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Investigations on the organic drift in North Swedish streams
Limitations of Using Microsoft Excel Version 2016 (MS Excel 2016) for Statistical Analysis for Medical Research
Phloem necrosis of coffee in Surinam
Anatomy of Mystus seenghala IV Nervous system
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Tetrapleure (Tetrapleura tetraptera), an unknown African medicinal and spice plant
The origin and phylogenetic significance of the trochophoran larvae 2. evolutionary significance of the larvae of coelomate worms and mollusks
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
Influence of Seriboost foliar application on leaf yield and leaf protein content in mulberry (Morus spp.), in relation to silkworm cocoon production
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
'Pan-sukh' disease of Rice in the Central Provinces
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Study of vitellogenesis in birds; physiological phases & role of folliculin in vitellogenesis
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Evidence for Late Cretaceous N-S dextral shear in the west-central crystalline core, North Cascades, Washington
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese from whey fortified with skim milk powder using different acidulants
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 70960

Chapter 70960 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Socio-Economic Status and System of Farming Practices With Diara BUFFALOES IN THE MIDDLE GANGETIC PLAINS OF BIHAR, INDIA
, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 469-483 (2019)

Investigation on Prevalence of Babesiosis in Cattle in Various Areas of TAUNSA SHARIF DISTRICT DERA GHAZI KHAN, PUNJAB, PAKISTAN
, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 485-489 (2019)

, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 491-495 (2019)

Bio-Load of Mycobacterium Avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis in Buffaloes
, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 497-504 (2019)

Evaluation of the Experimental Fraud of Buffalo Cheese by Sensory ANALYSIS AND PHYSICO-CHEMICAL PARAMETERS
, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 521-529 (2019)

Comparative Energetic and Economic Efficiency of Indigenous and Improved BREED OF BUFFALO AND CATTLE FOR MILK PRODUCTION IN EASTERN GANGETIC PLAINS
, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 531-543 (2019)

Epidemiological Studies on Somatic Cell Count and Subclinical Mastitis IN BUFFALOES OF PUDUCHERRY, INDIA
, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 545-550 (2019)

Genetic and Non Genetic Factors Affecting Some Udder Measurements in NILI RAVI BUFFALOES OF PAKISTAN
, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 551-560 (2019)

Molecular Diagnosis of Hemorrhagic Septicaemia in a Murrah Buffalo and ITS THERAPEUTIC MANAGEMENT WITH CEFTIOFUR SODIUM
, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 561-569 (2019)

Dystocia Due to Simultaneous Presentation of Twins in Nili Ravi Buffalo
, Buffalo Bulletin 38(3): 571-573 (2019)

First report of 'Candidatus Phytoplasma solani' associated with pepper chlorosis of sweet pepper, Capsicum annuum L., in Japan
, Journal of General Plant Pathology 86(1): 76-79 (2020)

Dwarfing caused by viral pathogens and leaf malformations in 'Shine Muscat' grapevine
, Journal of General Plant Pathology 86(1): 34-38 (2020)

First report of stem blight on Joseph's coat amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor L.) caused by Diaporthe amaranthophila (Inacio, Dianese & Carlos) Rossman & Udayanga in Japan
, Journal of General Plant Pathology 86(1): 70-75 (2020)

Application of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing for the development of herbicide-resistant plants
, Plant Biotechnology Reports 13(5): 447-457 (2019)

Sugarcane ORF finder: the web-application for mining genes from sugarcane genome
, Plant Biotechnology Reports 13(5): 553-558 (2019)

The divergent governance of gene editing in agriculture: a comparison of institutional reports from seven EU member states
, Plant Biotechnology Reports 13(5): 473-482 (2019)

Enhancement of growth and salt tolerance of tomato seedlings by a natural halotolerant actinobacterium Glutamicibacter halophytocola KLBMP 5180 isolated from a coastal halophyte
, Plant and Soil 445(1-2): 307-322 (2019)

Plant species natural abundances are determined by their growth and modification of soil resources in monoculture
, Plant and Soil 445(1-2): 273-287 (2019)

Variations of soil organic matters and plant cuticular waxes along an altitude gradient in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
, Plant and Soil 458(1-2): 41-58 (2021)

Water source partitioning and nitrogen facilitation promote coexistence of nitrogen-fixing and neighbor species in mixed plantations in the semiarid Loess Plateau
, Plant and Soil 445(1-2): 289-305 (2019)

Foliar Application of Nano-zinc and Iron Affects Physiological Attributes of Rosmarinus officinalis and Quietens NaCl Salinity Depression
, Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 20(2): 335-345 (2020)

Chemical characterization and bioactivities of polysaccharides from Apocynum venetum leaves extracted by different solvents
, Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization 14(1): 244-253 (2020)

Exogenous plant growth regulators improved phytoextraction efficiency by Amaranths hypochondriacus L. in cadmium contaminated soil
, Plant Growth Regulation 90(1): 29-40 (2020)

Effect of silicon fertilization on the tolerance of Castanea sativa Mill. seedlings against Cryphonectria parasitica Barr
, Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection 127(2): 197-210 (2020)

Geographic and genetic variation in susceptibility of Butomus umbellatus to foliar fungal pathogens
, Biological Invasions 22(2): 535-548 (2020)

Prey stage preference and functional response of Orius albidipennis (Hetetroptera, Anthocoridae) to Aphis fabae (Homomoptera, Aphididae)
, International Journal of Tropical Insect Science 40(1): 13-19 (2020)

Seed inoculation with Penicillium bilaiae and Bacillus simplex affects the nutrient status of winter wheat
, Biology and Fertility of Soils 56(1): 97-109 (2020)

Does the Vulnerable sun bear Helarctos malayanus damage crops and threaten people in oil palm plantations?
, Oryx 53(4): 611-619 (2019)

Assessing changes in distribution of the Endangered snow leopard Panthera uncia and its wild prey over 2 decades in the Indian Himalaya through interview-based occupancy surveys
, Oryx 53(4): 620-632 (2019)

Effects of silicate application on CH4 and N2O emissions and global warming potentials in paddy soil under enhanced UV-B radiation
, Energy Science and Engineering 7(5): 1784-1794 (2019)

Cheese whey as potential resource for antimicrobial edible film and active packaging production
, Foods and Raw Materials 7(2): 229-239 (2019)

Fumigant toxicity of eugenol and its negative effects on biological development of Callosobruchus maculatus L
, Revista de Ciencias Agricolas 36(1): 5-15 (2019)

Edaphoclimatic factors in the production and quality of Saboya grass (Holcus lanatus L.) in the highland of Narino
, Revista de Ciencias Agricolas 36(1): 16-32 (2019)

Applied models evaluation to dry matter production of Brachiaria brizantha in rainy season
, Revista de Ciencias Agricolas 36(1): 33-45 (2019)

Participatory assessment of the mixed homegardens, use and management
, Revista de Ciencias Agricolas 36(1): 46-58 (2019)

Effect of bioproducts in the production of Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Arachis hipogea L
, Revista de Ciencias Agricolas 36(1): 59-66 (2019)

Evaluation of efficient microorganisms in the tomato seedling production (Solanum lycopersicum L.)
, Revista de Ciencias Agricolas 36(1): 67-78 (2019)

Physical characterization of soil aggregates submitted to 10 years-old of application of swine manure
, Revista de Ciencias Agricolas 36(1): 79-92 (2019)

A hammer mill power evaluation from sugarcane bagasse processing
, Revista de Ciencias Agricolas 36(1): 93-108 (2019)

Saccharum officinarum L. waste breakdown and the fertilizing effect on Raphanus sativus L
, Revista de Ciencias Agricolas 36(1): 109-119 (2019)

Retrospective evaluation of Micrurus fulvius (Eastern coral snake) envenomation and the use of mechanical ventilation in dogs and a cat (2011-2016): 8 cases
, Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care 29(6): 662-667 (2019)

Are We Getting Better in Using Nitrogen?: Variations in Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Two Cereal Crops Across the United States
, Earths Future 7(8): 939-952 (2019)

Future Hot and Dry Years Worsen Nile Basin Water Scarcity Despite Projected Precipitation Increases
, Earths Future 7(8): 967-977 (2019)

Future Climate and Land Use Change Impacts on River Flows in the Tapajos Basin in the Brazilian Amazon
, Earths Future 7(8): 993-1017 (2019)

Seed germination behavior of five Resedaceae species from arid Arabian desert: gibberellic acid and light effects
, Plant Biosystems 154(5): 635-642 (2020)

Soil and plant nutrient management and fruit production of papaya (Carica papaya) in Keaau, Hawaii
, Journal of Plant Nutrition 43(3): 384-395 (2020)

Correction and standardization of critical limit of zinc for maize (Zea mays L.) crop: Bangladesh perspective
, Journal of Plant Nutrition 43(3): 371-383 (2020)

Heterogeneous forest structures favor persistence of the grassland Mediterranean geophyte Gagea lacaitae
, Botany Letters 166(4): 487-498 (2019)

Reducing Soil Permeability Using Microbial Induced Carbonate Precipitation (MICP) Method: A Case Study of Shiraz Landfill Soil
, Geomicrobiology Journal 37(2): 147-158 (2020)

Spatiotemporal effects of Hurricane Ivan on an endemic epiphytic orchid: 10 years of follow-up
, Plant Ecology and Diversity 13(1): 29-45 (2020)

The long-term effect of legumes as forecrops on the productivity of rotation winter triticale?winter rape with nitrogen fertilisation
, Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica Section B-Soil and Plant Science 70(2): 128-134 (2020)

Steep Bedload-Laden Flows: Near Critical?
, Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface 124(8): 2160-2175 (2019)

Late Quaternary Tectonics, Incision, and Landscape Evolution of the Calchaqui River Catchment, Eastern Cordillera, NW Argentina
, Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface 124(8): 2265-2287 (2019)

Seed dispersal as an ecosystem service by a keystone avian frugivore in New Zealand
, New Zealand Journal of Botany 58(2): 129-137 (2020)

Soil diversity and major soil processes in the Kalahari basin, Botswana
, Geoderma Regional 19: e00236 (2019)

Impact of short-term grazing on physical properties of Planosols in Northeastern Brazil
, Geoderma Regional 19: e00234 ( 2019)

Least limiting water as a soil indicator in an integrated crop-livestock systems of the Cerrado, Brazil
, Geoderma Regional 19: e00232 (2019)

Changes in salinity of a clay soil after a short-term salt water flood event
, Geoderma Regional 19: e00239 (2019)

Resolving broad patterns of prokaryotic community structure in New Zealand pasture soils
, New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 64(2): 143-161 (2021)

The Investigation of Some Soil and Morphological Properties of Trees in Conversion of Marsh into Eucalyptus camaldulensis (Dehn) Different Ages Plantation, (Mediterranean Region - Turkey)
, Kastamonu University Journal of Forestry Faculty 19(2): 197-213 (2019)

Review of Bioactive Molecules Production, Biomass, and Basidiomata of Shiitake Culinary-Medicinal Mushrooms, Lentinus edodes (Agaricomycetes)
, International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 21(9): 841-850 (2019)

Comprehensive Evaluation of Shiitake Strains (Lentinus edodes, Agaricomycetes) Based on Polysaccharide Content and Agronomic Traits
, International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 21(9): 851-864 (2019)

The Antioxidant Properties, Tyrosinase and α-Glucosidase Inhibitory Activities of Phenolic Compounds in Different Extracts from the Golden Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus citrinopileatus (Agaricomycetes)
, International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 21(9): 865-874 (2019)

Review of Advances in Bioactive Low-Molecular-Weight Compounds, Extracts, and Biology of Phellinus sensu lato Mushrooms (Agaricomycetes) from 2011 to 2017
, International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 21(9): 875-894 (2019)

The Effects of Ethanol Concentration during Isolation and Purity on the In Vitro Antioxidant Properties of Polysaccharides from the Winter Culinary-Medicinal Mushroom, Flammulina velutipes (Agaricomycetes) Stembase
, International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 21(9): 895-908 (2019)

The DnaJ Gene Family in Shiitake Culinary-Medicinal Mushroom, Lentinus edodes (Agaricomycetes): Comprehensive Identification, Characterization, and Expression Profiles under Different Conditions
, International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 21(9): 909-919 (2019)

Efficient Transformation of the White Jelly Mushroom Tremella fuciformis (Tremellomycetes) and Its Companion Fungus Annulohypoxylon stygium (Ascomycetes) Mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens
, International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 21(9): 921-930 (2019)

Identification, Optimization of Culture Conditions, and Bioactive Potential of Chinese Caterpillar Mushroom Ophiocordyceps sinensis (Ascomycetes) Mycelium Isolated from Fruiting Body
, International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms 21(9): 931-942 (2019)

Navigating social-ecological trade-offs in small-scale fisheries management: an agent-based population model of stoplight parrotfish (Sparisoma viride) for a Caribbean coral reef fishery
, Ecology and Society 24(3): 1 (2019)

The role of capital in drought adaptation among rural communities in Eswatini
, Ecology and Society 24(3): 8 (2019)

Landscape stewardship for a German UNESCO Biosphere Reserve: a network approach to establishing stewardship governance
, Ecology and Society 24(3): 12 (2019)

Unraveling complex relations between forest-cover change and conflicts through spatial and relational analyses
, Ecology and Society 24(3): 3 (2019)

Loss and social-ecological transformation: pathways of change in Xochimilco, Mexico
, Ecology and Society 24(3): 15 (2019)

Social ecological inventory in a postdisaster context: the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake, Aotearoa-New Zealand
, Ecology and Society 24(3): 9 ( 2019)

Do practitioners of holistic management exhibit systems thinking?
, Ecology and Society 24(3): 19 (2019)

Bird Density and the Evaluation of Importance of Buffer Zone of the Largest Coastal Nature Reserve, Yancheng Reserve, China
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 1999-2006 (2019)

Synthetic Oviductal Fluid Medium with Isologous Oviductal Epithelial Cells Improves the Development of In Vitro Produced Nili Ravi Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Embryos
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2007-2014 (2019)

Osteometric and Radiographic Studies of Tarsal Bones in Adult Chinkara (Gazella bennettii)
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2033-2040 (2019)

Rodents (Muridae) Abundance and Habitat Shift between Agricultural, Non-Agricultural Land and Human Dwellings: A Proposed Strategy to Decrease Crop Damage
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2051-2056 (2019)

Effects of Different Additives and Lignin Peroxidase Enzyme on in vitro Gas Production Kinetics and Methane Production of some Straws
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2057-2067 (2019)

The Effect of Feeding Alfalfa and Barley in Comparison with Different Dietary Composition of Total Mixed Rations on Milk Composition and Growth of Najdi Lambs
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2085-2090 (2019)

Environmental Impact of Bollworms Infestation on Cotton, Gossypium hirsutum
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2099-2106 (2019)

Comparison of Yolk Fatty Acids in Market Available Black-bone Chicken Eggs and Ordinary Chicken Eggs
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2107-2115 (2019)

Separation of Enzymes from their Aqueous System by using Novel Concept of Unidirectional Freezing
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2125-2131 (2019)

Ecological Factors Influencing Small Rodents in a Tree Thinned Japanese Larch Larix kaempferi Plantation
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2153-2160 (2019)

Effects of Calcitonin on Porcine Intestinal Epithelial Cells Proliferation, Phosphorus Absorption, and NaPi-IIb Expression
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2167-2174 (2019)

Resistance or Susceptibility of Eight Aubergine Cultivars to Meloidogyne javanica
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2187-2192 (2019)

L-Cysteine Addition in Tris-Citric Acid Extender Enhances Functional Characteristics of Post-Thaw Spermatozoa in Achai and Holstein Friesian Bulls under Subtropical Environment
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2193-2198 (2019)

Acute Effect of Epidermal Growth Factor on Phosphate Diffusion across Intestinal Mucosa of Hens using the Ussing Chamber System
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2209-2216 (2019)

Nigella sativa Oil Improves Physiological Parameters, Oocyte Quality after Ovarian Transplantation, and Reproductive Performance of Female Mice
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2225-2231 (2019)

Temporal Fluctuations in the Population of Citrus Nematode (Tylenchulus semipenetrans) in the Pothowar Region of Pakistan
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2257-2263 (2019)

Trends in Nutrient Status and Gas Production during the Decomposition of Poultry Manure
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2265-2273 (2019)

Impact of Inclusion Dried Sugar Beet Pulp in Ruminant's Ration on Rumen Parameters in vitro
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2281-2286 (2019)

Effects of Graded Levels of Betaine Supplementation on Growth Performance and Intestinal Morphology in Indigenous Young Yellow Feather Broilers
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2323-2328 (2019)

Effects of Rearing Interlude and Grafting Technique on Honeybee Apis mellifera L. Queen under Field Conditions
, Pakistan Journal of Zoology 51(6): 2369-2372 (2019)

Gene flow from herbicide resistant transgenic soybean to conventional soybean and wild soybean
, Applied Biological Chemistry 62(1): 54 (2019)

Real-time monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions with tall chambers reveals diurnal N2O variation and increased emissions of CO2 and N2O from Miscanthus following compost addition
, Global Change Biology Bioenergy 11(12): 1456-1470 (2019)

