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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 71261

Chapter 71261 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

An apta-aggregation based machine learning assay for rapid quantification of lysozyme through texture parameters
, Plos one 16(3): E0248159 (2021)

An aptamer affinity column for purification and enrichment of lactoferrin in milk
, Journal of Chromatography. B Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences 2021: 122724 (2021)

An aptamer interacting with heat shock protein 70 shows therapeutic effects and prognostic ability in serous ovarian cancer
, Molecular Therapy. Nucleic Acids 23: 757-768 (2021)

An aptamer-based magnetic flow cytometer using matched filtering
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 169: 112362 (2020)

An aptamer-based shear horizontal surface acoustic wave biosensor with a CVD-grown single-layered graphene film for high-sensitivity detection of a label-free endotoxin
, Microsystems and Nanoengineering 6: 4 (2020)

An aptamer-functionalized chemomechanically modulated biomolecule catch-and-release system
, Nature Chemistry 7(5): 447-454 (2015)

An aptasensor for the detection of Pb 2+ based on photoinduced electron transfer between a G-quadruplex-hemin complex and a fluorophore
, Luminescence: the Journal of Biological and Chemical Luminescence 2021 (2021)

An aptasensor for the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis secreted immunogenic protein MPT64 in clinical samples towards tuberculosis detection
, Scientific Reports 9(1): 16273 (2019)

An aptasensor for the detection of ampicillin in milk using a personal glucose meter
, Analytical Methods: Advancing Methods and Applications 12(26): 3376-3381 (2020)

An aptasensor using ceria electrodeposited-screen-printed carbon electrode for detection of epithelial sodium channel protein as a hypertension biomarker
, Royal Society Open Science 8(2): 202040 (2021)

An aquaporin mediates cell shape change required for cellular immunity in the beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua
, Scientific Reports 9(1): 4988 (2019)

An aquatic origin of retroviruses
, Nature Reviews. Microbiology 16(8): 455 (2018)

An aqueous H+ permeation pathway in the voltage-gated proton channel Hv1
, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 17(7): 869-875 (2010)

An aqueous electrolyte of the widest potential window and its superior capability for capacitors
, Scientific Reports 7: 45048 (2017)

An aqueous extract of Canarium schweinfurthii attenuates seizures and potentiates sleep in mice: Evidence for involvement of GABA Pathway
, Biomedicine and PharmacoTherapy 142: 111973 (2021)

An aqueous rechargeable lithium battery using coated Li metal as anode
, Scientific Reports 3: 1401 (2013)

An aqueous, polymer-based redox-flow battery using non-corrosive, safe, and low-cost materials
, Nature 527(7576): 78-81 (2015)

An aqueous-based process to bioactivate poly(ε-caprolactone)/mesoporous bioglass composite surfaces by prebiotic chemistry-inspired polymer coatings for biomedical applications
, Colloids and Surfaces. B Biointerfaces 205: 111913 ( 2021)

An arabinogalactan from Lycium barbarum attenuates DSS-induced chronic colitis in C57BL/6J mice associated with the modulation of intestinal barrier function and gut microbiota
, Food and Function 12(20): 9829-9843 (2021)

An arbitrary high-order discontinuous Galerkin method with local time-stepping for linear acoustic wave propagation
, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 149(1): 569 (2021)

An arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus accelerates decomposition and acquires nitrogen directly from organic material
, Nature 413(6853): 297-299 (2001)

An arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus increased the macroaggregate proportion and reduced cadmium leaching from polluted soil
, International Journal of Phytoremediation 2020: 1-9 (2020)

An arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculum enhances root proliferation in, but not nitrogen capture from, nutrient-rich patches in soil
, New Phytologist 145(3): 575-584 (2000)

An arc of Bühler variant
, Morphologie: Bulletin de l'Association des Anatomistes 2021 (2021)

An arc of life
, Palliative and Supportive Care 2020: 1-2 (2020)

An archaeal ADP-dependent serine kinase involved in cysteine biosynthesis and serine metabolism
, Nature Communications 7: 13446 (2016)

An archaeal RNA binding protein, FAU-1, is a novel ribonuclease related to rRNA stability in Pyrococcus and Thermococcus
, Scientific Reports 7(1): 12674 (2017)

An archaeal endoribonuclease catalyzes cis- and trans- nonspliceosomal splicing in mouse cells
, Nature Biotechnology 21(12): 1499-1504 (2003)

