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Divergent Selection for Polyphenol Oxidase and Grain Protein and Their Impacts on White Salted Noodle, Bread, and Agronomic Traits in Wheat

Martin, J.M.; Berg, J.E.; Hofer, P.; Kephart, K.D.; Nash, D.; Bruckner, P.L.

Crop Science 50(4): 1298-1309


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-183X
Accession: 070629595

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Consumers prefer noodles with a bright creamy color that maintains with time. High levels of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) activity and high flour protein are associated with darker noodles. A major gene on chromosome 2A in wheat controls substantial variation in PPO activity. Our goal was to determine the impact of selecting for Ppo-A1 allelic differences and high vs. low protein on white salted noodle, bread, and agronomic traits. Two winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L) populations were created that segregated for grain protein concentration and for Ppo-A1a (high PPO) and Ppo-A1b (low PPO). Four selection populations were created by divergent selection for grain protein, followed by selection of Ppo-A1a and Ppo-A1b alleles within the high and low grain protein groups. The selection populations were evaluated in replicated trials in two environments. White salted noodle and bread quality and agronomic traits were measured using four lines from each selection population. The Ppo-A1a vs. Ppo-A1b classes differed by 0 40 Delta A(475) min(-1) g(-1) and the high- vs. low-protein classes differed by 17 g kg(-1) in grain protein. The high-protein class yielded 8.6% less than the low-protein group. Ppo-A1 allelic class had no affect on agronomic traits. High-protein class gave higher loaf volume, but Ppo-A1 allelic class difference did not affect bread quality. Ppo-A1 allelic class did not affect noodle brightness (L*) at 0 or 24 h, but Ppo-A1a class showed greater change in L* with time. High protein gave darker noodles at both 0 and 24 h and greater change in L* with time. Ppo-A1 allelic class did not affect noodle texture, but noodles were more firm with high protein compared with low protein. Ppo-A1 allelic class and protein effects on noodle and bread traits were additive.

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