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Comparative Karyotype and Rapd Analysis of Four Varieties of Allium Cepa L. AND A SPECIES OF ALLIUM FISTULOSUM L

Pinky, M.S.; Mahbub, M.; Begum, K.N.

Bangladesh Journal of Botany 46(1): 1-7


ISSN/ISBN: 0253-5416
Accession: 070803417

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Four varieties of Allium cepa L. viz., BARI Piaz-1, BARI Piaz-3, BARI Piaz-4 and BARI Piaz-5 and a species of Allium, namely A. fistulosum L. were cytogenetically studied. In addition, DNA fingerprinting by using RAPD was also carried out to make phylogenetic dendrogram. The chromatins were homogeneously distributed in the interphase nuclei and prophase chromosomes of five specimens and they were found to possess 2n = 16 chromosomes. The highest number of acrocentric chromosomes was found in All fistulosum while no acrocentric chromosome found in BARI Piaz-4. This result indicated advanced karyotypc in A. fistulosum. Each specimen showed characteristic RAPD fingerprinting. The unique RAPD fragments could be used as marker for these respective specimens. The cytogenetical and RAPD data support that A. fistulosum is totally different from rest four specimens.

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