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Genotype-by-environment effects on grain quality among heat and drought tolerant bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) genotypes

Thungo, Z.; Shimelis, H.; Odindo, A.; Mashilo, J.

Journal of Plant Interactions 15(1): 83-92


ISSN/ISBN: 1742-9145
DOI: 10.1080/17429145.2020.1748732
Accession: 070999243

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This study determined genotype-by-environment effect on grain quality among heat and drought tolerant bread wheat genotypes to select ideal genotypes for grain quality improvement. Gliadin (Gli), gluten (Glu), glutenin (Glut), gliadin: glutenin ratio (Gli: Glut ratio) and total protein content (TPC) were determined among 28 elite bread wheat genotypes under non-stressed and drought-stressed conditions. Additive main effect and multiplicative interaction and genotype and genotype-by-environment biplot were used for data analyses. Large genotypic effects were observed for Gli (55.42%), TPC (67.78%) and Gli: Glu ratio (49.77%), suggesting genotypic variation for these traits. High environmental influence of 89.65 and 89.06% were observed for Glu and Glut. Wheat genotypes LM03, LM22, LM23, LM41, LM44, LM60, LM62, LM71, LM73, LM71, LM85, LM90 and LM95 with high protein and protein-fractions and high levels of abiotic stress tolerance (i.e. heat and drought) were selected for breeding for high grain quality.

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