Discrimination of Korean Cattle (Hanwoo) with Imported Beef from USA Based on the SNP Markers

Shim, J.-M.; Seo, D.-W.; Seo, S.; Kim, J.-J.; Min, D.-M.; Kim, I.-C.; Jeon, J.-T.; Lee, J.-H.

Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources 30(6): 918-922


ISSN/ISBN: 1225-8563
Accession: 070643429

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Due to the large amount of beef imported from the USA to Korea, Korean consumers have become increasingly interested in the country of origin since it can affect market prices. Previously, Bos indicus and Bos taunts-specific markers were developed for the purpose of cattle breed identification, specifically discrimination of Australian beef In this study, six SNP markers derived from Illumina 50K bovine SNP chip data were used for the discrimination between Korean cattle (Hanwoo) and imported beef from USA. PCR-RFLP genotyping methods were also developed, which indicates that these markers can be applied relatively easily compared to other markers. Taking into account a discrimination rate of 55% based on MC1R marker between Hanwoo and imported beef from USA, two additional markers, SNPs 23803 and 34776, were ideal and resulted in probability of identification of 0.942 and probability of misjudgment of 0.03. Therefore, the markers developed in this study can greatly contribute to the correct discrimination between beef from USA and Hanwoo beef.