An archaeal histone-like protein mediates efficient p53 gene transfer and facilitates its anti-cancer effect in vitro and in vivo
, Cancer Gene Therapy 14(12): 968-975 (2007)

An archaeal origin of eukaryotes supports only two primary domains of life
, Nature 504(7479): 231-236 (2013)

An archaeal origin of the Wood-Ljungdahl H 4 MPT branch and the emergence of bacterial methylotrophy
, Nature Microbiology 4(12): 2155-2163 (2019)

An archaebacterial 5S rRNA contains a long insertion sequence
, Nature 293(5835): 755-756 (1981)

An archipelago within an archipelago: A checklist of liverworts and hornworts of Kepulauan Sunda Kecil (Lesser Sunda Islands), Indonesia and Timor-Leste (East Timor)
, Phytokeys 180: 1-30 (2021)

An archival perspective of the history of dentistry in Louisiana
, Lda Journal 62(4): 16-21 (2003)

An archive of longitudinal recordings of the vocalizations of adult Gombe chimpanzees
, Scientific Data 2: 150027 (2015)

An archive written in DNA
, Nature Biotechnology 36(3): 236-237 (2018)

An area for vergence eye movement in primate frontal cortex
, Nature 407(6807): 1003-1007 (2000)

An area ratio of thyroid gland to common carotid artery for evaluating the thyroid gland size
, Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 82(7): 1012-1016 (2020)

An arene-stabilized η 5 -pentamethylcyclopentadienyl antimony dication acts as a source of Sb + or Sb 3+ cations
, Chemical Communications 56(85): 12953-12956 (2020)

An arginine ladder in OprP mediates phosphate-specific transfer across the outer membrane
, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 14(1): 85-87 (2007)

An arginine/lysine-rich motif is crucial for VCP/p97-mediated modulation of ataxin-3 fibrillogenesis
, Embo Journal 25(7): 1547-1558 (2006)

An argument for healthy skepticism in orthodontics
, American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics: Official Publication of the American Association of Orthodontists its Constituent Societies and the American Board of Orthodontics 158(6): 775-776 (2020)

An argument for the naturalistic study of collective intelligence
, LANCET. Planetary Health 5(5): E247-E248 (2021)

An argument to screen for distress in men diagnosed with early-stage prostate cancer
, Nature Clinical Practice. Urology 3(11): 586-587 (2006)

An arid-adapted middle Pleistocene vertebrate fauna from south-central Australia
, Nature 445(7126): 422-425 (2007)

An arm and a leg: A case of rheumatoid vasculitis and antiphospholipid antibody syndrome
, Sage Open Medical Case Reports 9: 2050313x211015895 (2021)

An armed assailant in our hospital: Are we prepared?
, Annals of the Academy of Medicine Singapore 50(9): 712-716 (2021)

An armed oncolytic adenovirus system, ZD55-gene, demonstrating potent antitumoral efficacy
, Cell Research 13(6): 481-489 (2003 )

An armed oncolytic measles vaccine virus eliminates human hepatoma cells independently of apoptosis
, Gene Therapy 20(11): 1033-1041 (2013)

An armed, YB-1-dependent oncolytic adenovirus as a candidate for a combinatorial anti-glioma approach of virotherapy, suicide gene therapy and chemotherapeutic treatment
, Cancer Gene Therapy 22(1): 30-43 (2015)

An armoured Cambrian lobopodian from China with arthropod-like appendages
, Nature 470(7335): 526-530 (2011)

An army of small robots
, Scientific American 289(5): 62-67 (2003)

An aromatic micelle with bent pentacene-based panels: encapsulation of perylene bisimide dyes and graphene nanosheets
, Chemical Science 11(26): 6752-6757 (2020)

An aromatic noble-gas hydride: C 6 H 5 CCXeH
, Scientific Reports 7(1): 3130 (2017)

An array of basic residues is essential for the nucleolytic activity of the PHP domain of bacterial/archaeal PolX DNA polymerases
, Scientific Reports 9(1): 9947 (2019)

An array of possibilities for multiple sclerosis
, Nature Medicine 8(5): 451-453 (2002)

An array of possibilities for the study of autoimmunity
, Nature 435(7042): 605-611 (2005)

An array of problems
, Nature Reviews. Drug Discovery 4(5): 362-363 (2005)

