Cooking properties of Nilgai Antelope steaks, and patties with beef or pork fat inclusion

Jordan, C. L.; Albert, C. M.; Machado, T. J.

International Food Research Journal 22(4): 1564-1570


ISSN/ISBN: 1985-4668
Accession: 070840850

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Nilgai antelope are a large bovid native to India that were introduced to North America and South Africa. Nilgai arc free ranging in the United States and Mexico, and arc commercially harvested for exotic meat markets. However, knowledge of nilgai meat characteristics is limited. The objectives of this research were to determine the impact of degree of doneness on nilgai steaks, and to determine if beef or pork fat influenced nilgai flavor and cooking properties of ground nilgai patties. Nilgai steaks tended (P = 0.11) to respond to cooking differently than beef steaks. When steaks were cooked to 63, 71, and 74 degrees C, nilgai steaks cooked to 63 degrees C were only more tender than the 74 degrees C steaks while tenderness of beef steaks decreased with each increase in temperature. There was no difference (P > 0.05) in nilgai patty palatability between types of fat added, but addition of beef fat resulted in the greatest (P < 0.05) cooking loss. Inclusion of pork and beef fat resulted in similar (P > 0.05) cooked patty color.. All Rights Reserved