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Green Technologies for Improving Cane Sugar Productivity and Sustaining Soil Fertility in Sugarcane-Based Cropping System

Shukla, S. K.; Solomon, S.; Sharma, L.; Jaiswal, V. P.; Pathak, A. D.; Singh, P.

Sugar Tech 21(2): 186-196


ISSN/ISBN: 0972-1525
DOI: 10.1007/s12355-019-00706-z
Accession: 070908198

Sugarcane is a long-duration, huge biomass accumulating crop and requires a number of cultural and management operations from planting to harvesting. It is also a wonder crop where after harvesting of the main crop, the subsequent ratoon crop is generated through established root system. Adoption of green technologies is a viable option to improve sugarcane productivity and sustainability. Fine-tuning the green technologies, different methods/techniques of crop production, planting methods (cane node/STP technologies and planting through Cutter Planter), nutrient management strategies (intercropping, green manuring, press mud, bio-compost, bio-fertilizers, etc.), insect-pest and disease management options (cultural and physical methods, use of bio-agents, bio-pesticides, botanicals, light/pheromone or combo traps, etc.) and management of adverse climatic conditions (drought and flood) and/or crop residue recycling and trash management technologies may not only improve soil health and cane productivity but are also eco-friendly and environmentally safe. These green technological interventions are being applied in sugarcane and sugarcane-based production system in the country. Improvement in the crop productivity vis-a-vis sustaining natural resources is key components to be addressed through these technologies. Thus, reduction in cost of production, improvement in soil health, increased crop productivity and overall improvement in cane sugar productivity and farmers' income would be possible through the adoption of green technologies. The established green technologies in sugarcane production system and pre- and post-harvest management have potential to improve cane yield and sugar recovery besides enhancing farmer's income and sustainability. In this present paper, various aspects of increasing sugarcane and sugar yields, reducing cost of production and increasing farmers' income through the adoption of green technologies have been discussed.

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