BRSMG Rubelita: irrigated rice cultivar for lowlands in the state of Minas Gerais

Soares, P.C.; de Oliveira Cornelio, V.M.; Reis, M. de S.; Soares, A.A.; de Morais, O.P.; Moura Filho, F.; Torga, P.P.

Crop Breeding and Applied Biotechnology 17(2): 180-183


ISSN/ISBN: 1984-7033
Accession: 070803801

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The lowland rice breeding program, developed in the state of Minas Gerais, has as basic objective to release new commercial cultivars. In this way, this program is making available a new cultivar named BRSMG Rubelita, which has as main characteristics: medium cycle, high tillering, lodging tolerance, diseases tolerance, high grain quality, and high grain yield. Key words: Oryza sativa, lowland rice, rice breeding.