Effect of age and season on the yield and nutritive value of Morado elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum x Pennisetum americanum) in the central coast

Jaime, A.; Rosemberg, M.; Echevarria, M.

Scientia Agropecuaria 10(1): 137-141


ISSN/ISBN: 2077-9917
Accession: 070923845

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The effect of age and season on the yield and nutritive value of Morado Elephant grass in the central coast were studied. Treatments were: 49, 56, 63 and 70 day's age in the five season of the year: autumn, winter, winter-spring, spring-summer and summer. Randomized block design was used. Dry matter yields in different ages were different being the highest in 70-day age in summer and lowest in 49 days in winter. In fall and summer being highest, and the lowest at the 49-day age in winter. Crude protein show that they were different in the seasons. The highest crude protein was obtained in winter, 56 days with 16,5% and the lowest was obtained in autumn and summer with 8,66% in the 70-day age in autumn and summer seasons. Neutral Detergent Fiber contents were similar in the different seasons except in summer. Age and season of year affected on forage yield and nutritive value of Morado elephant grass.