Analysis of Changes in Reference Evapotranspiration, Pan Evaporation, and Actual Evapotranspiration and Their Influencing Factors in the North China Plain During 1998-2005
, Earth and Space Science 6(8): 1366-1377 (2019)

Comparative vegetation survey with focus on cryptogamic covers in the high Arctic along two differing catenas
, Polar Biology 42(11): 2131-2145 (2019)

Effects of Storage Conditions, Storage Duration and Post-Harvest Treatments on Nutritional and Sensory Quality of Orange (Citrus sinensis (L) Osbeck) Fruits
, International Journal of Fruit Science 20(4): 737-749 (2020)

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the rhizosphere soil of poisonous plants depressed the growth of pasture grasses in the Tibetan Plateau Alpine meadow
, Ecosystem Health and Sustainability 5(1): 226-236 (2019)

Effect of Climatic Conditions on the Volatile Compounds of the Aerial Parts of Foeniculum vulgare Mill
, Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 22(4): 1093-1103 (2019)

The assessment of different vegetation indices for spatial disaggregating of thermal imagery over the humid agricultural region
, International Journal of Remote Sensing 41(5): 1907-1926 (2020)

Nutritional quality of fritters produced from fresh cassava roots, high-quality cassava and soy flour blends, and consumer preferences
, Cogent Food and Agriculture 5(1): 1677129 (2019)

Spatiotemporal variations of below-ground monoterpene concentrations in an upland black spruce stand in interior Alaska
, Polar Science 21: 158-164 (2019)

Sociohydrology: Scientific Challenges in Addressing the Sustainable Development Goals
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6327-6355 (2019)

A Review of Radar-Rain Gauge Data Merging Methods and Their Potential for Urban Hydrological Applications
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6356-6391 (2019)

Seasonal and Topographic Variations in Ecohydrological Separation Within a Small, Temperate, Snow-Influenced Catchmet
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6417-6435 (2019)

Mean Velocity and Shear Stress Distribution in Floating Treatment Wetlands: An Analytical Study
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6436-6449 (2019)

A Proof-of-Concept Study of Using a Less Permeable Slice Along the Shoreline to Increase Fresh Groundwater Storage of Oceanic Islands: Analytical and Experimental Validation
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6450-6463 (2019)

Evaluating How Landform Design and Soil Covers Influence Groundwater Recharge in a Reclaimed Watershed
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6464-6481 (2019)

Impacts of Expanding Impervious Surface on Specific Conductance in Urbanizing Streams
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6482-6498 (2019)

Information Theory for Model Diagnostics: Structural Error is Indicated Trade-Off Between Functional and Predictive Performance
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6534-6554 (2019)

Active Layer Groundwater Flow: The Interrelated Effects of Stratigraphy, Thaw, and Topography
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6555-6576 (2019)

Gradient-Based Inverse Estimation for a Rainfall-Runoff Model
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6625-6639 (2019)

Evaporation Study Based on Micromodel Experiments: Comparison of Theory and Experiment
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6653-6672 (2019)

River Bathymetry Estimate and Discharge Assessment from Remote Sensing
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6692-6711 (2019)

Quantifying Riverine Recharge Impacts on Redox Conditions and Arsenic Release in Groundwater Aquifers Along the Red River, Vietnam
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6712-6728 (2019)

Hydrogeological Model Selection among Complex Spatial Priors
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6729-6753 (2019)

Effects of Roughness Reynolds Number on Scalar Transfer Mechanisms at the Sediment-Water Interface
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6811-6824 (2019)

Nonhysteretic Capillary Pressure in Two-Fluid Porous Medium Systems: Definition, Evaluation, Validation, and Dynamics
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6825-6849 (2019)

Prediction and Inference of Flow Duration Curves Using Multioutput Neural Networks
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6850-6868 (2019)

Recurrent Snowmelt Pattern Synthesis Using Principal Component Analysis of Multiyear Remotely Sensed Snow Cover
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6869-6885 (2019)

Capillary Effects on Groundwater Response to Earth Tides
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6886-6895 (2019)

A Global Perspective on Local Meteoric Water Lines: Meta-analytic Insight Into Fundamental Controls and Practical Constraints
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6896-6910 (2019)

Multiscale Digital Porous Rock Reconstruction using Template Matching
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6911-6922 (2019)

Gap Filling of High-Resolution Soil Moisture for SMAP/Sentinel-1: A Two-Layer Machine Learning-Based Framework
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 6986-7009 (2019)

Diagnosing Bias in Modeled Soil Moisture/Runoff Coefficient Correlation Using the SMAP Level 4 Soil Moisture Product
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7010-7026 (2019)

The Effects of Urbanization and Retention-Based Stormwater Management on Coastal plain Stream Nutrient Export
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7027-7046 (2019)

Surface Water Body Detection in Polarimetric SAR Data Using Contextual Complex Wishart Classification
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7047-7059 (2019)

Porosity-Permeability Relationships in Mudstone from Pore-Scale Fluid Flow Simulations using the Lattice Boltzmann Method
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7060-7071 (2019)

Imaging Spontaneous Imbibition in Full Darcy-Scale Samples at Pore-Scale Resolution by Fast X-ray Tomography
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7072-7085 (2019)

Bayesian Calibration and Sensitivity Analysis for a Karst Aquifer Model Using Active Subspaces
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7086-7107 (2019)

Emulation of the Saint Venant Equations Enables Rapid and Accurate Predictions of Infiltration and Overland Flow Velocity on Spatially Heterogeneous Surfaces
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7108-7129 (2019)

Partitioning Dynamics of Gravity-Driven Unsaturated Flow Through Simple T-Shaped Fracture Intersections
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7130-7142 (2019)

Age-Ranked Storage-Discharge Relations: A Unified Description of Spatially Lumped Flow and Water Age in Hydrologic Systems
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7143-7165 (2019)

Temporally Variable Stream Width and Surface Area Distributions in a Headwater Catchment
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7166-7181 (2019)

Characterization of the Pore Structure of Porous Media Using non-Newtonian Fluids
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7182-7195 (2019)

On the Field Estimation of Moisture Content Using Electrical Geophysics: The Impact of Petrophysical Model Uncertainty
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7196-7211 (2019)

Water Vapor Sorption Properties of Illinois Shales Under Dynamic Water Vapor Conditions: Experimentation and Modeling
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7212-7228 (2019)

Development of a Reactive Transport Model for Field-Scale Simulation of Microbially Induced Carbonate Precipitation
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7229-7245 (2019)

The CR of Evaporation: A Calibration-Free Diagnostic and Benchmarking Tool for Large-Scale Terrestrial Evapotranspiration Modeling
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7246-7274 (2019)

Velocity Field Estimation on Density-Driven Solute Transport With a Convolutional Neural Network
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7275-7293 (2019)

Ripple Effects: Bed Form Morphodynamics Cascading into Hyporheic Zone Biogeochemistry
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7320-7342 (2019)

Constraining the Magnitude and Uncertainty of Specific Yield for Use in the Water Table Fluctuation Method of Estimating Recharge
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7343-7361 (2019)

Analytical Model for Heat Transfer Accounting for Both Conduction and Dispersion in Aquifers With a Robin-Type Boundary Condition at the Injection Well
, Water Resources Research 55(8): 7379-7399 (2019)

Identification of dominant genetic markers relevant to male sex determination in mulberry (Morus alba L.)
, Euphytica 215(11): 187 (2019)

Genome wide association studies for yield and its component traits under terminal heat stress in Indian mustard (Brassicajuncea L.)
, Euphytica 215(11): 188 (2019)

Corrigendum to "Understanding kinetics and thermodynamics of the interactions between amitriptyline or eosin yellow and aminosilane-modified cellulose" [Carbohydr. Polym. 225 (December) (2019) 115246
, Carbohydrate Polymers 228: 115375 (2020)

The importance of Antarctic krill in biogeochemical cycles
, Nature Communications 10(1): 4742 (2019)

Indications that weathering of evaporite minerals affects groundwater salinity and As mobilization in aquifers of the northwestern Hetao Basin, China
, Applied Geochemistry 109: 104416 (2019)

Rainwater-induced migration of potentially toxic elements from a Zn-Pb slag dump in Ruda Slaska in light of mineralogical, geochemical and geophysical investigations
, Applied Geochemistry 109: 104396 (2019)

Reaction path modelling illustrating the fluid history of a natural CO2-H2S reservoir
, Applied Geochemistry 109: 104391 (2019)

Specificity of the Cs-137 distribution in arable elementary landscape-geochemical system contaminated during the accident at the Chernobyl NPP
, Applied Geochemistry 109: 104394 (2019)

Preventing leisure from being overlooked: Intersecting leisure and prevention sciences
, Journal of Leisure Research 50(5): 394-412 (2019)

Computer science meets digital leisure: Multiple perspectives on social media and eSport collaborations
, Journal of Leisure Research 50(5): 425-437 (2019)

Supplementation of okra seed oil ameliorates ethanol-induced liver injury and modulates gut microbiota dysbiosis in mice
, Food and Function 10(10): 6385-6398 (2019)

Effects of agricultural landscapes and land uses in highly biodiverse tropical streams of the Ecuadorian Choco
, Inland Waters 9(3): 289-300 (2019)

A method of electrical conductivity compensation in a low-cost soil moisture sensing measurement based on capacitance
, Measurement 150: 107052 (2020)

Improved chlamydospore formation in Tricholoma bakamatsutake with addition of amino acids in vitro
, Mycoscience 60(6): 319-322 (2019)

Taxonomic reconsideration of Tricholoma foliicola (Agaricales, Basidiomycota) based on basidiomata morphology, living culture characteristics, and phylogenetic analyses
, Mycoscience 60(6): 323-330 (2019)

Differential expression of two gpd genes in the cultivated mushroom Pleurotus eryngii using RNA sequencing analysis
, Mycoscience 60(6): 351-353 (2019)

X-ray phase contrast imaging of Vitis spp. buds shows freezing pattern and correlation between volume and cold hardiness
, Scientific Reports 9(1): 14949 (2019)

Desalination of Produced Water by Membrane Distillation: Effect of the Feed Components and of a Pre-treatment by Fenton Oxidation
, Scientific Reports 9(1): 14964 (2019)

Variations in growth, water consumption and economic benefit of transplanted cotton after winter wheat harvest subjected to different irrigation methods
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Molecular dissection of resistance gene cluster and candidate gene identification of Pl 17 and Pl 19 in sunflower by whole-genome resequencing
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Management of mountainous meadows associated with biodiversity attributes, perceived health benefits and cultural ecosystem services
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Higher temporal evapotranspiration estimation with improved SEBS model from geostationary meteorological satellite data
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Habitat use and social mixing between groups of resident and augmented bighorn sheep
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Genotypic performance of Australian durum under single and combined water-deficit and heat stress during reproduction
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A systemic study of indoxacarb resistance in Spodoptera litura revealed complex expression profiles and regulatory mechanism
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Identification and Characterization of the PEBP Family Genes in Moso Bamboo (Phyllostachys heterocycla)
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Regulation of lifespan by neural excitation and REST
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Stress-Dependent Pore Deformation Effects on Multiphase Flow Properties of Porous Media
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NMR-based metabolic profiling and comparison of Japanese persimmon cultivars
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Molecular genetics
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The effect of differences in the third domain of the glycoprotein E of tick-borne encephalitis virus of the Far Eastern, Siberian and European subtypes on the binding of recombinant D3 proteins with a chimeric antibody
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Association of haplotypes for SNPs in the LTR regions of bovine leukemia virus with hematological indices of cattle
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Vitamin C in fleshy fruits: biosynthesis, recycling, genes, and enzymes
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Investigation of the post-cryogenic regeneration ability of potato varieties under different cultivation conditions
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Polymorphism of ITS sequences in 35S rRNA genes in Elymus dahuricus aggregate species: two cryptic species?
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Molecular identification of the stem rust resistance genes in the introgression lines of spring bread wheat
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Potato mosaic viruses which infect plants of tuber-bearing Solanum spp. growing in the VIR field gene bank
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Prioritization of potato genes involved in the formation of agronomically valuable traits using the SOLANUM TUBEROSUM knowledge base
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Optimization of grain quality parameters for winter rye breeding
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Controlled breeding of the psychrophilic strain G-034 VIZR of Trichoderma asperellum for fast crop residues' polymers utilization and soil enhancement
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An optimized method for counting viral particles using electron microscopy
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Molecular-genetic bases of plumage coloring in chicken
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Chromosome synapsis, recombination and epigenetic modification in rams heterozygous for metacentric chromosome 3 of the domestic sheep Ovis aries and acrocentric homologs of the argali Ovis ammon
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Holarctic phylogeographic structure of Eurasian wigeon (Mareca penelope)
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A Drosophila melanogaster mitotype may have an adaptive meaning
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From the Editor
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The role of transposable elements in the ecological morphogenesis under the influence of stress
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The regulatory role of cystatin C in autophagy and neurodegeneration
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Immunogenicity of recombinant fragment of orthopoxvirus p35 protein in mice
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Transcription factors MhyFIL1 and MhyFIL3 (Monotropa hypopitys) determine the asymmetric development of above-ground lateral organs in plants
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The sporophytic type of fertility restoration in the A(3) CMS-inducing cytoplasm of sorghum and its modification by plant water availability conditions
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A modified droplet vitrification method for cryopreservation of shoot tips from in vitro potato plants
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Use of S. Wright's path coefficient method for statistical analysis of interrelated traits in rice
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Factors to affect inbred beet plants while developing material for linear selection
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Genetic approaches to the investigation of serotonergic neuron functions in animals
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Effect of neonatal dexamethasone treatment on cognitive abilities of adult male mice and gene expression in the hypothalamus
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Genetic basis of depressive disorders
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Population genetics of spinocerebellar ataxias caused by polyglutamine expansions
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The role of olfactory transport in the penetration of manganese oxide nanoparticles from blood into the brain
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The use of whole genome amplification for genomic evaluation of bovine embryos
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Conjugacy of two types of phenotypic variability of small-leaved linden
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From the Editor
, Vavilovskii Zhurnal Genetiki I Selektsii 23(5): 507 (2019)

The new technologies of high-throughput single-cell RNA sequencing
, Vavilovskii Zhurnal Genetiki I Selektsii 23(5): 508-518 (2019)

Image-based analysis of quantitative morphological characteristics of wild potato tubers using the desktop application Seed Counter
, Vavilovskii Zhurnal Genetiki I Selektsii 23(5): 519-526 (2019)

Biotechnological bases of the development of cloned pig embryos
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Prospects for marker-associated selection in tomato Solanum lycopersicum L
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Resistance mechanisms involved in complex immunity of wheat against rust diseases
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Characteristics of the gene pool of spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) for resistance to loose smut in the forest-steppe of Western Siberia
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Whole genome studies of origin, selection and adaptation of the Russian cattle breeds
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Assessment of line differentiation in the Thoroughbred horse breed using DNA microsatellite loci
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Noncanonical effects of vasopressin in angiogenesis
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Anxiety and neurometabolite levels in the hippocampus and amygdala after prolonged exposure to predator-scent stress
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Sources of the mitochondrial gene pool of Russians by the results of analysis of modern and paleogenomic data
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Association of polymorphism TP53 Arg72Pro with radon-induced lung cancer in the Kazakh population
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Epigenetics of suicidal behavior
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Genetic variants on chromosome 19 (rs439401 and rs4420638) are associated with obesity and high blood pressure in the Algerian population
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Prediction of some peroxidase functions in Arabidopsis thaliana L. by bioinformatic search
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A thorny pathway of macrophage activating factor (GcMAF): from bench to bedside
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On the history of VIR foundation
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Alternaria leaf blight of clusterbean
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Localization of rust resistance genes in old local Russian flaxes by methods of classical genetics
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Molecular-genetic marking of Brassica L. species for resistance against various pathogens: achievements and prospects
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Comparative analysis of wild and cultivated Lathyrus L. spp. according to their primary and secondary metabolite contents
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A methodical approach for evaluating the variability of productivity and fruit quality in the genetic collections of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)
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The study of oat varieties (Avena sativa L.) of various geographical origin for grain quality and productivity
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Transcriptomic analysis of Medicago truncatula calli with MtWOX9-1 overexpression
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Mutants of inflorescence development in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)
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Variability of the structure of correlations between the morphological and commercial traits of soybeans with different growth habit and branching characters
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The WF1 (White Flower 1) gene controlling the white color of petals and flowering time in lines from a mapping population of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)
, Vavilovskii Zhurnal Genetiki I Selektsii 23(6): 717-722 (2019)

Diversity of photoperiodic responses in oats
, Vavilovskii Zhurnal Genetiki I Selektsii 23(6): 723-729 (2019)

Variability of the photoperiod response in guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.) genotypes of different geographic origin
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Genetic diversity and breeding value of synthetic hexaploid wheat introduced into the VIR collection
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Biological and economic characteristics of the allotetraploid with genomic formula DDA(u)A(u) from the cereal family
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Cytoplasmic genetic diversity of potato varieties bred in Russia and FSU countries
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In vitro cultivation of the embryos of hybrid forms of early-ripening sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) varieties
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Structuring ampelographic collections by phenotypic characteristics and comparing the reaction of grape varieties to climate change
, Vavilovskii Zhurnal Genetiki I Selektsii 23(6): 772-779 (2019)

