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Carcass and Meat Quality Characteristics of Lechon-Size Black Tiaong and Kalinga Native Pigs (Organic-like Farm) and Landrace, Large White, and their F1 Crosses (Conventional Farm)

Bondocv, O.L.; Dominguez, J.M.D.; Bueno, C.M.; Santiago, R.C.

Philippine Agricultural Scientist 102(1): 42-55


ISSN/ISBN: 0031-7454
Accession: 070924488

This study aimed to compare carcass characteristics and meat quality traits of lechon-size (less than 30 kg) pigs belonging to Philippine native breeds (i.e., Black Tiaong and Kalinga) raised in organic-like production system and commercial breeds [i.e., Landrace (LDR), Large White (LRW) and their F1 crosses] obtained from a conventional swine breeding farm. Native breeds had shorter body length and shorter carcass length than commercial breeds (P < 0.01). Weight of ham, fore shank and hind shank were lower (P < 0.01) in native breeds than in the commercial breeds. However, weight of belly was higher (P < 0.01) in native pig breeds. Among the native breeds, Black Tiaong had heavier ham and higher ham proportion than Kalinga pigs (P < 0.01). Among commercial breeds, Landrace had the biggest ham and the smallest was that of the F1 LRW x LDR cross (P < 0.01). Pork carcass from native breeds had lower weight of lean and bones (P < 0.01) but more fat and skin (P < 0.01) than the commercial breeds. Loin eye area was smaller (P < 0.01) in native breeds than in the commercial breeds. Pre-slaughter backfat thickness was higher in native breeds than in the commercial breeds. However, carcass backfat thickness was higher (P < 0.01) in native breeds than in the commercial breeds. The correlation between live and carcass backfat thickness ranged from r = 0.59 to 0.79. Kalinga pigs had higher (P < 0.01) ultimate pH (24 h post-mortem) than Black Tiaong pigs. Ultimate pH was highest in Landrace, followed by F1 LDR x LRW cross and F1 LRW x LDR cross, and Large White (P < 0.01). Color of loin muscle was lighter and pale in native breeds in the organic-like production system than in the commercial breeds from the conventional production system (P < 0.05). Kalinga pigs had lighter color than Black Tiaong pigs (P < 0.05). Color of pork was lightest in the F1 LRW x LDR cross, followed by the F1 LDR x LRW cross, Landrace, and Large White (P < 0.01).

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