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Uniformity of water application to central pivot and to super 10 sprayer

Coelho, A.P.; Zanini, J.R.; Filla, V.A.; Dalri, A.B.; Palaretti, L.F.

Applied Research and Agrotechnology 11(2): 95-99


ISSN/ISBN: 1983-6325
Accession: 070872083

The increase in global concern with the use and use of water and the expansion of irrigated agriculture require optimization of the efficiency of its use, highlighting its uniformity of application, which influences the optimization of water use by plants. The objective of this study was to compare the uniformity of water application of a sprinkler, obtained in field conditions with the manufacturer's catalog, and to evaluate the uniformity of water application of a central pivot with new and used sprinklers. Under field conditions, the water application uniformity of the SUPER 10 sprinkler was lower than that reported in the manufacturer's catalog. It is not recommended to use the SUPER 10 sprinkler in spacings equal to or greater than 12 x 12 m. In addition, in cultures with high added value, such as vegetables, the use of this sprinkler in the 8 x 8 m spacing is indicated. The central pivot shows good uniformity of water application, with CUH of 87.4% and CUD of 82.8%, besides applying a mean blade of 7.39 mm.

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