An arrhythmia classification method based on deep learning parallel network model
, Nan Fang Yi Ke da Xue Xue Bao 41(9): 1296-1303 (2021)

An arsenate tolerance gene on chromosome 6 of rice
, New Phytologist 163(1): 45-49 (2004)

An artefact produced by rotational tomographic radiography
, British Dental Journal 156(10): 368 (1984)

An arterial insufficiency ulcer in an individual with cervical spinal cord injury and hypotension
, Spinal Cord Series and Cases 6(1): 42 (2020)

An artery-specific fluorescent dye for studying neurovascular coupling
, Nature Methods 9(3): 273-276 (2012)

An arthropod intermediate host of a pentastomid
, Nature 210(5038): 845-846 (1966)

An arthroscopic "inlay" Bristow procedure with suture button fixation: Surgical technique and radiology evaluation
, Beijing da Xue Xue Bao. Yi Xue Ban 53(5): 896-901 (2021)

An arthroscopic repair technique for proximal anterior cruciate tears in children to restore active function and avoid growth disturbances
, Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy: Official Journal of the Esska 2021 (2021)

An arthroscopic technique for full-thickness rotator cuff repair by transposition of the long head of biceps
, Orthopaedics and Traumatology Surgery and Research: Otsr 105(2): 265-269 (2019)

An articulated Late Triassic (Norian) thalattosauroid from Alaska and ecomorphology and extinction of Thalattosauria
, Scientific Reports 10(1): 1746 (2020)

An artificial PAP gene breaks self-tolerance and promotes tumor regression in the TRAMP model for prostate carcinoma
, Molecular Therapy: the Journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy 20(3): 555-564 (2012)

An artificial aquatic polyp that wirelessly attracts, grasps, and releases objects
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 117(30): 17571-17577 (2020)

An artificial biomineral formed by incorporation of copolymer micelles in calcite crystals
, Nature Materials 10(11): 890-896 (2011)

An artificial cationic oligosaccharide combined with phosphorothioate linkages strongly improves siRNA stability
, Scientific Reports 10(1): 14845 (2020)

An artificial chromosome for data storage
, National Science Review 8(5): Nwab028 (2021)

An artificial chromosome ylAC enables efficient assembly of multiple genes in Yarrowia lipolytica for biomanufacturing
, Communications Biology 3(1): 199 (2020)

An artificial di-iron oxo-protein with phenol oxidase activity
, Nature Chemical Biology 5(12): 882-884 (2009)

An artificial dielectric slab for ultra high-field MRI: Proof of concept
, Journal of Magnetic Resonance 320: 106835 (2020)

An artificial enzyme cascade amplification strategy for highly sensitive and specific detection of breast cancer-derived exosomes
, Analyst 146(18): 5542-5549 (2021)

An artificial habitat increases the reproductive fitness of a range-shifting species within a newly colonized ecosystem
, Scientific Reports 10(1): 554 (2020)

An artificial immune system with bootstrap sampling for the diagnosis of recurrent endometrial cancers
, Open Medicine 16(1): 237-245 (2021)

An artificial intelligence algorithm for analyzing acetaminophen-associated toxic hepatitis
, Human and Experimental Toxicology 2021: 9603271211014587 (2021)

An artificial intelligence algorithm for prostate cancer diagnosis in whole slide images of core needle biopsies: a blinded clinical validation and deployment study
, LANCET. Digital Health 2(8): E407-E416 (2020)

An artificial intelligence decision support system for the management of type 1 diabetes
, Nature Metabolism 2(7): 612-619 (2020)

An artificial intelligence deep learning model for identification of small bowel obstruction on plain abdominal radiographs
, British Journal of Radiology 94(1122): 20201407 (2021)

An artificial intelligence model for the simulation of visual effects in patients with visual field defects
, Annals of Translational Medicine 8(11): 703 (2020)

An artificial intelligence platform for the diagnosis and surgical planning of strabismus using corneal light-reflection photos
, Annals of Translational Medicine 9(5): 374 (2021)

An artificial intelligence proposal to automatic teeth detection and numbering in dental bite-wing radiographs
, Acta Odontologica Scandinavica 2020: 1-7 (2020)

An artificial intelligence system using machine-learning for automatic detection and classification of dental restorations in panoramic radiography
, Oral Surgery Oral Medicine Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology 130(5): 593-602 (2020)

