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Genetic divergence, correlation and path coefficient analysis for the yield components of pigeonpea genotypes

Pushpavalli, S. N. C. V. L.; Sudhakar, C.; Rani, C. S.; Rajeswari, R. R.; Rani, C. J.

Legume Research 40(3): 439-443


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-5371
Accession: 070813364

The present investigation was carried out using thirty two pigeonpea genotypes during kharif2013-14 to obtain the knowledge of correlation, path coefficient analysis for the yield components and genetic divergence. The range of GCV was observed from 9.81 to 40.88% for the traits under study which provides information regarding the extent of variability present among the genotypes. Seed yield was significantly and positively correlated with number of secondary branches/plant, pods/plant and 100-seed weight. Path coefficient analysis indicated that number of secondary branches exhibited maximum direct effect followed by number of pods/plant and 100 seed weight. The genotypes were grouped into eight different clusters based on Mahalonobis D-2 statistics. Clusters II and III exhibited maximum inter cluster distance of 8.80. Days to 50% flowering contributed to maximum genetic divergence followed by seed yield. Genotypes in cluster III recorded highest mean value for days to maturity, number of secondary branches and seed yield.

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