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Modern bone replacements including xenogenic materials of animal origin for reconstructive medicine and dentistry

Adamczyk, J.; Sieron, D.; Sieron, K.; Sieron, A.; Markowski, J.; Likus, W.; Strzalkowska, N.; Kucharska, E.

Animal Science Papers and Reports 38(3): 235-247


ISSN/ISBN: 0860-4037
Accession: 071061647

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Development of biochemistry and engineering allows not only for better reuse of biological material obtained from the patient but also allows for the development of new materials for bone replacement. The specific factors contributing to the growing trend of the reconstructive medicine market are: the growing geriatric population, the increasing number of procedures using bone reconstruction methods and the favourable approach of the research financing institutions. Most reconstruction materials are based on animal derived substances. Materials meeting the criteria for the use in reconstructive medicine for bone structures are divided into allogeneic, alloplastic and xenogeneic including xenogenic materials of animal origin. This paper contains a review of the materials currently used to reconstruct bone defects and materials modifying the existing bone structure by supporting the processes of bone tissue regeneration.

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