Effect of Row Spacing and Dates of Sowing on Growth and Yield of Lentil (Lens Culinaris) under North Eastern Region of up

Singh, H.; Elamathi, S.; Anandhi, P.

Legume Research 32(4): 307-308


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-5371
Accession: 070626316

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A field experiment was conducted on sandy loam soil of Allahabad during the winter season of 2008-09. There was a significant reduction in seed yield with delay in sowing from 20(th) October to 10(th) November by a margin of 10.4%, row spacings of 30 cm (16.83 q/ha), resulted in 3.6% and 1% more seed yield than closer (20 cm) and wider (40 cm) row spacings respectively. Significantly higher yield was obtained in lentil sown on 20(th) October at 30 cm row spacing (17.14 q/ha).