The database of genetic resources in the VIR winter rye collection as a means of classification of genetic diversity, analysis of the collection history and effective study and preservation
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The Russian Brassicaceae collection - from N.I. Vavilov and E.N. Sinskaya till nowadays
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Are Asian fresh and brackish water aquaculture production vulnerable or resilient towards climate change impacts?
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Variation for Heat Tolerance During Seed Germination in Diverse Carrot [Daucus carota (L.)] Germplasm
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Change in Chlorophyll Content Over Time Well-differentiated Salt-tolerant, Moderately Salt-tolerant, and Salt-susceptible Cowpea Genotypes
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Changes of Morphological and Biochemical Properties in Organically Grown Zucchini Squash (Cucurbita pepo L.)
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Modeling the Relationship of Tomato Yield Parameters with Deficit Irrigation at Different Growth Stages
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Abrasive Grit Application in Organic Red Pepper: An Opportunity for Integrating Nitrogen and Weed Management
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Root Pruning and Auxin Alter Root Morphology of Hickories
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Effect of Riboflavin on the Precocious Maturation of Spine Grape Berries (Vitis davidii Foex)
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Virulence Phenotypes on Chili Pepper for Phytophthora capsici Isolates from Michoacan, Mexico
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Responses of 'Honeycrisp' Apples to Short-term Controlled Atmosphere Storage Established During Temperature Conditioning
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Influence of Preharvest and Postharvest Applications of Glycine Betaine on Fruit Quality Attributes and Storage Disorders of 'Lapins' and 'Regina' Cherries
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Drying Characteristics of Blackberry Fruits in a Convective Hot-air Dryer
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Differential Protein Analysis of Pecan Hardwood Cuttings
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Studies on Seed Germination and Micropropagation of Clinopodium nepeta: A Medicinal and Aromatic Plant
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Clonal Propagation In Vitro of Paphiopedilum Hybrids from Adult Plants
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Influence of Photoperiod and Culture Medium on the Speed of Asymbiotic Seed Germination and Seedling Development in Spathoglottis plicata
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Germination of Persian Walnut Somatic Embryos and Evaluation of their Genetic Stability by ISSR Fingerprinting and Flow Cytometry
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Nutrient Solutions and Drought in Plant Growth and Fructans Content of Agave potatorum Zucc
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Comparative Evaluation of Sonicated Shrimp Waste Hydrolysates as Potential Fertilizers for Legumes
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Reducing Nutrient and Irrigation Rates in Solar Greenhouse without Compromising Tomato Yield
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Effect of Large Inputs of Manure and Fertilizer on Nitrogen Mineralization in the Newly Built Solar Greenhouse Soils
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Best Practices for Presenting Statistical Information in a Research Article
, Hortscience 54(9): 1605-1609 (2019)

Short-term and Residual Effects of Laccase Application on Creeping Bentgrass Thatch Layer
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Goosegrass Control and Turfgrass Injury Following Metribuzin and Topramezone Application with Immediate Irrigation
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Salinity Tolerance and Recovery Attributes of Warm-season Turfgrass Cultivars
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'Caddo' Thornless Blackberry
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'Sea Foam Pink' Caladium
, Hortscience 54(9): 1637-1640 (2019)

'Red Rhapsody' Strawberry
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An Ordinary Multilayer Fruit Paper Bag Supplying Device for Fruit Bagging
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The Ancient Origins of Controlled Environment Horticulture
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Renaissance Orangeries and Victorian Conservatories
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High Tunnels
, Hortscience 54(9): S2-S3 (2019)

Modern Climate-Controlled Greenhouses
, Hortscience 54(9): S3 (2019)

Indoor Horticulture and Vertical Farms
, Hortscience 54(9): S3 (2019)

Rosbreed: Sustaining Success in DNA-Informed Breeding Impacts for Rosaceae
, Hortscience 54(9): S4 (2019)

Trait Prioritization: Informing Where to Focus Resources
, Hortscience 54(9): S4 (2019)

Data Access and Use: From Rosbreed Data Management to Genomic Prediction
, Hortscience 54(9): S4-S5 (2019)

Successes in Pre-Breeding: Pyramiding and Combining Multiple Disease Resistances
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Impact on Apple Breeding: DNA Markers Inform Cross Planning and Parent Selection
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Impact on Strawberry Breeding: Genome-Wide Selection in Practice
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Impact on Peach Breeding: Elite Selections Combining Disease Resistance and Superior Fruit Quality
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Sustaining Success: The Planned Legacy of Ros-breed
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Seeds of Science: Connecting Kids, Plants and Science in the Michigan 4-H Children's Gardens
, Hortscience 54(9): S7 (2019)

Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) for Agricultural Users Identification
, Hortscience 54(9): S10 (2019)

Application of Small Unmanned Arial System (sUAS) in Vegetable Cop Management
, Hortscience 54(9): S10 (2019)

Robotic Weeders: A Better Way to Develop New Weed Control Technology for Vegetable Crops
, Hortscience 54(9): S10 (2019)

Utilization of Husky Robotics Platform for Weed Control
, Hortscience 54(9): S10 (2019)

Adaption of Mobile Robot Platform for Cotton Harvesting
, Hortscience 54(9): S10-S11 (2019)

Automating Strawberry Harvest
, Hortscience 54(9): S11 (2019)

Some Robotic Technologies for Strawberry Fields
, Hortscience 54(9): S11 (2019)

Using Canopy Features Extracted from High-Resolution Imagery to Assist Strawberry Research and Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S11 (2019)

Combating Drought and Heat Stresses in Crop Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S11-S12 (2019)

Progress and Challenges in Breeding Broccoli Adapted to High Temperature Environments
, Hortscience 54(9): S12 (2019)

Tapping into the Diversity of Wild Relatives and Domesticated Carrot to Improve Heat and Drought Stress
, Hortscience 54(9): S12 (2019)

Risk Preferences of Commodity Crop Producers and Specialty Crop Producers
, Hortscience 54(9): S12-S13 (2019)

Enacting Policies to Ban Pesticides in Green-house and Nursery Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S13 (2019)

Value-Added Technologies in the Specialty Crop Industry
, Hortscience 54(9): S13 (2019)

Consumer Views on the Legalization of Hemp Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S13 (2019)

The Influence of Label Source and Consumer Preferences on Valuation of Eco-Labels: A Policy Perspective
, Hortscience 54(9): S13 (2019)

Growing Opportunities for Biological Seed Treatments on Vegetable Seeds
, Hortscience 54(9): S14 (2019)

Bio Seed: The Non-Specific Inoculate to Optimize Nutrient Availability
, Hortscience 54(9): S14 (2019)

Advances in Bio-Based Seed Treatments: Seed-worx Biosa and Seedworx Bioma Move Toward Uses within Horticultural Crops
, Hortscience 54(9): S14 (2019)

Tricks and Rewards in Effective Seed Coating of Mycorrhizal Fungi
, Hortscience 54(9): S14-S15 (2019)

Biological Hemp Seed Treatments
, Hortscience 54(9): S15 (2019)

Seed Treatment Evaluation Techniques Using Rhizotrons and Root Image Analysis
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Citrus Huanglongbing: Current Status and Preparing for the Future
, Hortscience 54(9): S15-S16 (2019)

The State of Texas Citrus in the Era of HLB
, Hortscience 54(9): S16 (2019)

How Effective Are Rootstocks in Mitigating the Negative Effects of HLB?
, Hortscience 54(9): S16 (2019)

The Evolving Role of Micronutrient Nutrition As Part of an Integrated Approach to Achieve Profitable and Sustainable Citriculture in an HLB-Endemic Environment
, Hortscience 54(9): S16-S17 (2019)

Predicting Who Will be Living with HLB in the Future
, Hortscience 54(9): S17 (2019)

Using X-Ray Tomography across Scales to Study Rhizosphere Biology
, Hortscience 54(9): S17-S18 (2019)

Apple Scion Impacts on Root Exudates and the Rhizosphere Microbiome
, Hortscience 54(9): S18 (2019)

Cover Crops and Biochar Soil Amendments Shift Microbial Communities to Improve Soil Fertility and Fruit Yield in a Southern California Organic Mango Orchard
, Hortscience 54(9): S18 (2019)

Plant Diversity and Land-Use Legacies Alter the Soil Microbiome of Urban Grassland Ecosystems
, Hortscience 54(9): S18 (2019)

Grants and Funding for International Collaboration for Students up to Senior and Emeritus Faculty
, Hortscience 54(9): S19 (2019)

Opportunities for International Collaborations in Africa and Asia
, Hortscience 54(9): S19 (2019)

South America Collaboration Opportunities
, Hortscience 54(9): S20 (2019)

Collaboration with Mexican Universities
, Hortscience 54(9): S20 (2019)

Find Your Funding Opportunity!
, Hortscience 54(9): S20 (2019)

From Grey Area to Gold Rush: Establishing a Comprehensive Hemp Research Program
, Hortscience 54(9): S20 (2019)

Promotions Influence on Young Consumers in the Garden Center
, Hortscience 54(9): S22 (2019)

What Millennial Plant Parents Want in Their Media
, Hortscience 54(9): S22 (2019)

The Plant Heroes Saved Our Plant Parents from Being Eaten By Couch Potatoes While Your Crop Wild Relatives Watched
, Hortscience 54(9): S22 (2019)

National Clonal Germplasm Repository - Tree Fruit & Nut Crops & Grapes, Davis, California
, Hortscience 54(9): S23 (2019)

Plant Genetic Resources Unit, USDA-ARS, Apple, Grape, and Tart Cherry Germplasm Collection, Cornell Agritech, Geneva, New York
, Hortscience 54(9): S23 (2019)

Dynamic Use of the National Collection of Genetic Resources for Pecans and Hickories
, Hortscience 54(9): S23-S24 (2019)

Guardians of the Germplasm: Berries, Pears, Hazelnuts, Hops, and Mint
, Hortscience 54(9): S24 (2019 )

Making Tomatoes Great Again: Leveraging Biochemical Genetics to Give Consumers What They Really Want
, Hortscience 54(9): S24-S25 (2019)

Lipofection-Mediated DNA-Free Delivery of the Cas9/gRNA Ribonucleoprotein into Plant Cells for Genome Editing
, Hortscience 54(9): S25-S26 (2019)

Practical Applications of CRISPR Gene-Editing for Tomato Improvement
, Hortscience 54(9): S26 (2019)

Citrus Improvement Via the CRISPR Technology
, Hortscience 54(9): S26 (2019)

Improving the Strawberry Fruit Quality and Disease Resistance Using Genetic Engineering Technologies: Current Progress and Challenges
, Hortscience 54(9): S26 (2019)

USDA Approach to Regulating Biotechnology
, Hortscience 54(9): S26-S27 (2019)

Latest Innovations in Sensors from Apogee Instruments
, Hortscience 54(9): S27-S28 (2019)

What's on Your Bucket List for Horticulture
, Hortscience 54(9): S28 (2019)

Eorganic: Information for Farmers, Outreach for Research Projects and Resources for Educaors
, Hortscience 54(9): S28 (2019)

The Art of Writing up Your Science: How to Make Your Results Accessible to an Extension Audience
, Hortscience 54(9): S28 (2019)

Rapid Burndown: Capric and Caprylic Acid for Weed Management in Organic Vegetable and Specialty Crop Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S28-S29 (2019)

Orchard Floor Management Practices for Establishing Organic Peaches in the Intermountain West
, Hortscience 54(9): S29 (2019)

Assessing the Quality and Possible Functions of Compost Extracts in Organic Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S29-S30 (2019)

Tree Response to Projected Global Change Temperature Increases Will Likely Vary with Species Water Use Strategy
, Hortscience 54(9): S30 (2019)

Global Warming and Inadequate Chill Accumulation in Temperate Fruit Trees
, Hortscience 54(9): S31 (2019)

Impact and Mitigation of Shifting Seasons and Elevated Summer Temperatures for Apple Production in the United States
, Hortscience 54(9): S31 (2019)

Will Climate Change Influence Tree Fruit Cold-Chain Quality and Losses?
, Hortscience 54(9): S31-S32 (2019)

Addressing Challenges of High Tunnel Organic Vegetable Production in Subtropical Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S32 (2019)

Integrating Cover Crops Successfully into High Tunnel Production Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S32 (2019)

Reduction in Incidence of Certain Common Pests and Diseases in Berry Crops with Changes in Plastic Cover Type and Modifications to Cultural Practices
, Hortscience 54(9): S32-S33 (2019)

PAR and the Number of Layers of Plastic Cover on High Tunnels
, Hortscience 54(9): S33 (2019)

High-Tunnels on the Texas High Plains: A Potential Solution for Growing Specialty Crops in a Windy, Semi-Arid Climate
, Hortscience 54(9): S33 (2019)

Organic and High Tunnel: Convergence and Divergence As System Drivers
, Hortscience 54(9): S33 (2019)

The Effect of Poultry Manure and African Bush Tea (Hyptis suaveolens Poit.) on Growth and Yield of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)
, Hortscience 54(9): S34 (2019)

Suppressing Verticillium Dahliae through Compost Application
, Hortscience 54(9): S34 (2019)

Effects of Organic Fertilization Rate on 'Vidalia' Onion (Allium cepa L.) Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrients of Leaves and Bulbs
, Hortscience 54(9): S34-S35 (2019)

Co-Creation of Knowledge in Agroecology: Collaborating to Develop Sustainable Agricultural Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S35 (2019)

Off-Season Cover Crops for Organic Strawberry Production in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S35-S36 (2019)

Effects of Leguminous Cover Crop, Compost, and Organic Fertilizer on High Tunnel Organic Production of Pac Choi and Spinach
, Hortscience 54(9): S36 (2019)

Integrating Poultry and Cover Crops into Organic Vegetable Production for Soil Health
, Hortscience 54(9): S36-S37 (2019)

Passive Modified Atmosphere Packaging Can Extend the Shelf Life of Spinach Stored in Non-Optimum Temperatures
, Hortscience 54(9): S37 (2019)

Effects of Fumigation with Ethanol and Methyl Jasmonate on Quality and Phyto-Compounds Contents in Broccoli Florets during Storage
, Hortscience 54(9): S37-S38 (2019)

Rapid Determination of Starch Content of Potato and Sweet Potato By Using NIR Hyperspectral Imaging
, Hortscience 54(9): S38 (2019)

Assessment of Banana Ripening Using Conventional and Image Analyses
, Hortscience 54(9): S38 (2019)

Antioxidant Activity of Six Different Banana Cultivars during Ripening
, Hortscience 54(9): S38 (2019)

Cross Cultivar RNA-Seq: Challenges and Perspectives
, Hortscience 54(9): S39 (2019)

Hit Play > Creating Engaging Online Videos with Researcher Footage to Promote the Value of Horticulture
, Hortscience 54(9): S39 (2019)

Horticulture for Nutrition Security
, Hortscience 54(9): S39-S40 (2019)

Scaling Horticulture Technologies and Practices for Smallholder Farmers Utilizing the "Regional Center" Model
, Hortscience 54(9): S40 (2019)

Capacity Building on Produce Postharvest Mangement in Tanzania
, Hortscience 54(9): S40-S41 (2019)

Deploying Vegetable Seed Kits to Tackle Malnutrition in Cambodia, Kenya, Liberia, Tanzania and Uganda
, Hortscience 54(9): S41 (2019)

Examining Nutrition Impacts and Sustainability of Horticultural Innovations in Southern Bangladesh
, Hortscience 54(9): S41-S42 (2019)

Empowering Women Greenhouse Owners in Antalya, Turkey By Teaching Them Best Management Practices
, Hortscience 54(9): S42 (2019)

Water Uptake Dynamics for Adult Peach Trees in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S42-S43 (2019)

Optimizing Water Management in Celery Using Weather Based Scheduling
, Hortscience 54(9): S43 (2019)

Optimizing Subsurface Drip Irrigation in Coarse Soil Onion Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S43 (2019)

The Effect of Biochar on Water Use Efficiency in Two Californian Sites
, Hortscience 54(9): S43-S44 (2019)

Hunger and Horticulture in the US
, Hortscience 54(9): S44 (2019)

Young Industry Professionals' Perceptions of Extension and Future Research Needs
, Hortscience 54(9): S44 (2019)

Increasing Adoption of Improved Farming Practices through Participatory Research and Education
, Hortscience 54(9): S44-S45 (2019)

Young Industry Professionals' Identified Challenges, Barriers and Needs of the Horticulture Industry
, Hortscience 54(9): S45 (2019)

Improving Local Food Systems with Farm to School
, Hortscience 54(9): S45 (2019)

Microgreens Are a Promising Source of Phytochemicals for Urban Farming
, Hortscience 54(9): S45-S46 (2019)

Local Labeling Awareness and Perceptions across State Lines
, Hortscience 54(9): S46 (2019)

Food Safety Practice Changes on New Jersey Farms As a Result of Produce Safety Alliance Trainings
, Hortscience 54(9): S46 (2019)

A Revised Method for Estimating Phytochrome Photo-Equilibrium
, Hortscience 54(9): S47 (2019)

