Determination of Fattening Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Awassi x (Romanov x Awassi) G (1) Hybrid Male Lambs

Tekel, N.; Baritci, I.; Sireli, H.D.; Tutkun, M.; Eyduran, E.; Tariq, M.M.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology 52(2): 753-758


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-9923
Accession: 070987542

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The present study was conducted to investigate the fattening performance and carcass characteristics of Awassi x (Romanov x Awassi) Gi crossbred male lambs. In the study, seven male lambs whose weaning weights were almost similar were included in the experiment. The lambs were weaned at 2 months of age. They were fed with ad libitum concentrated feed and 100 g/day wheat straw was given to each animal during the fattening period of 64 days. During the fattening period, it was determined that daily live weight gains in lambs were 0.278 +/- 0.019 kg and feed conversion ratio were 4.79. The average final live weight, cold carcass weight, dressing percentage, leg ratio, foreleg ratio, tail ratio and cooling loss of lambs were found as 33.62 +/- 0.968 kg, 14.91 +/- 0.627 kg, 44.67 +/- 0.008%, 33.76 +/- 0.326%, 18.94 +/- 0.468%, 4.98 +/- 0.467% and 4.99 +/- 0.135%, respectively. In conclusion, the present results indicated that daily live weight gain, feed efficiency and valuable carcass fractions of Awassi x (Romanov x Awassi) Gi crossbred male lambs were found similar to the corresponding values of Awassi breed.