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An Illumina MiSeq-Based Amplicon Sequencing Method for the Detection of Mixed Parasite Infections Using the Blastocystis SSU rRNA Gene as an Example

Maloney, J.G.; George, N.S.; Molokin, A.; Santin, M.

Methods in Molecular Biology 2369: 67-82


ISSN/ISBN: 1940-6029
PMID: 34313984
Accession: 071256562

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Parasite mixed infections remain a relatively unexplored field in part due to the difficulties of unraveling complex mixtures of parasite DNA using classical methods of sequencing. Next-generation amplicon sequencing (NGS) is a powerful tool for exploring mixed infections of multiple genetic variants of the same parasite in clinical, environmental (water or soil), or food samples. Here, we provide a method for NGS-based detection of mixed parasite infections which uses the Blastocystis SSU rRNA gene as an example and includes steps for parasite concentration, DNA extraction, sequencing library preparation, and bioinformatic analysis.

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