European Legal Framework in Manufacturing and Processing of Milk. the MILK PACKAGE. ELIMINATION OF MILK QUOTA. CASE STUDY: GERMANY

Coman, I.T.; Vidu, L.; Traistaru, C.; Marginean, G.E.

Scientific Papers-Series D-Animal Science 62(2): 128-134


ISSN/ISBN: 2285-5750
Accession: 070981610

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The paper aims to present the effects of the abolition of the milk quota system who was in force for more than 30 years, to analyse the new milk packake introduced by the European Union (since October 3, 2012, it is in full force). This package was prepared in 2015 with a view to the long term future of the dairy sector after the quota system expired. Also, we have analyzed and produced a study case for Germany, in respect of the two systems who were in force in EU, taking in consideration the role, position and place of the German milk market at European level.