A Survey on Animal Welfare Attitudes of Veterinary Surgeries, Veterinary Students, Animal Owners and Society in Turkey

Izmirli, S.; Yasar, A.

Kafkas Universitesi Veteriner Fakultesi Dergisi 16(6): 981-985


ISSN/ISBN: 1300-6045
Accession: 070640289

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Public support is a strong influence for the adoption of animal welfare in the social life. Therefore, it was important to introduced what a Turkish society attitudes toward animals and their using. A survey was conducted in a total of 1400 paricipant in seven provinces of Turkey, to improve the understanding and sensibility of animal welfare issues. The sample was chosen in a random selection of the veterinarians, veterinary students, animal owners and consumers of animal foodstuff. The result of the study revealed that respondents had great support about animal rearing that considering animal welfare. Veterinary students and veterinarians advocated animal rearing more than animal owners and consumers. More than half of respondents assumed that animal welfare problems arise according to the productivity attempts on the animals. It was also identified the most important five welfare problems unsuitable shelters, care, sickness, hunger and deficient feeding, respectively. Furthermore, the survey highlighted that care (23.7%), health services (13.5%) and shelter (12.8%) were determined to be the most worried problems in livestock's life.