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Association of a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in the Calneuron 1 Gene on Meat Quality and Carcass Traits in Hanwoo (Bos Taurus Coreanae)

Srikanth, K.; Lee, E.; Kwon, A.; Jang, G.; Chung, H.

Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences 28(2): 651-655


ISSN/ISBN: 1018-7081
Accession: 070850106

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The distribution and amount of intramuscular fat, collectively scored as marbling, is an economically important trait in beef cattle. Hanwoo (Bos Taurus coreanae) is the premium beef cattle in Korea. A previous GWAS analysis on Hanwoo had showed that an SNP located in the CALN1 gene had a very strong association with Marbling. This SNP referred to as g.29172875A>G, was genotyped on Hanwoo tissue samples (n = 1103) collected from throughout Korea. The genotype frequencies were 0.152, 0.439 and 0.408 for AA, AG and GG, respectively. The association study confirmed significant association with marbling (P < 0.0001) and loin eye muscle area (P = 0.001), with strong additive genetic effects. Significant departure from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium was not detected. The findings suggest that the CALN1 SNP polymorphism is strongly associated with marbling and loin eye muscle area and can be used as a robust marker for marker based selective breeding programs in Hanwoo.

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