Yield and Fruit Quality of Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) 'Albion' and 'Cabrillo' Under Ambient and Supplemental HPS and LED Lighting
, Hortscience 54(9): S47 (2019)

Biomass Allocation in Three Subspecies of Brassica Rapa Grown Hydroponically in a Greenhouse
, Hortscience 54(9): S47-S48 (2019)

Effects of Varying Light Intensity on Instantaneous Water Use Efficiency in Lettuce and Petunias
, Hortscience 54(9): S48 (2019)

Nutrient Management Regime Affects Water Quality, Crop Growth, and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Aquaponic Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S48 (2019)

An Effective Algorithm for Controlling Greenhouse Light to a Target Daily Light Integral Using Dimmable Supplemental Lights
, Hortscience 54(9): S48-S49 (2019)

Green Light Benefit Photosynthesis at High Light Level
, Hortscience 54(9): S49 (2019)

Investigating the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and Abiotic Stress in Development of Calcium Deficiency Disorders
, Hortscience 54(9): S49-S50 (2019)

Exogenous Abscisic Acid Application Affects Strontium, Rubidium, and Nitrogen Isotope Tracer Uptake and Distribution in Malus x domestica Borkh
, Hortscience 54(9): S50 (2019)

Nitrogen Use Efficiency Changes with Different Fertigation Timing in Apple Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S50-S51 (2019)

The Effect of Biochar Application on Soil Health and Legume Crop's Growth and Yield in Hawaii
, Hortscience 54(9): S51 (2019)

Fertilizer Rate and Timing on Yields, Soil Fertility and Cation Contents of Telfairia Occidentalis, Solanum Macrocapon and Amaranthus viridis in Southwest Nigeria
, Hortscience 54(9): S51-S52 (2019)

Youthmappers: International Service Learning While Solving the World's Problems
, Hortscience 54(9): S52 (2019)

Portraits of Inclusion: Creating a Welcoming Environment for Women and People of Color
, Hortscience 54(9): S52-S53 (2019)

Student Demographics and Performance Characteristics Correlated with Final Course Grades across Multiple Years of Four Undergraduate and Graduate Plant Materials Courses
, Hortscience 54(9): S53 (2019)

Status of Horticulture Programs and Student Enrollment at 140 US Colleges and Universities
, Hortscience 54(9): S53 (2019)

Seed Your Future Update: Reaching 1 Million Students and Counting
, Hortscience 54(9): S53-S54 (2019)

Citizen Science - Improving Critical Thinking Skills
, Hortscience 54(9): S54 (2019)

Building Scientific and Organizational Capacity Along the Horticulture Value Chain By Engaging International Partners and Young Scientists
, Hortscience 54(9): S54 (2019)

Freezing Survival Strategy in Cranberry (Vacinium macrocarpon Ait.) Terminal Buds
, Hortscience 54(9): S55 (2019)

Prediction of Flowering and Fruiting Phenology Using Physiological Days for Winter Strawberry Production in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S55 (2019)

Flavonol Profile of Red Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Berry Is a Reliable Indicator to Assess Their Exposure to Solar Radiation and Study Changes in Their Composition
, Hortscience 54(9): S55-S56 (2019)

Grapevine Red Blotch Virus Reduces Carbon Translocation Leading to Impaired Grape Berry Ripening
, Hortscience 54(9): S56 (2019)

Root Tip Oxidative Stress Is Part of the Blueberry Response to High pH Nutrient Solutions
, Hortscience 54(9): S56-S57 (2019)

Light Quality and Night Interruption Controls Morphogenesis and Flowering Time in Day Neutral Strawberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S57 (2019)

Micropropagation of Anthurium Andraeanum Hort. 'New Pahoa Red' Using Recipient for Automated Temporary Immersion (RITA)
, Hortscience 54(9): S57 (2019)

Physiological Bases for Differential Growth Responses to Supplied Nitrogen Concentration in Poinsettia Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S58 (2019)

Bacterial Number and Pulsing Time Affect Postharvest Quality of Cut Lilies
, Hortscience 54(9): S58 (2019)

Identification and Quantification of Anthocyanidins in Modern Poinsettia Cultivars Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
, Hortscience 54(9): S58-S59 (2019)

Functional Analysis of Nutrient Mobilization-Related Genes in Petunia Petal Senescence
, Hortscience 54(9): S59 (2019)

Evaluation of Asclepias Spp. Hybrids for the Creation of Novel Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S59 (2019)

Current Progress and Challenges for DNA Marker Development and Application in Strawberry Breeding
, Hortscience 54(9): S59-S60 (2019)

Identification of QTLs for Bloom Date, Fruit Development Period, and Ripe Date Traits in Peaches
, Hortscience 54(9): S60 (2019)

Identification of Loci Associated with Fire Blight Resistance/Susceptibility in Apple
, Hortscience 54(9): S60-S61 (2019)

Developing Genomics Tools to Support a Vanilla Breeding Program in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S61 (2019)

Glutathione S-Transferase: A Candidate Gene for Berry Pigmentation in Muscadine Grapes (Vitis rotundifolia)
, Hortscience 54(9): S61-S62 (2019)

Leveraging Synteny across Rosaceae to Identify Loci Controlling Fruit Sweetness in Blackberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S62 (2019)

Horseradish Injury Risks Associated with Dicamba-Tolerant Soybeans
, Hortscience 54(9): S62-S63 (2019)

A Comprehensive Herbicide Stewardship Program at the University of Tennessee
, Hortscience 54(9): S63 (2019)

Investment Returns for Pre-Emergence Herbicide Use in No-till Pumpkin Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S63 (2019)

Herbicidal Control of the Aquatic Invaders Feathered Mosquitofern and Redroot Floater
, Hortscience 54(9): S63-S64 (2019)

Automated Identification of Systemic Fluorescent Markers in Vegetable Seedling Leaves for Weed and Crop Differentiation
, Hortscience 54(9): S64 (2019)

Limiting Weed Growth in Container Ornamentals through Strategic Fertilizer Placement
, Hortscience 54(9): S64 (2019)

Online Non-Credit Plant ID Classes: A Valuable partnership with Longwood Gardens
, Hortscience 54(9): S65 (2019)

Reinventing a Consumer Plant Database
, Hortscience 54(9): S65 (2019)

Horticulture CSI: Search for the Long Beach Radish
, Hortscience 54(9): S65-S66 (2019)

The First-Ever Extension Master Gardener National Strategic Plan
, Hortscience 54(9): S66 (2019)

Eumaeus Atala Poey (Florida Atala Butterfly) Native Plant Society Field Days in St Lucie County, FL
, Hortscience 54(9): S66 (2019)

Managing Lead Contaminated Soil in the Home Landscape
, Hortscience 54(9): S66 (2019)

Longwood Gardens Enhanced Professional Horticulture Program
, Hortscience 54(9): S66-S67 (2019)

NC Extension Gardener Handbook: Opening a kaleidoscope of Opportunities
, Hortscience 54(9): S67 (2019)

Supplemental Lighting for Biomass Increase of Cilantro and Basil Plants
, Hortscience 54(9): S67-S68 (2019)

Optimizing Controlled Release Fertilizer for Leafy Greens Grown on International Space station
, Hortscience 54(9): S68 (2019)

Lettuce Growth and Morphology Under Different Night-Time Spectral Treatments
, Hortscience 54(9): S68 (2019)

Nighttime Supplemental Lighting and Heated Hydroponic Solution Effects on the Growth of Different Lettuce Varieties in Nutrient Film and Deep Flow Techniques
, Hortscience 54(9): S68-S69 (2019)

Improving Energy Use Efficiency and Nutritive Quality of Lettuce in Indoor Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S69 (2019)

Thresholds of Hydrogen Peroxide Used for Foliar Spray or Root Applications Under Controlled Environment Plant Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S69-S70 (2019)

Effects of Light Quality on the Growth and Nutritional Quality of Leafy Greens Under Indoor Controlled Environment
, Hortscience 54(9): S70 (2019)

Effects of Low Nutrient Solution pH on Hydroponic Leafy Green Plant Growth, Nutrient Concentration, and Pythium Zoospore Infection
, Hortscience 54(9): S70-S71 (2019)

A Genome-Wide Association Study for Plant Ar-chitecture in a Diploid Rose Collection
, Hortscience 54(9): S71 (2019)

Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies a Single Locus That Co-Segregate with Inflorescence Shape in Hydrangea
, Hortscience 54(9): S71 (2019)

Genome-Wide Association Study of the Resilience to High Temperature of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) Germplasm
, Hortscience 54(9): S71-S72 (2019)

Genotyping-By-Sequencing Diversity Study of Big-Bracted Dogwood (Cornus ssp.) Cultivars and Wild-Collected Accessions
, Hortscience 54(9): S72 (2019)

Genomic Resources for Cross-Referencing Physical and Genetic Mapping Information, Reconciling Independent Linkage Group Nomenclatures, and Enabling Genome-Informed Breeding in Octoploid Strawberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S72-S73 (2019)

A Chromosomal Location Associated with Male Sterility in Squash
, Hortscience 54(9): S73 (2019)

Differential Recombination Rates Among Cultivars in Apple
, Hortscience 54(9): S73-S74 (2019)

Enhanced Nutrient Profiles of Culinary Herb Microgreens after Sodium Selenate Biofortification in Hydroponic Conditions
, Hortscience 54(9): S74 (2019)

Influence of Substrate and Temperature on Seed Germination Percentage in Butterfly Pea (Clitoria ternatea)
, Hortscience 54(9): S74 (2019)

Exploiting Naturally Occurring Variants for Enhanced Health Benefits in Lonicera Species
, Hortscience 54(9): S74-S75 (2019)

What Consumers Want? - Market Survey Provides Insights for Growing Tea, a New Specialty Crop for Louisiana
, Hortscience 54(9): S75 (2019)

The Influence of Average Daily Temperature and Daily Light Integral on Growth, Development, and Color of Purple Basil, Sage, and Spearmint
, Hortscience 54(9): S75 (2019)

Can the Creation of Tetraploids Improve the Productivity and Quality of Stevia rebaudiana?
, Hortscience 54(9): S76 (2019)

Increasing Agricultural Profitability through Sustainable Year-Round Inter Cropping and Utilization of Mushroom and Companion Crops
, Hortscience 54(9): S76 (2019)

Growth Stage Affects Sensitivity of Nursery Crops to Residual Pesticides in Runoff Irrigation
, Hortscience 54(9): S76-S77 (2019)

Tools for Growers to Efficiently Manage Water for Specialty Crop Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S77 (2019)

The Efficacy of Chlorine in Controlling the Spread of Fusariun Oxysporum in Angiosperms
, Hortscience 54(9): S77 (2019)

Impact of Soil Additives on Plant Growth and Substrate Water Retention
, Hortscience 54(9): S77-S78 (2019)

Effect of Dolomite and Micronutrient Fertilizer on Phosphorus Form and Uptake Efficiency When Growing Containerized Lagerstroemia L.'Natchez'
, Hortscience 54(9): S78 (2019)

Growth, Physiological and Biochemical Responses of Tung Tree (Vernicia fordii) Seedlings to Different Light Intensities
, Hortscience 54(9): S78-S79 (2019)

Seed Germination, Drought and Salinity Tolerance of the Endangered Black Calla Lily (Arum palaestinum Boiss) Endemic in Mediterranean Coast
, Hortscience 54(9): S79 (2019)

Cover Crop Growth and Competition in Representative Agroecosystems of South Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S79-S80 (2019)

Cover Crops Under Cover: Evaluating Ecosystem Services of Cover Crops in Year-Round High Tunnel Production Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S80 (2019)

Prospects of Using Water to Mitigate Challenges of a Warming Climate in the Lower Colorado River Region Vegetable Cropping Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S80 (2019)

Evaluating Perennial and Annual Companion Plantings for Pollinator Enhancement of Yield in Small-Scale Vegetable Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S80-S81 (2019)

Application of Suas in Vegetable Crop Management
, Hortscience 54(9): S81 (2019)

Crop Diversification and Market Access in the Fruit and Vegetable Industry
, Hortscience 54(9): S81-S82 (2019)

Understanding Consumer Preferences and Buying Behaviors for Value Added Pecans
, Hortscience 54(9): S82 (2019)

Consumer Preferences for Neonic-Free Labeling: Investigating the Effects of Negative and Neutral Information in a Choice Experiment
, Hortscience 54(9): S82 (2019)

Consumer and Producer Preferences for Neonicotinoid Pesticide Labeling in the US Green Industry
, Hortscience 54(9): S82-S83 (2019)

One Box Does Not Check All: A Comparison of the Characteristics of Organic Certified, Organic Who Drop out the Certification, and Farmers Not Interested in Organic Certification
, Hortscience 54(9): S83 (2019)

Auxin Response Factors, SlARF6 and SlARF10, Regulate Chlorophyll Biosynthesis and Sugar Accumulation during Tomato Fruit Development
, Hortscience 54(9): S83 (2019)

Novel Environmentally Friendly Supercritical Fluid with Carbon Dioxide (SC-CO2) Extraction, Identification, and Quantification of Polyprenols, As Health Promoting Bioactives from Plant Tissues
, Hortscience 54(9): S83-S84 (2019)

Propagation of Helianthus Verticillatus, the Whorled Sunflower
, Hortscience 54(9): S84 (2019)

Strategic Approaches to Propagate Small Fruit Crops in Bioreactor Systems Containing a Liquid Medium
, Hortscience 54(9): S84 (2019)

Thidiazuron Concentration, Explant and Carbon Source on Regeneration of Paulownia Elongatasy Hu
, Hortscience 54(9): S84-S85 (2019)

Interspecific Variation of Seed Dormancy in Four Lonicera species Native to Korea
, Hortscience 54(9): S85 (2019)

Pine and Sugarcane Biochar As Container Media Amendments for Seedling Production of Tomato (Solanumlycopersicum) and Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
, Hortscience 54(9): S85-S86 (2019)

Peach Biotechnology Research to Develop Reproducible Protocol for Micropropagation
, Hortscience 54(9): S86 (2019)

Manipulating Flowering with the Use of Gibber-ellins in Huanglongbing-Affected Sweet Orange
, Hortscience 54(9): S86 (2019)

Tree Density and Micronutrient Application on Grapefruit Affected By Huanglongbing
, Hortscience 54(9): S86-S87 (2019)

Assessment of Mature Fruit Drop in Huanglongbing-Affected Sweet Orange and 'Sugar Belle' Mandarin Trees
, Hortscience 54(9): S87 (2019)

Physiological Effects of Oak Bioactive Extracts to Contain and Suppress HLB Disease on Citrus
, Hortscience 54(9): S87-S88 (2019)

Effect of Irrigation Water pH on Performance of HLB-Affected Citrus Plants
, Hortscience 54(9): S88 (2019)

US Sundragon: Huanglongbing Tolerant Citrus Scion with Poncirus in Its Pedigree
, Hortscience 54(9): S88 (2019)

Comparative Transcriptome Analyses between the HLB Tolerant Australian Finger Lime and HLB Susceptible Valencia Sweet Orange
, Hortscience 54(9): S89 (2019)

Growth and Morphological Responses of Digitalis and Rudbeckia Seedlings to Supplemental Far-Red LED Light
, Hortscience 54(9): S89 (2019)

Morphological and Physiological Screening for Growth Differences Among 11 Lettuce Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S89-S90 (2019)

Consumer Sensory Preferences in Response to Manipulating Fresh Basil Flavor through Controlled Environment Light, Temperature, and Carbon Dioxide Management
, Hortscience 54(9): S90 (2019)

Investigating the Merit of Including Green and Far-Red Radiation in Plant Growth of Lettuce and Tomato Under Sole-Source Lighting
, Hortscience 54(9): S90-S91 (2019)

A Greenhouse Lighting Control System That Delivers a Consistent Daily Light Integral (DLI) and Reduces LED Fixture Energy Consumption
, Hortscience 54(9): S91 (2019)

Characterization of Solar Radiation Spectral Contribution in Lettuce Bolting and Flowering Using LEDs in an Indoor Setting
, Hortscience 54(9): S91-S92 (2019)

Alternating Red and Blue LED Lighting Eliminates Photo-Injury from Continuous (24 h) Lighting in Greenhouse Tomato Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S92 (2019)

Research Priorities As Indicated By Industry Needs for Environmental Horticulture
, Hortscience 54(9): S92 (2019)

Seed Dormancy and Germination Responses to Temperatures in Seeds of Eight Veronica Species Native to Korea
, Hortscience 54(9): S92-S93 (2019)

Effects of Chilling and GA(3) on Bud Differentiation and Development of Herbaceous Peonies
, Hortscience 54(9): S93 (2019)

Evaluation of Pollinators and Beneficial Arthropods on Ornamental Perennials in North Dakota
, Hortscience 54(9): S93-S94 (2019)

Economic Benefits of PGRs in Landscape Maintenance
, Hortscience 54(9): S94-S95 (2019)

The Importance of Irrigation Scheduling for Water Savings with Turfgrass Grown in Soils Amended with Biochar
, Hortscience 54(9): S95 (2019)

Impact of Paclobutrazol Application on Physiology of Urban Street Trees
, Hortscience 54(9): S95 (2019)

Hurricane Disaster Relief Training for Chainsaw Users: Empowering Responders and Creating Resilience
, Hortscience 54(9): S95-S96 (2019)