An artificial intelligence-derived tool proposal to ease disordered eating screening in people with obesity
, Eating and Weight Disorders: Ewd 2021 (2021)

An artificial intelligent platform for live cell identification and the detection of cross-contamination
, Annals of Translational Medicine 8(11): 697 (2020)

An artificial interphase enables reversible magnesium chemistry in carbonate electrolytes
, Nature Chemistry 10(5): 532-539 (2018)

An artificial landscape-scale fishery in the Bolivian Amazon
, Nature 408(6809): 190-193 (2000)

An artificial leg for contracts lower leg stump
, Medizinische Technik 2(3-4): 32-34 (1948)

An artificial membrane binding protein-polymer surfactant nanocomplex facilitates stem cell adhesion to the cartilage extracellular matrix
, Biomaterials 276: 120996 (2021)

An artificial metalloenzyme biosensor can detect ethylene gas in fruits and Arabidopsis leaves
, Nature Communications 10(1): 5746 (2019)

An artificial metalloenzyme for catalytic cancer-specific DNA cleavage and operando imaging
, Science Advances 6(29): Eabb1421 (2020)

An artificial molecular machine that builds an asymmetric catalyst
, Nature Nanotechnology 13(5): 381-385 (2018)

An artificial molecular pump
, Nature Nanotechnology 10(6): 547-553 (2015)

An artificial neural network approach for predicting hypertension using NHANES data
, Scientific Reports 10(1): 10620 (2020)

An artificial neural network approach for the estimation of the primary production of energy from municipal solid waste and its application to the Balkan countries
, Waste Management 78: 955-968 (2018)

An artificial neural network approach integrating plasma proteomics and genetic data identifies PLXNA4 as a new susceptibility locus for pulmonary embolism
, Scientific Reports 11(1): 14015 (2021)

An artificial neural network approach to detect presence and severity of Parkinson's disease via gait parameters
, Plos one 16(2): E0244396 (2021)

An artificial neural network based approach for estimating the density of liquid applied in gamma transmission and gamma scattering techniques
, Applied Radiation and Isotopes: Including Data Instrumentation and Methods for use in Agriculture Industry and Medicine 169: 109570 (2020)

An artificial neural network for automated behavioral state classification in rats
, Peerj 9: E12127 (2021)

An artificial neural network model predicting pathologic nodal metastases in clinical stage I-II esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients
, Journal of Thoracic Disease 12(10): 5580-5592 (2020)

An artificial neural network model to predict the mortality of COVID-19 patients using routine blood samples at the time of hospital admission: Development and validation study
, Medicine 100(28): E26532 (2021)

An artificial neural network-based model to predict chronic kidney disease in aged cats
, Journal of veterinary internal medicine 34(5): 1920-1931 (2020)

An artificial neural network-pharmacokinetic model and its interpretation using Shapley additive explanations
, Cpt: Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology 2021 (2021)

An artificial niche preserves the quiescence of muscle stem cells and enhances their therapeutic efficacy
, Nature Biotechnology 34(7): 752-759 (2016)

An artificial nociceptor based on a diffusive memristor
, Nature Communications 9(1): 417 (2018)

An artificial photosynthesis anode electrode composed of a nanoparticulate photocatalyst film in a visible light responsive GaN-ZnO solid solution system
, Scientific Reports 6: 35593 (2016)

An artificial primitive mimic of the Gramicidin-A channel
, Nature Communications 5: 4142 (2014)

An artificial protein-probe hybrid as a responsive probe for ratiometric detection and imaging of hydrogen peroxide in cells
, Journal of Materials Chemistry. B 8(25): 5420-5424 (2020)

An artificial sensory neuron with visual-haptic fusion
, Nature Communications 11(1): 4602 (2020)

An artificial spiking afferent nerve based on Mott memristors for neurorobotics
, Nature Communications 11(1): 51 (2020)

An artificial transport metabolon facilitates improved substrate utilization in yeast
, Nature Chemical Biology 13(11): 1158-1163 (2017)

An artificial triazole backbone linkage provides a split-and-click strategy to bioactive chemically modified CRISPR sgRNA
, Nature Communications 10(1): 1610 (2019)

An artificial virus-like triblock protein shows low in vivo humoral immune response and high stability
, Materials Science and Engineering. C Materials for Biological Applications 129: 112348 (2021)

