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Comparisons of Plant-type Properties and Grain Quality in Filial Generations of Indica x Japonica Hybridization Grown in Different Rice-Growing Areas of China

Jin, F.; Hua, S.; Xu, H.; Yang, L.; Jiang, Y.; Xu, Z.; Shao, X.

International Journal of Agriculture and Biology 20(5): 959-965


ISSN/ISBN: 1560-8530
Accession: 070858304

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The study aims to compare the grain quality traits in different ecological environments so as to find out how plant-type models and quality traits correlated in different environmental factors and to identify the differences among different plant types. Two populations of filial generations Indica x Japonica rice were grown in Sichuan and Liaoning. The processing quality, exterior quality, amylose content and taste score were significantly greater in Liaoning than Sichuan. However, there had less effect of ecological factors on protein content. The grain quality showed improving trend from low latitude characterized by shorter duration of sunshine, higher humidity and temperature to high latitude with better sunlight and temperature resources. Strong correlations existed between grain quality traits and certain plant-types. Moreover, the ecological environments have certain effects on the strengths and directions of these correlations. The erect-large panicle plant-type model with characteristics of short-flag-leaf, erect-panicle type had prominent performance in their milled and head rice rate in Sichuan. However, there had no significantly difference among different plant type model in Liaoning. The differences of exterior quality, nutritional quality and cooking and score quality among different plant type models were not significant, but regulated by the parental genotypes mainly under different rice-growing areas.. 2018 Friends Science Publishers

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