Machine Harvesting Blueberries in the Pacific Northwest
, Hortscience 54(9): S96 (2019)

Modified over-the-Row Machine Harvesters Increase Pack-out and Fruit Quality Compared to Standard Machine Harvesters
, Hortscience 54(9): S96 (2019)

Postharvest Quality of Blueberries Harvested By a Modified over the Row Mechanical Harvester
, Hortscience 54(9): S96-S97 (2019)

Evaluation of Physical and Chemical Fruit Characteristics As Early Predictors of Shelf Life in Three Commercial Blueberry Types Held in Postharvest Cold Storage
, Hortscience 54(9): S97 (2019)

Hygiene Conditions of Fresh Blueberry Packing Lines and Microbial Quality of Fresh Market Blueberries in Georgia
, Hortscience 54(9): S97-S98 (2019)

Comparing Consumer Overall Liking and Fruit Quality Traits of Southern Highbush and Rabbiteye Blueberry Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S98 (2019)

Rot Estimation Dynamics in Gondolas
, Hortscience 54(9): S98 (2019)

Influence of Bunch Rot on Fermentation Kinetics in Chardonnay and Petite Sirah
, Hortscience 54(9): S98-S99 (2019)

Leveraging a High-Throughput Phenotyping Method to Study Anthocyanin Genetics in Blueberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S99 (2019)

Comparison of Conventional and Organic Sweetpotato Cultivar Trials Utilizing Plasticulture and Bare Ground Cultural Practices
, Hortscience 54(9): S99-S100 (2019)

Phenological Diversity of Wild and Hybrid Grapevines in the USDA-ARS Vitis Collection in Geneva, NY
, Hortscience 54(9): S100 (2019)

Diversity in First Year Phenotypic Traits of Wild Collected Oakleaf Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia Bartr.) Seedlings
, Hortscience 54(9): S100 (2019)

Reciprocal Differences in Pericarp Integrity of Seeds of Tropical-Adapted Shrunken-2 Maize Lines and Evidence of Paternal Effect on a Tissue of Female Origin
, Hortscience 54(9): S100-S101 (2019)

Performance and Phytochemical Analysis of 22 Varieties of Pomegranate (Punica granatum) in West Texas
, Hortscience 54(9): S101 (2019)

The Deceptive Plumeria: The Quest to Find Meaningful Characters to Delimit Species within a Genus
, Hortscience 54(9): S101-S102 (2019)

Biodiversity and Antioxidant Properties in Genetic Enhancement of Wild Berry Germplasm
, Hortscience 54(9): S102 (2019)

Vase Life Potential of Two Commercial Linum Perenne cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S102-S103 (2019)

Increasing Herbaceous Perennial Stock Plant Production of Salvia Pachyphylla and Osteospermum 'avalanche' with Applications of Three Plant Growth Regulators
, Hortscience 54(9): S103 (2019)

Sub-Zero Temperatures Temporarily Preserve Vase Life and Quality of Cut Paeonia Lactiflora Pall. Hybrids
, Hortscience 54(9): S103 (2019)

Application of Pseudomonas Spp. Increases Floriculture Crop Quality during Abiotic Stress
, Hortscience 54(9): S103-S104 (2019)

Comparison of Substrate Silicon Amendments for Potted Roses
, Hortscience 54(9): S104 (2019)

Evaluating Effects of Iron and Phosphorus Deficiency Stress on Root Zone Acidity-Basicity and Adaptive Root Responses with Floriculture Species Grown in Hydroponics and Peat-Based Substrate
, Hortscience 54(9): S104-S105 (2019)

Investigating the Effects of Duration and Timing of Far-Red Radiation Treatments on Seedling Growth and Subsequent Flowering of Floriculture Transplants
, Hortscience 54(9): S105 (2019)

Amaranth: A Model Crop for Testing Imperfect Storages
, Hortscience 54(9): S105 (2019)

Seed Browning Induced By Methyl Salicylate and Reduced By Methyl Jasmonate in Harvested Hot Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
, Hortscience 54(9): S105-S106 (2019)

Identifying Optimum Storage and Handling Conditions for Sweet Potato Slips
, Hortscience 54(9): S106 (2019)

Viability of Sublethally Injured Coliform Bacteria on Fresh-Cut Cabbage Treated with Disinfectant and Stored in MAP
, Hortscience 54(9): S106-S107 (2019)

Understanding Hollow Heart Formation in 'Liberty' Watermelon
, Hortscience 54(9): S107 (2019)

Effect of Cooling Methods on Postharvest Quality of Commercial Broccoli Cultivars Grown in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S107-S108 (2019)

Understanding of Seed Browning Mechanism Induced By Chilling in Pepper through Targeted/Untargeted Metabolomics and Gene Expression Analysis
, Hortscience 54(9): S108 (2019)

Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation: Supplementary Soil Amendments Impact on Soil Nutrient, Plant Growth, Nutrient Uptake, and Yield in Fresh-Market Tomato
, Hortscience 54(9): S108-S109 (2019)

Influence of Soil Heating and Low Tunnel Covers on Basil and Snap Bean Production in a High Tunnel
, Hortscience 54(9): S109 (2019)

Sustainable Production and Utilization of Ten Selected Underutilized Vegetables Towards Healthy Diets and Nutritional Security in Nigeria
, Hortscience 54(9): S109 (2019)

Organic and Synthetic N Rate Effects on Winter Squash Production and Fruit Quality
, Hortscience 54(9): S109-S110 (2019)

Effect of Row Cover Materials and Cultivars on Broccoli Yield and Quality
, Hortscience 54(9): S110 (2019)

Utilization of Vermicomposts in Non-Circulating Hydroponics System and Their Effects on the Growth and Yield of Lettuce and Tomato
, Hortscience 54(9): S110-S111 (2019)

A Look at Bans on the Public Consumption of Tree Nuts
, Hortscience 54(9): S111 (2019)

Responses of Four Ornamental Grasses to Saline Irrigation Water
, Hortscience 54(9): S111 (2019)

Estimation of Additive and Dominance Effects of a Mutant Glutathione S-Transferase Gene on Anthocyanin and Proanthocyanidin Content in Muscadine Grape (Vitis rotundifolia)
, Hortscience 54(9): S111-S112 (2019)

Initiating a University Vermicompost System: Turning Food Waste into a Horticultural Commodity
, Hortscience 54(9): S112 (2019)

Nutrient Ion Balancing for Hydroponic Solutions According to Raw Water Analysis
, Hortscience 54(9): S112 (2019)

Nutrient Element Interactions with Leaf Growth of Collards in Response to Hydroponic Solution Composition
, Hortscience 54(9): S112-S113 (2019)

Development of N-Fertilizer Management for Cabbage Production in Southeast US
, Hortscience 54(9): S113 (2019)

Influence of Integrated Nutrient Management on Nitrogen Availability and Organic Strawberry Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S113-S114 (2019)

The Effects of Compost Addition to Agricultural Green Roofs on Runoff Water Quality
, Hortscience 54(9): S114 (2019)

Organic and Inorganic Fertilization in Mint: Quality and Yield of Biomass and Essential Oil
, Hortscience 54(9): S114-S115 (2019)

Codonopsis Root Production and Polysaccharide Content in Central Washington State
, Hortscience 54(9): S115 (2019)

Hop Variety Trials Under Extended Day Length in Central Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S115 (2019)

Breeding for Aroma Using Sensory Analysis to Generate an Array of Sweet Basils in Search of That Perfect Bouquet
, Hortscience 54(9): S115-S116 (2019)

Phenolic Content and Anti-Oxidation Properties of Ginger Is Influenced By Harvest Time: An Effective Medicinal Produce for Preventing Obesity
, Hortscience 54(9): S116 (2019)

Evaluate Camellia sinensis Germplasm to Select Superior Varieties for Mississippi
, Hortscience 54(9): S116 (2019)

Cold Stratification and Removal of Pericarps for Breaking Dormancy and Improving Germination Rate of Coastal Glehnia
, Hortscience 54(9): S116-S117 (2019)

Flower Form and Ploidy Affect Female Fertility in Althea
, Hortscience 54(9): S117 (2019)

Ploidy Levels in the Abelia Genus
, Hortscience 54(9): S117-S118 (2019)

Battling Rose Rosette Disease in the Great Plains
, Hortscience 54(9): S118 (2019)

Identification and Characterization of Disease Resistance and Susceptibility Genes in Gerbera Leaf Transcriptomes
, Hortscience 54(9): S118 (2019)

Cobalt-60 Irradiation Influences Germination of Three Pavonia Species
, Hortscience 54(9): S118 (2019)

Determination of Tree Water Status Based on the Ratio of Relative Sap Velocity Measurements to Modeled Evaporative Demand
, Hortscience 54(9): S119 (2019)

Developing Strategies for Mitigating the Impacts of Freezing on Olive Production in Texas
, Hortscience 54(9): S119 (2019)

Olive Mill By-Products for Control of Verticillium Dahliae
, Hortscience 54(9): S119 (2019)

Screening Pomegranate Varieties for Resistance to Anthracnose Leaf Spot Caused By Colletotrichum spp
, Hortscience 54(9): S119-S120 (2019)

Fresh Eating Jujube Cultivars in the Southwestern United States
, Hortscience 54(9): S120 (2019)

High Density Planting Accelerates and Enhances Black Raspberry Productivity Under High Tunnels
, Hortscience 54(9): S120-S121 (2019)

High Tunnel Production of Strawberries Using Two Different Mulch Materials
, Hortscience 54(9): S121 (2019)

Improved Weed Management, Plant Growth, and Yield in Floricane Raspberry Grown with Plastic Mulches
, Hortscience 54(9): S121-S122 (2019)

Effect of Sudangrass Cover Crop Residues and Soil Solarization on Weed and Verticillium Dahliae Populations in Organic Strawberry Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S122 (2019)

Developing the Recommendations for Southern Highbush Blueberry Containerized Substrate Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S122 (2019)

Effects of Interspecific Capsicum Grafting Combinations on Horticultural Performance
, Hortscience 54(9): S122-S123 (2019)

Phenomic Analysis of Salinity Effects on Lettuce Plants
, Hortscience 54(9): S123 (2019)

Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) and Genomic Selection (GS) for Drought Tolerance in Cowpea at Early Vegetative Stage
, Hortscience 54(9): S123 (2019)

Yellow Pods, Low Carotenoids and a Candidate Gene for the Snap Bean Wax Pod Trait
, Hortscience 54(9): S123-S124 (2019)

Genetic Diversity and Population Structure Analysis of Common Bean
, Hortscience 54(9): S124 (2019)

Development of New High-yielding Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench)
, Hortscience 54(9): S124 (2019)

Improving Crop Management for Hops Production in Florida: Effects of Plant Density and Nitrogen Rate on Plant Growth, Yield and Cone Quality
, Hortscience 54(9): S124-S125 (2019)

Cantaloupe and Honeydew Yield and Quality Performance in Georgia
, Hortscience 54(9): S125 (2019)

Impact of Preplant Nitrogen on Growth and Development of Plant Tape-Grown Vidalia Onion
, Hortscience 54(9): S125-S126 (2019)

Bell Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) Fruit Yield and Quality Under Colored Shade Nets
, Hortscience 54(9): S126 (2019)

Characterization of Initial Post-Planting Root Development in Tomato and Pepper Transplants Using a Scanner-Based Rhizotron System
, Hortscience 54(9): S126 (2019)

Switching Dry Granular Fertilizer Application to Fertigation Increases Potato Yield in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S126-S127 (2019)

High-Tunnels Increase Water Use Efficiency of Peppers and Tomatoes Compared with Open Field Production in a Semi-Arid, Windy Climate
, Hortscience 54(9): S127 (2019)

Harvista Treatment Effects on Quality and Storage Disorders of 'Honeycrisp' Apples
, Hortscience 54(9): S127 (2019)

Effect of Delay with or without 1-MCP for CA and D CA-CF Storage on Fruit Quality and Physiological Disorder Development in Apple Fruit
, Hortscience 54(9): S127-S128 (2019)

Characterizing the Apple Fruit Microbiome: Spatial, Temporal, and Management Factors Influence Microbial Diversity
, Hortscience 54(9): S128 (2019)

The Use of 1-MCP and Ethoxyquin to Improve Ripening Capacity and Control Superficial Scald in Late-Harvested 'D'Anjou' Pears
, Hortscience 54(9): S128 (2019)

New Ethylene Antagonists Regulate Ethylene Action and Maintain Fruit Quality in Long Term-Controlled Atmosphere Stored Gold Rush Pear
, Hortscience 54(9): S128-S129 (2019)

Assessing Bitter Pit Prediction Methods for Honeycrisp Apples in Washington State
, Hortscience 54(9): S129 (2019)

Apple Fruit Responses to Controlled Atmosphere Established during Temperature Conditioning after Harvest
, Hortscience 54(9): S129-S130 (2019)

Apple Fruit Cutin Composition during Storage Is Altered By Sunlight Exposure in the Orchard
, Hortscience 54(9): S130 (2019)

Effect of Tissue and Sampling Season on PCR Detection of Xylella Fastidiosa in Peach
, Hortscience 54(9): S130 (2019)

Impact of Cover Crops on Soil Arthropods in High Tunnel Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S130-S131 (2019)

Influence of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation on Soil Microbial Community Changes in Field Tomato Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S131 (2019)

Effectiveness of Sulfur and Copper As Fungicides to Control Pawpaw Leaf and Fruit Spot
, Hortscience 54(9): S131 (2019)

End-Season Fumigation with Metam in Strawberry Reduced Infestations of Yellow Nutsedge and Soilborne Fusarium
, Hortscience 54(9): S131-S132 (2019)

Understanding Citrus Rootstock Fruit Maturation for Maximizing Seed Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S132 (2019)

Accelerated Production of Citrus Nursery Liners Using Automated Ebb-and-Flow Subirrigation
, Hortscience 54(9): S132-S133 (2019)

Developing Root Anatomical Markers to Predict Vigor Potential in Citrus Rootstocks
, Hortscience 54(9): S133 (2019)

The Influence of Rootstock on the Metabolic Profiles of 'Valencia' Sweet Orange Trees - a Case Study Using Eleven Different Rootstock Varieties
, Hortscience 54(9): S133-S134 (2019)

Recycling Irrigation Water at New Jersey Nurseries: Creation of a Comprehensivedecision-Making System
, Hortscience 54(9): S134-S135 (2019)

Evaluation of Salinity Effects of Irrigation Water on Strawberry Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S135 (2019)

Water and Salt Balance in Desert Cool Season Vegetable Cropping Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S135 (2019)

Slow Sand Filters for Horticulture: What's Old Has Become New
, Hortscience 54(9): S135-S136 (2019)

Management Practices to Minimize Stormwater Pollution from Macrotunnel Production Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S136 (2019)

Single SNP- and Haplotype-Based Association Analysis of Anthracnose Disease Caused By Colletotrichum Dematium in Spinach (Spinacia oleracea)
, Hortscience 54(9): S136-S137 (2019)

Field Evaluation, Association Mapping, and QTL Analysis to Dissect Downy Mildew Resistance in Spinach
, Hortscience 54(9): S137 (2019)

Progress at Developing Genetic and Molecular Resources to Improve Spinach Production and Management
, Hortscience 54(9): S137-S138 (2019)

Development of Molecular and Phenotyping Selection Tools for Spinach Breeding
, Hortscience 54(9): S138 (2019)

Comparison of Alternative Germplasm and Commercial Cover Crops for Improved Traits and Utility in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S138 (2019)

Weed Control Assessment Utilizing Brewer's Spent Grain, Paper Mulch and Cover Crops As Carbon Sources for Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation
, Hortscience 54(9): S139 (2019)

Biodegradation of Biodegradable Plastic and Paper Mulches in the Field after Tillage Incorporation in Northwest Washington
, Hortscience 54(9): S139 (2019)

Industrial Hemp: A Versatile Crop with the Potential to Improve Agroecosystem Diversity, Mitigate Environmental Degradation and Increase Farm Incomes
, Hortscience 54(9): S139-S140 (2019)

Interactions between Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) and Three Common Weeds in a Replacement Series Study
, Hortscience 54(9): S140 (2019)

Creating ADA Compliant Print and Digital Extension Publications
, Hortscience 54(9): S140 (2019)

Vidalia Onion Awareness and Perceptions
, Hortscience 54(9): S140-S141 (2019)

Quantifying Growth Differences Among Pistachio Rootstock Siblings in Vitro
, Hortscience 54(9): S141 (2019)

Impact of Season and Rooting Hormone Rate on Root Number and Length for Propagated Olive Cuttings in Oregon
, Hortscience 54(9): S141-S142 (2019)

Hardwood Propagation of Delta Jazz (TM) Crape Myrtle
, Hortscience 54(9): S142 (2019)

Controlled Pollination By Bee Exclusion with Alt' Carpo Nets for Organic Gala Production in Michigan State
, Hortscience 54(9): S142 (2019)

Controlled Pollination By Bee Exclusion with Single Row Drape Net in Organic Honeycrisp (TM) Production in Washington State
, Hortscience 54(9): S142-S143 (2019)

