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Stigmatic Movement Promotes Cross Pollination in Rheum webbianum Royle: An Important Endemic Medicinal Plant of Kashmir Himalaya

Ganie, A.H.; Tali, B.A.; Reshi, Z.A.; Nawchoo, I.A.

National Academy Science Letters-India 40(6): 435-438


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-541X
DOI: 10.1007/s40009-017-0579-9
Accession: 070836963

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Rheum webbianum Royle is an important endemic medicinal plant species growing in Western Himalaya. The plant species has been categorized as vulnerable in this region. Keeping in view its medicinal importance and the threatened nature, the present study has been carried out to understand its breeding behavior which may prove helpful in the conservation and sustainable use of this important medicinal plant. The unique movement of stigmas avoids self-pollination in the species. In addition, protandry and high pollen/ovule ratio also favours cross pollination in the species. The species has adapted to the cross pollination in order to generate the genetic variability to withstand the harsh environmental conditions in alpines where the species grows. This genetic variability is maintained by vegetative reproduction through rhizomes.

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