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Beyond the cocoa farm: a new look at farmers' choices in livelihood activities and impact on productivity in selected areas of Papua New Guinea

Kerua, W.; Glyde, S.

Rural Extension Farming Systems Journal 12(1): 1-11


ISSN/ISBN: 1833-203X
Accession: 070779856

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In this paper, results from a study on PNG cocoa farmers' livelihoods and socio-cultural aspects that effect cocoa production are presented. A cross-sectional descriptive study, in the context of phenomenological reflection involving semi-structured interviews, discussions, and observations, was used to study the livelihood of cocoa farmers in the province of East New Britain. Findings indicated that land tenure and shortage, culture and traditions, livelihood diversification, and poor government support were the key impediments to cocoa production. Furthermore, the research and extension system focuses on increased production for profitable capital-based farming. However, farmers are very entrenched within their socio-cultural practices and consider farming more as a way of life to survive. Farmers seem adverse to risk, comfortable in diverse livelihood activities, and seek to make a reasonable income rather than focusing solely on more profitable cocoa production.

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