New Potential Pollinizers for Modern Apple Orchards
, Hortscience 54(9): S143 (2019)

Prior Temperature Influence on Cold Hardiness in Apple Rootstocks 'M.9', 'G.41', 'G.935' and V.6
, Hortscience 54(9): S143-S144 (2019)

Nursery Production of Apple Trees Using Root-Pruning Containers Improves Root Quality and Canopy Development in the First Leaf Compared to Bare-Root Trees
, Hortscience 54(9): S144 (2019)

Efficacy of Different Formulations of Novel Ethylene Antagonist 1H-Cyclopropa[b]Naphthalene (NC) on Storage Life and Fruit Quality of Japanese Plum Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S144-S145 (2019)

Elucidating the Mechanism of Pit Formation in Sweet Cherries (Prunus avium)
, Hortscience 54(9): S145 (2019)

Evaluations of Post-Harvest Fruit Quality and Cold-Storage Potential of New Peach Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S145 (2019)

Phenolic Phytochemicals and Antioxidant Activity Among European, Asian and American-Hybrid Plums
, Hortscience 54(9): S145-S146 (2019)

Understanding Impacts of Relative Humidity and Temperature of Storage on Walnut Quality
, Hortscience 54(9): S146 (2019)

The Evaluation of Natural and Artificial Drying Systems in Hawaii and Their Effects on Cacao Bean and Chocolate Quality
, Hortscience 54(9): S146-S147 (2019)

Postharvest Behaviour of Partenocarpic Mango Fruit "Ataulfo", Previously Refrigerated
, Hortscience 54(9): S147 (2019)

The Effects of Science-Based Social Media on Long-Term Behavioral Changes in Gardeners
, Hortscience 54(9): S147 (2019)

The Sustainable Lettuce Competition: An Online Experiential Learning Activity for Teaching the Scientific Method and Sustainability Tradeoffs
, Hortscience 54(9): S148 (2019)

Creating a Hybrid, Hands-on Course in Indoor Cultivation for Undergraduates
, Hortscience 54(9): S148-S149 (2019)

Greenhouse Management Workshop for K-12 Educators to Integrate Controlled Environment Agriculture and STEM to the School Curriculum
, Hortscience 54(9): S149 (2019)

Reverse Crossword Puzzle Assignments for Teaching Greenhouse Terminology
, Hortscience 54(9): S149 (2019)

Using Text Mining to Gauge Student Perception and Content Retention in a Protected Agriculture Course
, Hortscience 54(9): S149 (2019)

Soap: A Diagnostic Technique
, Hortscience 54(9): S149-S150 (2019)

Management of Relay-Cropped Strawberry, Pepper, Eggplant, and Cantaloupe to Maximize Yield and Economic Return
, Hortscience 54(9): S150 (2019)

Using Biostimulants for Improving Tomato Productivity in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S150 (2019)

Effect of Biostimulant and Fertilizer Application Rates on Growth, Yield, and Quality of Lettuce and Pepper Under Greenhouse Conditions
, Hortscience 54(9): S150-S151 (2019)

Challenges in Expanding Broccoli Production in Delaware
, Hortscience 54(9): S151 (2019)

Gold Nanoparticles Enhances Seed Germination, Growth and Yield of Onion (Allium cepa L.)
, Hortscience 54(9): S151-S152 (2019)

Timing and Rate Strategies for Seed Priming on Transplant Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S152 (2019)

Grafted Plants and Microbe-Containing Crop Biostimulants: Can They Improve the Yield of a Strip-till Tomato System?
, Hortscience 54(9): S152-S153 (2019)

Crop Load Reduction in Peach (Prunus persica L.): The Effects of Timing and Intensity
, Hortscience 54(9): S153 (2019)

Do Changes in Irrigation and Fertilization Practices Affect Fruit Yield and Quality of 'Julyprince' Peaches in Georgia?
, Hortscience 54(9): S153-S154 (2019)

An Investigation of Peach Production By the Navajo, Hopi, and Pueblo Native American Tribes
, Hortscience 54(9): S154 (2019)

Spray Pollination System to Increase Fruit Set in Sweet Cherry
, Hortscience 54(9): S154 (2019)

Alternative Ground Cover and Nutrient Management Strategies for Sweet Cherry
, Hortscience 54(9): S154-S155 (2019)

Non-Yield Measurements Add Value to Rootstock Evaluation for Prune Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S155 (2019)

Relative Water Content of Prunus Cerasus Reproductive Buds As a Sensitive Proxy for Preanthesis Pistil Growth and Completion of Ecodormancy
, Hortscience 54(9): S155-S156 (2019)

Performance of Pitaya (Hylocerus, Cactaceae) Hybrids Under High Temperature Stress
, Hortscience 54(9): S156 (2019)

Utilization of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for Non-Destructive Prediction of Postharvest Traits in an Apple Breeding Program
, Hortscience 54(9): S156-S157 (2019)

Volatile's Role in Blueberry Flavor: What Compounds Are Responsible for Novel Aromas?
, Hortscience 54(9): S157 (2019)

Hybrids of Vaccinium Corymbodendron Dunal. x V. Vitis-Idaea L. As Bridges between Blueberry, Cranberry, and Lingonberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S157 (2019)

A Global Analysis of Soluble Solids Content in Strawberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S157-S158 (2019)

Phenotypic Evaluation of Vaccinium elliottii and Southern Highbush Hybrids for Blueberry Breeding
, Hortscience 54(9): S158 (2019)

Caladium Breeding and Genetic Research at the University of Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S158 (2019)

Gladiolus x Hybridus breeding for Rapid Generation Cycling and Reduced Dormancy
, Hortscience 54(9): S158-S159 (2019)

Female Ploidy and Flower Size Influence Pollen Tube Growth and Seed Viability in Interploidy Crosses of Hydrangea Macrophylla l
, Hortscience 54(9): S159 (2019)

Phenotypic Evolution of Floral Organs in Malus Using Frequency Distribution Functions
, Hortscience 54(9): S159 (2019)

Linkage Mapping in Segmental Allopolyploids: A Case Study in Rose
, Hortscience 54(9): S159-S160 (2019)

Five New Selections of Macadamia for Hawaii
, Hortscience 54(9): S160 (2019)

Growth and Fruit Quality of Pineapple Varieties in Taiwan
, Hortscience 54(9): S160 (2019)

Interaction of Propagation Material and Environmental Factors on Rhizome Production of Ginger (Zingiber officinale), Galangal (Alpinia galanga), and Turmeric (Curcuma spp.)
, Hortscience 54(9): S160-S161 (2019)

Micro-Structure, Photosynthetic Profile and Oxidative Stress Response of Amaranthus Cruentus L. to Phased Salinity
, Hortscience 54(9): S161 (2019)

Evaluation of New Taro Varieties Resistant to Taro Leaf Blight in Hawaii
, Hortscience 54(9): S161-S162 (2019)

Variation in Sugar Concentration in Edible Podded Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) Sample from the USDA Core Collection
, Hortscience 54(9): S162 (2019)

Variation for Heat and Salinity Stress Tolerance in Diverse Carrot Germplasm
, Hortscience 54(9): S162 (2019)

Preserving Apricot Genetic Resources
, Hortscience 54(9): S162 (2019)

An in Vitro Co-Culture System and Transcriptomic Approach to Test and Understand Genetic Resistance to Armillaria Root Rot in Prunus
, Hortscience 54(9): S162-S163 (2019)

Allelism of Resistance to Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virusin Melon Accessions PI 313970 and TGR 1551
, Hortscience 54(9): S163 (2019)

Evaluating a Hand-Held Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance Technology as a High-Throughput Phenotyping Tool for Tomato and Pepper Fruit Quality Breeding
, Hortscience 54(9): S163-S164 (2019)

Exploring the Potential of Postharvest Nitrogen Applications in Northern Highbush Blueberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S164 (2019)

Living Mulches and Micro-Irrigation for Reducing Runoff and Erosion during Bare-Root Strawberry Transplant Establishment
, Hortscience 54(9): S164-S165 (2019)

Reflective-Striped Plastic Mulch: New Technology for Winter Strawberry Production to Improve Early Yields By Modifying Soil and Canopy Microenvironments
, Hortscience 54(9): S165 (2019)

The Effects of Four Different Cover Crops on Malbec Vines in a Semi-Arid Southwestern Vineyard
, Hortscience 54(9): S165 (2019)

The Interactive Effect of Intra-Row Cover Cropping and Charged Biochar on Wine Grape (Vitis vinifera L.) Yield and Cover Crop Biomass in an Irrigated Vineyard
, Hortscience 54(9): S165-S166 (2019)

Effects of Light Emitting Diode Irradiation at Night on Abscisic Acid Metabolism, Anthocyanin and Sugar Syntheses in Grapes in Different Growing Seasons
, Hortscience 54(9): S166 (2019)

Variation of Minerals Concentration in a Selection of Seventeen Microgreens Species
, Hortscience 54(9): S166-S167 (2019)

Buyer-Rated Red Lettuce Sensory Appeal As a Function of High Tunnel-Based Crop Growing Environment
, Hortscience 54(9): S167 (2019)

Steaming Eliminates the Bitter Taste of Methyl Jasmonate Treated Broccoli
, Hortscience 54(9): S167-S168 (2019)

Optimization of Factors Influencing Quantitation of Carotenoids of Melon
, Hortscience 54(9): S168 (2019)

Effect of Grafting on Fruit Quality Traits of Tomato Grown Under High Tunnel and Open-Field Conditions
, Hortscience 54(9): S168 (2019)

Fate of Listeria on Granny Smith Apples Treated with Continuous Ozone during Cold Storage
, Hortscience 54(9): S168-S169 (2019)

The Impact of Light on Yield and Nutritional Quality of Lettuce Grown in High Tunnels
, Hortscience 54(9): S169 (2019)

Stability of Yield and Yield Components of Grafted Tomato in Multiple Environments in Texas
, Hortscience 54(9): S169-S170 (2019)

Adaptability of Fresh-Market Compact Growth-Habit Tomato for Mechanical Harvest and Development of Fertilization Programs to Maximize Yield Potential
, Hortscience 54(9): S170 (2019)

Economically Optimum Plant Density of Machine-Harvested Edamame
, Hortscience 54(9): S170-S171 (2019)

Legacy Effects of Biodegradable Mulch on Vegetable Crop Yield and Soil Properties
, Hortscience 54(9): S171 (2019)

Potasium Requirement for the Main Potato Varieties in Columbia Basin of Oregon
, Hortscience 54(9): S171 (2019)

An Overview for the Application of Facebook Marketing in Florist Industry-in the Case of Taiwan
, Hortscience 54(9): S171-S172 (2019)

Sign Complexity of Garden and Retail Center Signs
, Hortscience 54(9): S172 (2019)

Produce Buyer Quality Requirements to Form an Eastern Broccoli Industry
, Hortscience 54(9): S172 (2019)

Young Industry Professionals' Identified Current Trends and Confidence in the Future of the Horticulture Industry
, Hortscience 54(9): S172-S173 (2019)

Vidalia Onion Buyer Knowledge of Growing Location
, Hortscience 54(9): S173 (2019)

Temporal and Spatial Changes in the Methylation Profile of MdKRP4 and MdKRP5
, Hortscience 54(9): S173-S174 (2019)

Diversity of Cider Apple Germplasm in the United States
, Hortscience 54(9): S174 (2019)

Suitability and Efficacy of Chemicals for Apple Blossom Thinning
, Hortscience 54(9): S174-S175 (2019)

The Impact of Time and Level of Fruit Thinning and Rootstock on Leaf and Fruit Mineral Status and Fruit Quality in 'Honeycrisp' Apple
, Hortscience 54(9): S175 (2019)

Ethylene Evolution of Flowers of Different Apple Cultivars Varies in Timing and Intensity
, Hortscience 54(9): S175 (2019)

High Throughput Phenotyping of UCB-1 (Pistacia atlantica x P. integerrima) Seedling Rootstocks in Experimental Pistachio Orchard
, Hortscience 54(9): S175-S176 (2019)

Effect of Pistacia rootstock and Mechanical Pruning Timing on Alternate Bearing
, Hortscience 54(9): S176 (2019)

Evaluating American Hazelnuts for Use As Cold Hardy Pollenizers in European Hazelnut Orchards
, Hortscience 54(9): S176-S177 (2019)

In Vitro Protocol for Evaluating Bacterial Blight Susceptibility of New Hazelnut Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S177 (2019)

Evaluation and Correlation of Kernel Characteristics and Eastern Filbert Blight Response to Genetic Backgrounds of Hazelnut Germplasm from Turkey and the Baltic Region
, Hortscience 54(9): S177 (2019)

Commercial Feasibility of Monochromatic Light Treatments in Controlled Environments for Manipulating Plant Morphology and Yield
, Hortscience 54(9): S178 (2019)

Far-Red Photons Are Necessary for Efficient Photosynthesis: Whole-Canopy Photosynthesis and Radiation Capture
, Hortscience 54(9): S178 (2019)

The Affect of Heat Stress on Greenhouse Grown Maize Pollen
, Hortscience 54(9): S178-S179 (2019)

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging: A Novel, Simple and Non-Destructive Method for Canopy Size Imaging
, Hortscience 54(9): S179 (2019)

Supplemental Light Monitoring in a Three-Story Greenhouse
, Hortscience 54(9): S179 (2019)

Conventional and Organic Fertilization Strategies for Baby Leaf Hydroponic Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) and Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)
, Hortscience 54(9): S179-S180 (2019)

Blue Radiation Interacts with Green Radiation to Influence Growth and Predominantly Controls Quality Attributes of Lettuce
, Hortscience 54(9): S180 (2019)

Role of Mineral Nutrition in Citrus Fruit Quality and Postharvest Storage Life of HLB-Affected Mandarin Cv. 'LB8-9' (Sugar Belle (R))
, Hortscience 54(9): S180-S181 (2019)

Evaluation of Plant Growth Regulators on Cold Storage and Degreening of 'tango' and 'suga-belle' Citrus Varieties
, Hortscience 54(9): S181 (2019)

Analysis of Genetic Differences Associated with Postharvest Storability of Strawberry Fruit Using Transcriptome Analysis
, Hortscience 54(9): S181-S182 (2019)

Using [CO2]/ [O2] in Modified Air Packaging (MAP) System to Arrest Botrytis Cinerea Damage on Strawberries during Postharvest
, Hortscience 54(9): S182 (2019)

Effect of Harvest Time on Red Drupelet Reversion in Blackberry (Rubus subgenus Rubus)
, Hortscience 54(9): S182 (2019)

Optimization of Allyl Isothiocyanate Treatment to Reduce Mold (Botrytis cinerea) during Post-harvest Blackberries Storage
, Hortscience 54(9): S182 (2019)

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Shelf Life and Quality Was Affected By Temperature and Packaging
, Hortscience 54(9): S182-S183 (2019)

Bud Break Induction and Flower Abortion By Exogenous GA(3) in 'Natchez' Blackberry in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S183 (2019)

Caneberry Evaluations at Central and Southern Coast of California
, Hortscience 54(9): S183-S184 (2019)

Evaluation of Twelve Strawberry Cultivars for Their Production Potential in the Climate of Central Alabama
, Hortscience 54(9): S184 (2019)

Increasing Honey Bee Stocking Density Improves Pollination in Two Blueberry Cultivars in Western Washington
, Hortscience 54(9): S184-S185 (2019)

Effects of Hydroshield, a Novel Plant Cuticle Supplement, in Conjunction with Reduced Irrigation Water on 'Cabernet Sauvignon' Grapes in Eastern Oregon
, Hortscience 54(9): S185 (2019)

delta(13)c of Grape Must Is a Reliable Predictor of Water Stress in Precision Viticulture
, Hortscience 54(9): S185 (2019)

Water Movement Mechanisms in Grapevines during Hydraulic Redistribution: Counting on the Phloem
, Hortscience 54(9): S185-S186 (2019)

Cordon Renewal Strategies for Reviving Cold-Injured Merlot Grapevines
, Hortscience 54(9): S186 (2019)

Fox Hunting in Wild Apple:a Resource for Functional Studies of Apple Genes
, Hortscience 54(9): S187 (2019)

Genome Wide Association Studies for Postharvest Traits in Peach (Prunus persica (L.) Batsch)
, Hortscience 54(9): S187 (2019)

Identification of QTLs for Blush, Soluble Solids Content, and Titratable Acidity Traits in Peach
, Hortscience 54(9): S187-S188 (2019)

Development and Evaluation of a 9K SNP Addition to the Peach Ipsc 9K SNP Array v1
, Hortscience 54(9): S188 (2019)

Genome Wide Association Studies for Fruit and Leaf Resistance to Bacterial Spot [Xanthomonas Arboricola pv Pruni (Xap)] in Peach
, Hortscience 54(9): S188-S189 (2019)

Genome-Wide Association Study for Tensile Strength between Berry and Stem in Grapevine
, Hortscience 54(9): S189 (2019)

'Rubycrisp', a New Home-Garden Muscadine Grape with Hermaphroditic Flowers and Large Red Berries
, Hortscience 54(9): S189 (2019)

Mission Melon: Improving Qualitative Traits in Cucumis Melo Using Phenomics
, Hortscience 54(9): S189-S190 (2019)

