Growth Performance and Feed Utilization of koi Carp (Cyprinus carpio L., 1758) Fed Partial or Total Replacement of Fish Meal with Hazelnut Meal and Soybean Meal

Yesilayer, N.; Oz, M.; Karsli, Z.; Aral, O.; Karacuha, A.; Oz, U.

Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 10(15): 1956-1961


ISSN/ISBN: 1680-5593
Accession: 070665718

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The effects of soybean and hazelnut meals as partial and total replacements of fish meal were studied on the growth performance and feed utilization of Koi carp juvenile (Cyprinus carpio L., 1758). Juvenile fish (mean initial weights 0.12 g) were fed five isonitrogenously (350 g kg(-1)) and isocalorically (4.20 kcal g(-1)) diets with 50 or 100% of the fish meal protein replaced by soybean and hazelnuts protein. The control diet contained fish meal as major protein source. A total of 225 juvenile koi were randomly assigned to each treatment which was replicated three times with 15 fish each. The fish were fed with these diets for 65 days. The results showed that Final Body Weight (FBW), Relative Growth Rate (RGR) and Protein Efficiency Rate (PER) were not significantly different among groups. Fish fed control, 50% SM, 50% HM and 100% SM diets had similar Specific Growth Rate (SGW) values while fish fed the 100% HM diet had lower SGR values than those of other diets (p<0.05). The FCR values of fish fed 50% SM and 50% HIM diets were significantly different than that of 100% HM (p<0.05). The highest FCR was obtained from 50% HM diet. The results indicated that koi carp juvenile can be cultivated with feeding diets containing 50% SM, 100% SM and 50% HM without any adverse effect on growth performance of fish.