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Calendula officinalis L. - Marigold: a Medicinal Plant with Versatile Potential

Thoonsen, Y.

Zeitschrift Fuer Ganzheitliche Tiermedizin 31(1): 15-19


ISSN/ISBN: 0939-7868
DOI: 10.1055/s-0042-123408
Accession: 070818535

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Marigold is a medicinal plant that has been known for a long time and traditionally applied for a variety of purposes. Several studies have been carried out to prove marigold's enormous and versatile potential beyond wound-healing. However, there is a research gap to consistently highlight further phytotherapeutic products and their appropriate indications that could be derived from marigold. This article shows the merits of carrying out more intensive and systematic investigation regarding the potential of Calendula officinalis and its utilization in the form of therapeutic preparations.

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