Growth, nutrient utilization and economics of broiler fed Tithonia diversifolia Flower Meal (TDFM) as substitute of conventional feed-stuffs in Mizoram, India

Buragohain, R.; Rajkhowa, T. K.

Indian Journal of Animal Research 53(3): 349-354


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-6722
Accession: 070921192

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The study was for assessing performance of broilers fed Tithonia diversifolia flower meal as substitute of conventional feed ingredients. 180 number of day-old broiler chicks were assigned into six homogenous groups and fed rations with TDFM at 0%, 2%, 4%, 6%, 8% and 10% of the total ration, respectively. The feeding trial was conducted up to 6th weeks of age and a metabolic trial for 3 days at the end of feeding trial. The average body weight gain decreased with increased level of TDFM; but, no significant difference was observed up to 6% inclusion level at 42nd days of age. No significant difference was observed for apparent nutrient digestibility, but was comparatively lower at 8% and 10% level. No significant difference observed in average profit and ERS up to 6% TDFM inclusion. It was concluded that TDFM was acceptable and could be included up to 6% level without significant effects on growth, nutrient utilization and economics of broiler in Mizoram.