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Analyzing Iranian Farmers' Behavioral Intention towards Acceptance of Drip Irrigation Using Extended Technology Acceptance Model

Haji, L.; Valizadeh, N.; Rezaei-Moghaddam, K.; Hayati, D.

Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology 22(5): 1177-1190


ISSN/ISBN: 1680-7073
Accession: 071052540

The present study aimed to analyze sugar beet farmers' intention towards the acceptance of drip irrigation based on an extended version of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The main objectives of this study were introduction of the existing acceptance behavior models, comparison of these theories with a critical point of view, presentation of a theoretical framework based on TAM, and testing the possible relationships among variables. This descriptive-correlational research was conducted through a cross-sectional survey. The statistical population of the study was sugar beet growers of Miandoab District, Iran, of which 346 farmers were selected as the sample of the study using a multi-stage stratified random sampling method (N= 3326). The research instrument was a structured questionnaire, whose face, convergent, and discriminant validity were confirmed. Cronbach's alpha and composite reliability coefficients were employed to examine the reliability of research tool (0.74
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