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Characterization of industrial dried whey emulsions at different stages of spray-drying

Donz, E.; Boiron, P.; Courthaudon, J. -L.

Journal of Food Engineering 126: 190-197


ISSN/ISBN: 0260-8774
DOI: 10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2013.11.003
Accession: 070711151

Commercial dried food emulsions, with high fat content (50 g fat 1100 g), were prepared at plant scale from whey and palm oil. Five powders were analyzed: powder without fines, taken from the bottom of the spray-dryer chamber; fines 1 and fines 2 respectively collected at the bottom of the first and second cyclones, a mix of fines 1 and fines 2 and the final powder, taken during packing. Scanning electronic and optical microscopy showed only spherical particles and also indicated that fines 2 were roughly twice as smaller as other powder particles. Free fat content was significantly higher in fines than in final powder. Reconstituted emulsions (10 g powder/100 g water) were analyzed by laser light scattering. Aggregation and coalescence indexes were very low, except in reconstituted emulsions made with fines 2. This is consistent with their high free fat content and suggests that this results from processing through the cyclones. reserved.

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