The Kentucky State University Pawpaw Breeding Project
, Hortscience 54(9): S190 (2019)

KSU-Chappell (TM): A Unique Pawpaw Selection from Kentucky State University
, Hortscience 54(9): S190-S191 (2019)

Light Spectrum Affects the Response of Greenhouse Tomatoes to Long Photoperiod of Supplemental Lighting
, Hortscience 54(9): S191 (2019)

Optimum Light Intensity and Photoperiod for Growth and Phytochemical Accumulation of Koreans Mint (Agastache rugosa) Grown in an Indoor Farming System
, Hortscience 54(9): S191-S192 (2019)

Effects of Green Light on the Growth and Nutritional Quality of Sweet Basil Under Indoor Controlled Environment
, Hortscience 54(9): S192 (2019)

The Effect of Supplemental Far-Red Light Spectrum on the Canopy Size of Lettuce (Lactuca sativa)
, Hortscience 54(9): S192 (2019)

Growing Cucumber Seedlings with Broad Spectra Containing Blue Light Results in More Compact Plants with Smaller, Thicker Leaves Than Spectra Lacking Blue Light
, Hortscience 54(9): S192-S193 (2019)

The Effects of Biochar, Mycorrhizae and Fertigation on Tomato and Pepper Plants in Container
, Hortscience 54(9): S193 (2019)

Evaluation of Specific Ratios of Narrow-Band Blue and Red Led Lights on Plant Growth and Yield of Soilless Cultivated Strawberries
, Hortscience 54(9): S193-S194 (2019)

Development of Biotechnological Tools to Advance Precision Breeding in Vanilla
, Hortscience 54(9): S194 (2019)

Expression and Characterization of Functional Recombinant Mammalian Cytochrome P450 2E1 in Transgenic Gardening Plants
, Hortscience 54(9): S194 (2019)

Overexpression of Recombinant Nucleoside Diphosphate Kinase 2 Gene Enhances Tolerance to Various Environmental Stresses in Transgenic Gardening Plants
, Hortscience 54(9): S194 (2019)

Elucidation of the Role of 26S Proteasome Subunit PBB2 in Tomato Fruit Development
, Hortscience 54(9): S194-S195 (2019)

Determining Transmission of the Early Flowering Response from Transgenic Carrizo Citrange Rootstock into Grafted Juvenile Scions
, Hortscience 54(9): S195 (2019)

Dissecting Roles of Auxin Gradient in Tomato Pedicel Abscission
, Hortscience 54(9): S195 (2019)

Development of Stress-Sensitive Artificial Promoters to Control Abscisic Acid Biosynthesis for Enhanced Drought Tolerance in Petunia
, Hortscience 54(9): S195-S196 (2019)

Non-Destructive Measurement for Watermelon Fruit Flesh Firmness By Using Surface Elastic Waves
, Hortscience 54(9): S196 (2019)

Understanding Deterioration of Fresh-Cut Lettuce Under Modified Atmosphere Packaging
, Hortscience 54(9): S196 (2019)

Postharvest Storage and Nanoparticle Treatment Alter the Bioactive Compounds of Diploid and Triploid Watermelon (Citrullus Lanatus)
, Hortscience 54(9): S197 (2019)

Membrane Stability Was Associated with Susceptibility/Resistance to Internal Heat Necrosis in Potato
, Hortscience 54(9): S197 (2019)

Effects of Pre-Harvest LED Light, Melatonin and AVG Treatments on Plant Quality of Cut-Snapdragon
, Hortscience 54(9): S197-S198 (2019)

Construction of a Mini-Pack House Using Shiping Containers
, Hortscience 54(9): S198 (2019)

Modifying Stomatal Conductance Delays Dehydration but Not Necessarily Postharvest Needle Abscission in Balsam Fir
, Hortscience 54(9): S198 (2019)

Micropropagation of Cercocarpus Montanus: Stage II
, Hortscience 54(9): S198-S199 (2019)

Effect of Auxin Concentration and Stem Position on Propagation of Sequoyah (TM) Crape Myrtle
, Hortscience 54(9): S199 (2019)

The Impact of Five Grafting Techniques on Success Rate in Pawpaw (Asimina triloba)
, Hortscience 54(9): S199-S200 (2019)

Asexual Propagation of Half-High Blueberries Hydroponic Substrates: Cutting Location and Rooting Hormone
, Hortscience 54(9): S200 (2019)

Asexual Propagation of Half-High and Low-Bush Blueberries in Hydroponic Substrates: pH and Fertilization
, Hortscience 54(9): S200 (2019)

Use of Non- Circulating Containers to Increase Transplant Success in Mamaki(Pipturus albidus)
, Hortscience 54(9): S200-S201 (2019)

Adventitious Root Quantification for Herbaceous Cuttings
, Hortscience 54(9): S201 (2019)

In Vitro Performance Evaluation of Two Ginger Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S201 (2019)

Photosynthesis of Cuttings Propagated in Overhead Mist, Submist, and a Combination System
, Hortscience 54(9): S201-S202 (2019)

In Vitro Shoot Induction of Carica Papaya L. 'Rainbow' Using an Aromatic Cytokinin, Meta-Topolin
, Hortscience 54(9): S202 (2019)

Improving Anthurium Micropropagation using Thin cell Layer Culture
, Hortscience 54(9): S202 (2019)

Establishment and Application of a Virus-Free Sweetpotato Program for Limited-Resource Farmers in Mississippi
, Hortscience 54(9): S202-S203 (2019)

Teacher's Training Guide, NC Extension Gardener Handbook
, Hortscience 54(9): S203 (2019)

Online, Non-Credit, Asynchronous Learning Opportunities: A Partnership between NC State University and Longwood Gardens
, Hortscience 54(9): S203 (2019)

Orchid Grower Certificate Program an Optimistic Approach to the Development of Orchid Production on Guam
, Hortscience 54(9): S203-S204 (2019)

Capacity Building to Alleviate Postharvest and Marketing Constraints Facing Small-Scale Horticultural Crop Farmers in Kenya
, Hortscience 54(9): S204 (2019)

Identifying Best Practices for Apprentice Education through a Study of the Growing Growers Program
, Hortscience 54(9): S204 (2019)

Peas in a Pot: Research-Led Learning in a Crop Physiology Course
, Hortscience 54(9): S204-S205 (2019)

Center for Winter Hardy Landscape Plants: Building Landscape Scholars through Experiential Learning and Plant Breeding Research
, Hortscience 54(9): S205 (2019)

Filling Two Needs with One Deed: Enhancing Teaching Experiences for Graduate Students While Simultaneously Enhancing Learning Experiences for Undergraduates
, Hortscience 54(9): S205-S206 (2019)

Perspectives of Iclicker Technology to Manage Course Attendance in Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Courses
, Hortscience 54(9): S206 (2019)

Salt Leaf Injury Score and Chlorophyll Content Variation Under Salt Stress in Cowpea Seedlings
, Hortscience 54(9): S206 (2019)

In Vivo and in Vitro Assessment of Na plus and Cl-Contents in Cowpea Under Salt Stress Using Micro Ion Electrodes
, Hortscience 54(9): S206-S207 (2019)

Identification of SSR Markers Linked to Nuclear Male Sterility Gene ms-1 in Muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.)
, Hortscience 54(9): S207 (2019)

Inheritance of Papaya Ringspot Virus Resistance from Two Distinct Sources in Tropical Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata)
, Hortscience 54(9): S207 (2019)

Breeding Selected Vegetable Crops for Northern Climate
, Hortscience 54(9): S207-S208 (2019)

First Report of Fusarium Oxysporum f. Sp. Lactucae race 1 in Florida Lettuce
, Hortscience 54(9): S208 (2019)

Molecular Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Drought Related Traits in Lettuce (Lactuca sativaL.)
, Hortscience 54(9): S208 (2019)

Breeding Lettuce for Resistance to Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus (INSV)
, Hortscience 54(9): S208 (2019)

Viticulture and Small Fruits 1 (Poster) Cane Dieback Disease of Elderberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S208-S209 (2019)

Plastic Mulches Promote Weed Management and Plant Growth for Floricane Raspberry Planted in Late Summer in Northwest Washington
, Hortscience 54(9): S209 (2019)

Supplemental Foliar Nutrients Effects on Fruit Quality and Yield of Two New Blackberry (Rubus sp.) Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S209-S210 (2019)

Strawberry Response to Heat Stress Mitigation Differs with Cultivar
, Hortscience 54(9): S210 (2019)

Effect of Selected Herbicides on the Yield and Berry Size of 'camarosa' Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa)
, Hortscience 54(9): S210-S211 (2019)

The Efficacy of Different Combinations of Biological Pesticides for High Tunnel Production of Strawberries in the Mid-South
, Hortscience 54(9): S211 (2019)

Black Root Rot Control with Biofungicide Applications in Two Strawberry Plasticulture Production Systems
, Hortscience 54(9): S211-S212 (2019)

A Rapid Method for Estimating Titratable Acidity in Tomato and Small Fruits
, Hortscience 54(9): S212 (2019)

Effective Management of Kiwifruit Ripe Rot Caused by Botryospaeria dothidea in Korea
, Hortscience 54(9): S212 (2019)

Identifying Small Fruit Cultivars for the Northern Great Plains
, Hortscience 54(9): S212-S213 (2019)

Yes! We Have No Bananas: Musa Basjoo As a Potential Bioenergy Crop
, Hortscience 54(9): S213 (2019)

Comparative Fruit Development and Productivity Among 3 Yuzu(Citrus junos Tanaka) Varieties during Growing Season
, Hortscience 54(9): S213 (2019)

Overcoming Citrus Nursery Growth Issues By Using Smart Lighting with Different Photoperiod Regimes
, Hortscience 54(9): S213-S214 (2019)

Changes in Volatile Components of Satsuma Mandarin(Citrus unshiu Marc.) Fruit during Ripening Stages in Korea
, Hortscience 54(9): S214 (2019)

Investigating the Cause of Huanglongbing-Associated Preharvest Fruit Drop in Sweet Orange Trees
, Hortscience 54(9): S214-S215 (2019)

High-Density Grapefruit Production in Open Hydroponics System
, Hortscience 54(9): S215 (2019)

The Effects of Sunburn on Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi cv. Rio Red) Peel Physiochemical Properties
, Hortscience 54(9): S215 (2019)

Influence of Phosphorus Fertility on Sweetpotato Rooting during Containerized Transplant Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S215-S216 (2019)

Agrishop Academy Helps Small Farmers in Tobacco-Driven Counties of North Carolina Transition to Heirloom Tomatoes and Baby Ginger Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S216 (2019)

Above Ground Root Collar Excavation: Short Term Management Option for Armillaria Root Rot in Peach
, Hortscience 54(9): S216-S217 (2019)

Changing Agriculture in the Southwestern United States: A Survey of the Arizona Agriculture Community
, Hortscience 54(9): S217 (2019)

Development of a Smart Phone/Tablet Poisonous Plant Application
, Hortscience 54(9): S217 (2019)

A Bioinformatic Platform for Identifying Target DNA Sequences for the Development of Sub-Genome Specific DNA Markers in Polyploid and Other Complex Genomes
, Hortscience 54(9): S217-S218 (2019)

Remote Monitoring of Growth and N Status in Fresh Market Tomatoes
, Hortscience 54(9): S218 (2019)

Plant Growth and Flowering of Schlumbergera truncata Influenced By the Application of Benzylamino Purine and Gibberellic Acid
, Hortscience 54(9): S218-S219 (2019)

Effects of Volumetric Water Content on Growth and Photosynthesis of Platycerium Wandae
, Hortscience 54(9): S219 (2019)

Genome-Wide Analysis of NBS-LRR Genes in Petunia
, Hortscience 54(9): S219 (2019)

Carbohydrate Pulses Hasten Flower Opening, but Do Not Improve Freezing Tolerance of Cut Paeonia Lactiflora Pall. Hybrids
, Hortscience 54(9): S219-S220 (2019)

Mid-Winter Daylight Extension with LED Lights Improves Rooting of Herbaceous Annuals and Perennials
, Hortscience 54(9): S220 (2019)

Updating Poinsettia Graphical Tracking Curves for Greenhouse Growers
, Hortscience 54(9): S220 (2019)

Evaluating the Interaction of Temperature and Photoperiod on Poinsettia Flowering
, Hortscience 54(9): S220-S221 (2019)

Measuring Tissue Nitrogen (N) Content using Smart Phones
, Hortscience 54(9): S221 (2019)

Assessment of Genetic Diversity in 91 Cucumber F1 Hybrids Using Genotyping-By-Sequencing Application in Cucumber
, Hortscience 54(9): S221-S222 (2019)

Multivariate Analysis of Seed Phenotype and Biochemical Traits in a Cowpea [Vigna unguicuata (L) Walp.] Core Subset
, Hortscience 54(9): S222 (2019)

Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee Survey of US Public Plant Breeding Capacity
, Hortscience 54(9): S222 (2019)

In Vitro Pollen Germination for Interspecific Hybrids (Camellia oleifera and C. grijsii) of Oil Tea
, Hortscience 54(9): S222-S223 (2019)

Comparison of Agricultural Traits and Physicochemical Properties of Lentil (Lens culinaris Med.), Chickpea (Cicer aretinum L.), and Guar (Cyamopsis tetragonoloba L.) Germplasms Collected from Tropical and Subtropical Regions
, Hortscience 54(9): S223 (2019)

Genetic Stability of Lily Shoot Tips after Cryopreservation
, Hortscience 54(9): S223 (2019)

Characterization of Common and Tartary Buckwheat Germplasm Under Spring Cultivations
, Hortscience 54(9): S223 (2019)

Investigations on the Pollen Fertility and Morphology of Three Camellia species in China
, Hortscience 54(9): S223-S224 (2019)

QTL Analysis of Seed Coat Deficiency As Related Food-Grade Soybean for Natto
, Hortscience 54(9): S224 (2019)

The Inheritance of Multiple Qualitative and Quantitative Character Traits in Heliopsis Helianthoides (L.) Sweet
, Hortscience 54(9): S224-S225 (2019)

Field Evaluation of Solanum Jamesii - a Native USA Wild Potato
, Hortscience 54(9): S225 (2019)

UF/Ifas Florida-Friendly Landscaping (TM) Program's Green Industries Best Management Practices Training Promotes Sustainable Urban Landscapes
, Hortscience 54(9): S225-S226 (2019)

Empowering the New Landscape Entrepreneur: Increasing Profitability through Business Training and Professional Certification
, Hortscience 54(9): S226 (2019)

Landscape Plants in Buddha Temple Gardens of Zhejiang, China
, Hortscience 54(9): S226 (2019)

Installation and Evaluation of Pollinator Habitat in Managed Turfgrass Systems in the Piedmont and Sandhills of North Carolina
, Hortscience 54(9): S226-S227 (2019)

Perspective of Soil Physical Properties and Cultivation Practices of Golf Course Putting Greens at Oklahoma
, Hortscience 54(9): S227 (2019)

Drought and Recovery Responses of Selected St. Augustinegrass Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S227 (2019)

Stimulating Stress Tolerance in River Birch
, Hortscience 54(9): S227-S228 (2019)

Shade-Loving Sarcococcaplants for Your Landscape and Gardens
, Hortscience 54(9): S228 (2019)

Relative Salt Tolerance of Four Perennial Ornamentals for Sustainable Landscaping with Low Quality Saline Irrigation Water
, Hortscience 54(9): S228-S229 (2019)

Effects of Melatonin and AVG in Alleviating Dark-Induced Plant Deterioration of Three Pilea Species
, Hortscience 54(9): S229 (2019)

Relative Salt Tolerance of Eight Woody Ornamentals
, Hortscience 54(9): S229 (2019)

Survival of Four Native Hawaiian Peperomia species Under Three Indoor Light Conditions
, Hortscience 54(9): S229-S230 (2019)

Does Salt Composition Affect the Results of Relative Salt Tolerance?
, Hortscience 54(9): S230 (2019)

Evaluation of Single and Four-Node Stem Cuttings As a Propagation Material for Six Accessions of Pa'uohi'iaka (Jacquemontia sandwicensis)
, Hortscience 54(9): S230-S231 (2019)

Water Conservation for Irrigation of Urban Ornamental Plants in Hong Kong
, Hortscience 54(9): S231 (2019)

Technique for Moss Establishment on Rock Surfaces
, Hortscience 54(9): S231-S232 (2019)

Fruit Bagging: A Small-Grower and Consumer Horticultural Practice across the US
, Hortscience 54(9): S232 (2019)

Seed Coating Delivery System for Vermicompost and Soy Flour: Biostimulants to Enhance Plant Growth
, Hortscience 54(9): S232 (2019)

Innovative Seed Coating to Enhance Cover Crop Seed Germination and Seedling Growth Using Red Clover
, Hortscience 54(9): S232-S233 (2019)

Floral Visitors of Helianthus Verticillatus, a Rare Sunflower Species in the Southeastern United States
, Hortscience 54(9): S233 (2019)

Effects of Covering on Production of Pineapple Fruits in Cold Season in Taiwan
, Hortscience 54(9): S233-S234 (2019)

Cultivar/Accession Trials for Weevil Resistance in Sweetpotatoes Grown in Hawai'i
, Hortscience 54(9): S234 (2019)

