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Molecular mapping and validation of the microsatellite markers linked to the Secale cereale-derived leaf rust resistance gene Lr45 in wheat

Naik, B.K.; Vinod; Sharma, J. B.; Sivasamy, M.; Prabhu, K. V.; Tomar, R. S.; Tomar, S. M. S.

Molecular Breeding 35(2): 61


ISSN/ISBN: 1380-3743
DOI: 10.1007/s11032-015-0234-4
Accession: 070735876

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The mode of inheritance of wheat leaf rust resistance gene Lr45 was studied at seedling stage under greenhouse conditions against leaf rust race 77-5 in two F-2 populations derived from the crosses between Thatcher (Tc)+Lr45 and two susceptible cultivars Agra Local and NI5439. The genetic analysis in F2: 3 progeny validated the F-2 results which unambiguously showed segregation for a single dominant gene. Genetic analysis in F-2 and BC1F1 generations against five other leaf rust races confirmed the single dominant gene inheritance of Lr45. Mapping was carried out with 92 microsatellite markers specific to chromosome 2A on the F-2 population of the cross Agra Local 9 Tc+Lr45. Out of seven markers linked to the gene, four (gwm372, gwm275, gpw3167 and gwm122) were co-dominant and the other three (cfd168, cfd6 and gwm249) showed dominance, amplifying the allele only in the susceptible parent. The genetic map of 13.1 cM was constructed based on the results in 140 homozygous resistant and homozygous susceptible plants. cfd168 was the closest marker linked to Lr45, followed by gwm372. These markers were validated on the NI5439 9 Tc+Lr45 F2 population, 12 different backcross lines carrying Lr45 and nearisogenic lines, mostly in Tc background isogenic for 46 different Lr genes belonging to both native and alien species. The marker gwm122 was found to be monomorphic. The closest co-dominant marker gwm372 showed reduced polymorphism. Two sequence-based primer pairs, G372(94) and G372(185), were designed and validated. Hence, the markers G372(94) and G372(185) closely linked to the gene can serve as robust co-dominant markers for utilization of Lr45 in wheat improvement.

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