Proteins and Sugars Profile from the Seminal Plasma and its Relationship with Andrological Parameters of Nelore Bulls

de Assumpcao, T.I.; Geraldo Yoneyama, K.A.; Pallaoro, R.; Kitagawa, C.; Alberton, C.

Bioscience Journal 29(4): 940-945


ISSN/ISBN: 1981-3163
Accession: 070701761

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The fertility evaluation of a bull is accomplished considering different aspects of the animal and its semen. The objective of this study was to know the biochemical profile of proteins and reducing sugars in the seminal plasma of within 24-month Nelore bulls and its relation to semen characteristics. Twenty animals were used and their semen samples were collected using electrical ejaculation. The dosages of proteins and reducing sugars were determined by the Bradford method with modifications and Miller (3-5 dinitrosalycilic acid), respectively. It was obtained in the concentration of proteins in the seminal plasma range from 5.90 to 166.33 mg/mL, average of 61,41 +/- 44,60 mg/mL and in the concentration of reducing sugars ranging from 0.78 to 19.88 mg/mL, average 9,31 +/- 4,54 mg/mL. The correlation between protein and sugar concentrations was significant with r=0.88 (p <0.05). This correlation was also significant with concentration and spermatic pathology. The biochemical profile of proteins and reducing sugars in seminal plasma of with 24-month Nelore bulls showed a variation among the animals, demonstrating that the production of these elements is an individual characteristic and has great importance in the semen quality.