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Rheological Properties of Milk Chocolates as Influenced by Milk Powder Type, Emulsifier, and Cocoa Butter Equivalent Additions

Ackar, D.; Skrabal, S.; Subaric, D.; Babic, J.; Milicevic, B.; Jozinovic, A.

International Journal of Food Properties 18(7): 1568-1574


ISSN/ISBN: 1094-2912
DOI: 10.1080/10942912.2014.923440
Accession: 070742065

The research examines the influences of different emulsifiers (lecithin, CITREM LR10-both individually and combined with polyglycerol polyricinoleate, and CITREM 2in1) and cocoa butter equivalent additions on the rheological properties of milk chocolates produced using spray or roller-dried milk. The substitution of lecithin with other emulsifiers caused an increase in the Casson plastic viscosity (mu(CA)), as well as a decrease in the Casson yield stress (tau(CA)) in milk chocolates containing roller-dried milk powder, whereby the lecithin-polyglycerol polyricinoleate blend had the most pronounced influence. Cocoa butter equivalent addition resulted in the highest mu(CA) when CITREM LR10 was used, and the lowest tau(CA) with lecithin-polyglycerol polyricinoleate blend. When spray-dried milk was used, the highest mu(CA) was determined in the sample containing CITREM LR10 and the lowest tau(CA) in the sample containing the lecithin-polyglycerol polyricinoleate blend. Cocoa butter equivalent addition resulted in an increase in the tau(CA)---except when CITREM LR10-polyglycerol polyricinoleate blend was used as emulsifier.

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