After Harvest Evaluation of Black Spot and Decay on the Fruit of Different Pomegranate Genotypes Grown in a Local Orchard in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S234 (2019)

Influence of Four Different Mulching Materials on Yield and Quality of Cucumbers Grown in Northern Climate
, Hortscience 54(9): S234-S235 (2019)

Comparative Pedicel Removal Methodology for New Mexico Green Chile Cultivars(Capsicum annuum)
, Hortscience 54(9): S235 (2019)

Production and Storage of Dry-Farmed Winter Squash
, Hortscience 54(9): S235-S236 (2019)

Yield Comparison of Sweet Potatoes Grown in Four Commercial Organic Soils
, Hortscience 54(9): S236 (2019)

First Glimpse: Tomato Shading, Experiment Results and Problems
, Hortscience 54(9): S236 (2019)

Grower Adoption of Recommendations to Limit the Spread of Fusarium Wilt of Lettuce in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S236-S237 (2019)

Evaluation of Enzymatic Profiles and Plant Growth Promoting Traits of Selected Biological Agents Mediating Their Biocontrol Activity Against Fungal Pathogens
, Hortscience 54(9): S237 (2019)

Potential of Beneficial Trichoderma Isolates in Alleviating Drought Stress in Tomato
, Hortscience 54(9): S237 (2019)

Watermelon Field Evaluation of Fruit Maturity for New and Existing Grafting Methods
, Hortscience 54(9): S237-S238 (2019)

Accuracy and Ease-of-Use Evaluated for Several Different Chlorophyll Meters
, Hortscience 54(9): S238 (2019)

Examining Pathogenic Variation and Host Plant Response to Eastern Filbert Blight in Hazelnut Cultivars Protected By the 'Gasaway' Resistance Gene
, Hortscience 54(9): S238-S239 (2019)

Ppe-Xap a DNA Test for Routine Prediction in Breeding of Peach Bacterial Spot Fruit Resistance
, Hortscience 54(9): S239 (2019)

Evaluating Vitis Vinifera Productivity in Sheridan, Wyoming
, Hortscience 54(9): S239 (2019)

Propagation of Hardy Begonia from Seeds and Tubers
, Hortscience 54(9): S239-S240 (2019)

Effect of Gibberellic Acid in Breaking Seed Dormancy of Excised Sphaeralcea coccinea (Nutt). Embryos
, Hortscience 54(9): S240 (2019)

Physiological Changes of Citrus Tree and Fruit By Frost Damage in Korea
, Hortscience 54(9): S240 (2019)

Genome-Wide Analysis of Cold Signaling-Related Genes in Cold Hardy Poncirus Trifoliata
, Hortscience 54(9): S240-S241 (2019)

Optimal Nutrient Concentrations and Use of Root Growth Enhancers to Improve Citrus Root Health
, Hortscience 54(9): S241 (2019)

Comparing Root Distribution in Two Orange Groves with Different Floor Management and Irrigation Practices
, Hortscience 54(9): S241-S242 (2019)

Differential Sensitivity to Abscission Chemicals in Citrus Rootstocks Influence Abscission Dynamics in Scions
, Hortscience 54(9): S242 (2019)

Effects of Soil Salinity on Citrus Rootstock 'US-942' Physiology and Anatomy
, Hortscience 54(9): S242 (2019)

Response of Citrus Rootstocks to Irrigation Water pH
, Hortscience 54(9): S242-S243 (2019)

Fruit Quality and Phenolic Diversity in the USDA Tart Cherry Collection
, Hortscience 54(9): S243 (2019)

Genetic Diversity and Population Structure Analysis of Vaccinium Corymbosum Assessed By Double Digest Restriction-Site Associated DNA Sequencing
, Hortscience 54(9): S243 (2019)

Genetic Characterization of Fire Blight Resistance in Three Pear Populations
, Hortscience 54(9): S243-S244 (2019)

Population Structure and Diversity Estimates in a Geographical Core Set of Radish (Raphanus sativus)
, Hortscience 54(9): S244 (2019)

Accuracy of Genomic Prediction Approaches for Enhancing Resistance to Phytophthora Crown Rot in Strawberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S244-S245 (2019)

Fruit Characterization of Ecuadorian Prunus Serotina subsp. Capuli
, Hortscience 54(9): S245 (2019)

Developmental Mutants of a Diploid Strawberry, Fragaria vesca
, Hortscience 54(9): S245 (2019)

Genetic Diversity of Muscadine Grapes (Vitis rotundifolia) Using SSR Markers
, Hortscience 54(9): S245-S246 (2019)

Development of a GBS-Based Genetic Linkage Map in Malus Domestica 'Royal Gala' x Malus Sieversii Populations
, Hortscience 54(9): S246 (2019)

Novel Dominant Genes Conferring Resistance to Fusarium Wilt Are Uncovered in Heirloom Cultivars of Strawberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S246 (2019)

Genetic Diversity and Relationship of Wild Kalmia Latifolia l. in the Eastern United States Using ISSR Markers
, Hortscience 54(9): S246-S247 (2019)

Development and Characterization of EST-SSR Markers from Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea, L.) Transcriptome and Genetic Conformity Studies in Somatic Embryogenic Lines
, Hortscience 54(9): S247 (2019)

Production and Molecular Characterization of New Mandarin Hybrids for Fruit Quality Improvement
, Hortscience 54(9): S247 (2019)

Development of Multiplex PCR for Diagnosis of Five Potexviruses in Cactus Plant
, Hortscience 54(9): S248 (2019)

Development of Variegated Lettuce Using CRIS-PR/Cas9 Technology
, Hortscience 54(9): S248 (2019)

The Salicylic Acid Binding Protein 2 from Nicotiana Tabacum (NtSABP2) Can Enhance the Plant Defense Related Pathways When Overexpressed in Sweet Orange
, Hortscience 54(9): S248 (2019)

Drought Tolerance and Rooting in Grape Cuttings Under Dehydration Conditions Is Affected By Inhibitor of ABA8 '-Hydroxylase
, Hortscience 54(9): S249 (2019)

Effect of Enhanced Dissolved Oxygen and LED Lighting on Growth and Development of Hydroponically Grown Crown Peas
, Hortscience 54(9): S249 (2019)

Exploring the Use of Seaweed Biostimulant in Organic Strawberry Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S249-S250 (2019)

Physiochemical Influence of Growth Retardant Prohexadione-Calcium on Sweet Potato (Ipomea batatas) Under Field Conditions
, Hortscience 54(9): S250 (2019)

Interaction of the Plant Growth Regulator, AVG, with Varying Nitrogen Application Rates in Relation to Yield and Quality in Almonds
, Hortscience 54(9): S250 (2019)

Effect of Vermicast and Rock Powder Treatment on Plant Rooting
, Hortscience 54(9): S250-S251 (2019)

Late Dormancy Application of Ethephon and GA3 Affect Bud Respiration and Bloom Uniformity in Pistachios
, Hortscience 54(9): S251 (2019)

Effect of Retain(TM) on Floral Organs Longevity, Ethylene Production and Fruit Set of Olive Trees
, Hortscience 54(9): S251 (2019)

The Influence of Soil Treatments on Growth and Recovery of Olives
, Hortscience 54(9): S251-S252 (2019)

Ethephon Applications between Anthesis and Petal Fall Increase Ethylene Production Rate and Fruitlet Abscission of 'Montmorency' Tart Cherries in Combination with High Temperature
, Hortscience 54(9): S252 (2019)

Effect of Windbreaks in Chilling Hour Accumulation of Subtropical Peaches in Florida
, Hortscience 54(9): S252 (2019)

Evaluation of Plant Growth Regulators to Induce Uniform Flowering in Low-Chill Peach Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S252-S253 (2019)

Ppnac187 Enhances Lignin Synthesis in 'Whangkeumbae' Pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) 'Hard-End' Fruit
, Hortscience 54(9): S253 (2019)

Multi-Year Experiments Indicate Good Efficacy of Metamitron As a Post-Bloom Thinner for Apple and Pear, Though in Some Instances Severe Thinning of Apple Was Observed
, Hortscience 54(9): S253-S254 (2019)

Enhancing 'Fuji' Apple Red Fruit Color with Reflective Fabrics
, Hortscience 54(9): S254 (2019)

Salt Tolerance in Apple Rootstocks
, Hortscience 54(9): S254 (2019)

Five-Year Performance of Fire Blight Resistant Apple Rootstocks in Alabama
, Hortscience 54(9): S254 (2019)

Integrated within-Row Weed Management Strategies for Organic Apple Orchards Results in Trade-Offs for Surface-Applied Wood Chip Mulch
, Hortscience 54(9): S254-S255 (2019)

Cross-Compatibility of Apple Cultivars Determined By S-Genotyping
, Hortscience 54(9): S255 (2019)

Precocious Flowering and Fruiting in Bark-Inlay Grafted Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) Trees
, Hortscience 54(9): S255-S256 (2019)

Fruit Weight, Percent Seed, and Soluble Solids of Pawpaw (Asimina triloba) Cultivars and Advanced Selections at Kentucky State University
, Hortscience 54(9): S256 (2019)

Retention of Potassium Following High Annual Application Rates in Peach Trees (Prunus persica L. Batsch)
, Hortscience 54(9): S256 (2019)

Drip Irrigation Improves Vegetable Crop Yield and Water Use Efficiency on the Texas High Plains
, Hortscience 54(9): S256-S257 (2019)

Influence of Pre-Plant Root Substrate Nitrogen Levels on Growth of Selected Fruit Bearing Vegetable Seedlings in Cylindrical Paper Pots
, Hortscience 54(9): S257 (2019)

Fertigation As a Novel Approach to Water Savings and Nutrient Efficiency in Florida Potato
, Hortscience 54(9): S257-S258 (2019)

Effects of Living Mulches and Soil Nutrient Management on Growth, Yield and Yield Components of Chili Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
, Hortscience 54(9): S258 (2019)

Nitrogen and Boron Effect Celtuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. augustana) Yield and Quality in Hydroponic Production
, Hortscience 54(9): S258 (2019)

Fruit Yield of Poblano Pepper (Capsicum annum L.) As Affected By Plastic Mulch and Cultivar
, Hortscience 54(9): S258-S259 (2019)

Muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.) Yield and Quality Responses to Potassium Fertilizer Sources
, Hortscience 54(9): S259 (2019)

Commercial Pheromones and Attractants Have No Contribution to Increasing Pollination, Fruit Set, and Berry Mass in Highbush Blueberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S259 (2019)

Determining Optimal Nitrogen Sources and Rates for Organic Highbush Blueberries Grown on High pH Soils
, Hortscience 54(9): S259-S260 (2019)

Bioclimatic Models to Predict Lowbush Blueberry Phenology and Interannual Yield Variability in Quebec, Canada
, Hortscience 54(9): S260 (2019)

Ethylene-Regulated Fruit Ripening in Blueberry
, Hortscience 54(9): S260-S261 (2019)

Flavor Volatile Evaluation of Southern Highbush (Vaccinium corymbosum Camp) and Rabbiteye (V. virgatum Aiton) Blueberry Culitvars
, Hortscience 54(9): S261 (2019)

Evaluating the Influence of Ethylene on Performance of Blueberry Fruit Quality Attributes in Fresh Postharvest Storage
, Hortscience 54(9): S261-S262 (2019)

Comparing Consumer Sensory Overall Liking and Textural Traits to Seed and Fiber Instrumental Analyses of Southern Highbush, Rabbiteye and Northern Highbush Blueberry Cultivars
, Hortscience 54(9): S262 (2019)

Fruit Quality Affected By Ethylene-Absorbent and Sulfur Dioxide Generating Pad during Cold Storage in Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum)
, Hortscience 54(9): S262 (2019)

Co-Expression of Host and Pathogen Genes in Blueberry Fruit Infected withcolletotrichum Fioriniae
, Hortscience 54(9): S263 (2019)

Reduction of Photosynthetic Rate in Blueberry(Vaccinium spp.) Infected with Ralstonia Pseudoslanacerum strainP824
, Hortscience 54(9): S263 (2019)

Associating Rootstock-Based Variation in Whole Plant Physiological Traits with Leaf Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Composition in Malus x Domestica borkh
, Hortscience 54(9): S263-S264 (2019)

Allelopathic Effect of Ficus Microcarpa L.f. on Seed Germination of Three Compositae Species
, Hortscience 54(9): S264 (2019)

Use of Stable Carbon Isotopes to Assess Photosynthetic Response of Redbay Trees to Laurel Wilt
, Hortscience 54(9): S264 (2019)

Field Screening Approaches for Monitoring Whole-Plant Response Modulated By Biostimulants
, Hortscience 54(9): S264-S265 (2019)

Competition Effects on Maple Sap Flow and Tree Growth in Nova Scotia
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Precision Irrigation Set-Points Affect Kale Biomass Accumulation and Physiological Performance
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Regulation of Photosynthesis and Stomatal Conductance of Cucumber Under Early Season Waterlogging Conditions
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Relationship between Relative and Absolute Leaf Chlorophyll for Vitis Vinifera and Cannabis sativa
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Application of DNA Test for Disease Resistance and Fruit Quality in Cultivated Strawberry
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Genomic Prediction for Increasing Resistance to Verticillium Wilt in Heirloom and Modern Populations of Strawberry
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Combining Ability and Heritability in Day-Neutral Strawberry Populations in Temperate Climate Conditions Under Low Tunnels
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Genetic and Physical Mapping of a Fusarium Wilt Resistance Gene in Strawberry
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Genetic Gains for Yield in Strawberry
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Heterosis and Genome-Scale Diversity Among High Yielding Hybrids of Strawberry
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DNA Tests Available through the Rosbreed Projects: A Common Strategy to Enable DNA-Informed Breeding in Rosaceae
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Biogeographic and in silico survey of Native Soil pH of Wild Blueberry Populations (Vaccinium spp.) in North America
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Sustaining Plant Breeding to Insure Future Innovations: A Partnership between the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee and the National Association of Plant Breeders
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Energy-Use-Efficiency Differences between Light Emitting Diode Based Supplemental Lights Under Nutrient Film and Deep Flow Techniques
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Growth and Bioactive Compounds of Kale Irradiated by Various UV-A LEDs
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Comparisons of Lettuce Grown in Aquaponics and Hydroponics
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The Growth and Yield of Vegetable Crops Are Affected By Water Flow-Rate in Aquaponics Systems
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Effects of Different pH for Basil in Coupled Aquaponics System
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Peat-Based Substrates Containing Ground Parboiled Rice Hulls Reduce Water Use and Maintain Quality of Petunia and Zinnia
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Vegetal-Derived Biostimulant Enhances Adventitious Rooting in Cuttings of Chrysanthemum Via Brassinosteroid-Mediated Processes
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Enhancement Crop Yield and Quality By Plant Growth-Promoting Bacteria in Aquaponics
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Real-Time Data from Portable Technology Helps Guide Sustainable Growth of Healthy Plants
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Hot Pepper Responses to Single-, and Multi-Nutrient Fertilizer Sources
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Influence of Nutrient Solution Concentration on Growth and Tissue Mineral Content of Korean Ginseng Seedlings Cultured in Root Substrates Containing Peat and Perlite
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Assessing Soil Responses to Various Land Management Practices
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Effect of Humic Acid on Lettuce Growth, Plant Nutrients, and the Soil Microbiome
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Evaluation of Stover Removal & Fresh Mushroom Compost on Corn Yield and Soil Quality
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Labile Soil Organic Carbon and Soil Enzymes in Chili Pepper Production As Affected By Living Mulches and Nutrient Management
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Impact of Supplemental UV on the Accumulation of Mineral Nutrients and Phytochemicals in Lettuce
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Low Red to Far-Red Light Ratio Maximizes Glucobrassicin Concentration in 'Ruby Ball' Cabbage (Brassica oleracea) Heads
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Nutritional Quality of Alaska Grown Produce
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Phenolic and Antioxidant Comparison of Aronia (Aronia prunifolia), Blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum), Blackberry (Rubus spp.) and Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) Grown at Virginia State University
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Use of Gamma Irradiation As an Intervention Treatment to Inactivate Escherichia coli O157:H7 in Freshly Pressed Apple Juice
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Effect of Low Dose Irradiation on Expression of Genes Involved in Ethylene Biosynthesis of 'granny Smith' Apples
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Cosmetic Stay-Green in Snap Bean: Understanding Deleterious Effects on Germination and Emergence
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Mapping QTL Associated with Anthracnose Resistance in Tomato
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Altering the Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Cholesterol Synthesis Pathway to Produce Vitamin D3
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Phenotypic and Genetic Diversity of Texas A&M Agri Life Tomato Breeding Lines
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Assessment of the Variation in Reduction in Above-Ground Traits in a Set of Genetically Diverse Cowpea Genotypes Under Salt Stress
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Evaluating Drought Tolerance in Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) from the US and Mexico
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How to Make Peppers Tolerant to Fruit Post-Harvest Water Loss?
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Tree to Grass Water Use Ratios; Assessing Turf-grass' High Water Use in the Urban Landscape
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Development of a Smartirrigation App for Peach Production in Georgia
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Opportunities to Improve Landscape Irrigation
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