The effects of Crossing Balkan and Saanen Goat Breeds on Carcass Traits and certain Quality Parameters of Kid Meat

Stanisic, N.; Zujovic, M.; Tomic, Z.; Maksimovic, N.; Bijelic, Z.; Ivanovic, S.; Memisi, N.

Annals of Animal Science 12(1): 53-62


ISSN/ISBN: 2300-8733
Accession: 070673201

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The possibility for improvement of carcass traits and quality of kid meat of the autochthonous Balkan goat breed by crossing with Saanen breed was investigated in this study. The trial was carried out on one group of Balkan goat kids and three groups of kid crosses of Balkan and Saanen goats with different proportion of Saanen genes: 25, 50 and 75%. Each group had 16 male kids, which were slaughtered at the average body weight of 18 kg. With the increase in the proportion of Saanen genes, the age of kids that reached preslaughter weight decreased, the chilling loss increased and the proportion of fat tissue (kidney and pelvic fat) in the carcass side decreased (P <= 0.05). The crossing also increased the proportion of carcass parts of the first category (leg and loin section), as well as muscle tissue in those parts. The highest proportion of muscle tissue in the thigh (74.91%) and loin section (75.66%) was determined in kids from the group with 75% of Saanen genes, and kids from this group also had the highest proportion of intramuscular fat (2.48%) in samples of m. longissimus dorsi. Slight differences between kid groups were established in indicators of technological meat properties, such as water binding capacity and tenderness, with the increase in the proportion of Saanen genes in the genotype. Sensory score for roasted meat was high, and scores for tenderness and juiciness were slightly higher in kid crosses with 50% and 75% of Saanen genes (P <= 0.05). Results presented in this study confirm the positive effect of crossing the Saanen breed with the Balkan breed on carcass traits and for obtaining meat of more desirable quality.