall data, using different distributions like Normal, Log-normal, Gumbel and Log-Pearson III to determine the best fit distribution. Over the study area: the Gumbel and Normal distribution distributions are identified for the estimation of one day maximum rainfall, the average weekly and monthly rainfall with minimum D-index. However for seasonal rainfall, all four distribution viz. Gumbel, Log-normal, Log-Pearson III and Normal distributions gave relatively low D-index values with minimum in Gumbel distribution.

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