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Physiological Responses under Drought Stress of Improved Drought-Tolerant Rice Lines and their Parents

Larkunthod, P.; Nounjan, N.; Siangliw, J.L.; Toojinda, T.; Sanitchon, J.; Jongdee, B.; Theerakulpisut, P.

Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici Cluj-Napoca 46(2): 679-687


ISSN/ISBN: 0255-965X
DOI: 10.15835/nbha46211188
Accession: 070852720

Many of the economically important rice cultivars including 'Khao Dawk Mali 105' (KDML105) or jasmine rice, one of the world's famous rice exported from Thailand suffers from drought due to erratic rainfalls and limited irrigation. To improve drought tolerance and reserve genetic background of KDML105, chromosome segment substitution lines (CSSL) containing drought tolerant quantitative trait loci (DT-QTL) has been previously developed by backcrossing between KDML105 and drought tolerant donor, IR58586-F2-CA-143 (DH212). To understand the physiological responses related to drought tolerance in CSSL lines compared to parents, two CSSLs namely CSSL1-16 and CSSL1-18, respectively were used in this study. Twenty-one-d-old hydroponically grown plants were subjected to 20% PEG for 0, 7, 14 d and then recovered from stress for 3 d. The results indicated that CSSL lines especially, CSSL1-16 showed better performance under drought stress compared to their recurrent parent. Drought tolerance superior CSSL1-16 line was indicated by high water status (high relative water content and leaf water potential), good osmotic adjustment, high proline and greater membrane stability. Moreover, this line was able to resume growth after stress recovery whereas other lines/cultivar could not recover. Similarly, drought tolerant donor showed high water status suggesting that well-maintained plant water status was associated with drought tolerant trait. It could be concluded that the highest drought tolerant line was CSSL1-16 followed by DH212, CSSL1-18 and KDML105. It would be interesting to go further into introgressed section in CSSL1-16 to identify potential candidate genes in DT-QTL for breeding drought tolerant rice in the future.

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