Determination of Effects on Weed Height and Weed Biomass of Wild Oat (Avena sterilis L.) Populations in Wheat Fields against ALS and ACCase Herbicides

Torun, H.

Ksu Tarim Ve Doga Dergisi-Ksu Journal of Agriculture and Nature 23(2): 357-365


Accession: 071000136

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This study was determined for the effect of Mesosulfuron-methyl + Iodosulfuron-methyl sodium (ALS) and Clodinafop-propargyl (ACCase) herbicides against wild oat ( Avena sterilis L.) populations in 2013 and 2014. The effects of applied herbicides on weed height and weed biomass in greenhouse experiments established with wild oat populations collected from wheat fields of Osmaniye province were investigated. In intense wheat growing areas in Osmaniye province, stands were performed in 50 points in every 3 km in May and sampling was performed in only 15 fields of wild oat populations. Then, greenhouse tests were established with mature wild oat seeds collected from wheat fields. Three different (N/2, N: recommended dose, 2N) dose of herbicide with two different action mechanism were applied to determine the effect on height and biomass of weed populations. Population of weed height were evaluated that 50% of ALS inhibitor and 27% of ACCase inhibitor were affected at recommended doses. It was also found that 50% of ALS inhibitor and 20% of ACCase inhibitor had an effect on weed biomass. General effects on weed height and weed biomass, especially the recommended dose on populations were higher in ALS inhibitor.