An artificial-intelligence lung imaging analysis system (ALIAS) for population-based nodule computing in CT scans
, Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics: the Official Journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society 89: 101899 (2021)

An artificially constructed radiation-responsive promoter is activated by doxorubicin
, Cancer Gene Therapy 19(5): 345-351 (2012)

An artifıcial ıntelligence approach to automatic tooth detection and numbering in panoramic radiographs
, Bmc Medical Imaging 21(1): 124 (2021)

An artist in surgery and a medical educator
, Brain: a Journal of Neurology 140(7): 2061-2063 (2017)

An arts-based approach with youth born of genocidal rape in Rwanda: The river of life as an autobiographical mapping tool
, Global Studies of Childhood 11(1): 21-39 (2021)

An arts-based educational exhibit on menopausal hot flashes
, Menopause 26(9): 1062-1067 (2019)

An aryl hydrocarbon receptor agonist suppresses the growth of human umbilical vein endothelial cells in vitro: Potent effect with polyunsaturated fatty acids
, International Journal of Experimental Pathology 101(6): 248-263 (2020)

An aryl hydrocarbon receptor from the caecilian Gymnopis multiplicata suggests low dioxin affinity in the ancestor of all three amphibian orders
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 299: 113592 (2020)

An aryl hydrocarbon receptor ligand acts on dendritic cells and T cells to suppress the Th17 response in allergic rhinitis patients
, Laboratory Investigation; a Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 94(5): 528-535 (2014)

An arylthiazyne derivative is a potent inhibitor of lipid peroxidation and ferroptosis providing neuroprotection in vitro and in vivo
, Scientific Reports 11(1): 3518 (2021)

An as yet unknown virus infection in an infant
, Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 93(18): 1457 (1949)

An ascites grading system for predicting the prognosis of gastric cancer with peritoneum dissemination
, Annals of Gastroenterological Surgery 4(6): 660-666 (2020)

An asparagine/glycine switch governs product specificity of human N-terminal methyltransferase NTMT2
, Communications Biology 1: 183 (2018)

An aspartic acid repeat polymorphism in asporin inhibits chondrogenesis and increases susceptibility to osteoarthritis
, Nature Genetics 37(2): 138-144 (2005)

An aspartyl protease directs malaria effector proteins to the host cell
, Nature 463(7281): 627-631 (2010)

An aspartyl protease-mediated cleavage regulates structure and function of a flavodoxin-like protein and aids oxidative stress survival
, Plos Pathogens 17(2): E1009355 (2021)

An aspect of the pathophysiology of the corneal endothelium
, Annales d'Oculistique 182(7): 509-512 (1949)

An aspirin a day keeps cancer at bay?
, Lab Animal 42(7): 236 (2013)

An asplenic with life-threatening Capnocytophaga canimorsus sepsis
, Idcases 21: E00828 (2020)

An assay for DNA polymerase β lyase inhibitors that engage the catalytic nucleophile for binding
, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry 28(17): 115642 (2020)

An assay for quantitative analysis of polysialic acid expression in cancer cells
, Carbohydrate Polymers 259: 117741 (2021)

An assay for the identification of Plasmodium simium infection for diagnosis of zoonotic malaria in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
, Scientific Reports 8(1): 86 (2018)

An assay to evaluate the long term effects of inflammatory mediators on airway smooth muscle: evidence that TNF(alpha)up-regulates 5-HT(2A) mediated contraction
, British Journal of Pharmacology 137(7): 943-944 (2002)

An assay to evaluate the long-term effects of inflammatory mediators on murine airway smooth muscle: evidence that TNFalpha up-regulates 5-HT(2A)-mediated contraction
, British Journal of Pharmacology 137(7): 971-982 (2002)

An assay to image neuronal microtubule dynamics in mice
, Nature Communications 5: 4827 (2014)

An assay to probe Plasmodium falciparum growth, transmission stage formation and early gametocyte development
, Nature Protocols 10(8): 1131-1142 (2015)

An assembling strategy for DNA cages with minimum strands
, Computational Biology and Chemistry 93: 107507 (2021)

An assembly landscape for the 30S ribosomal subunit
, Nature 438(7068): 628-632 (2005)

An assembly-free method of phylogeny reconstruction using short-read sequences from pooled samples without barcodes
, Plos Computational Biology 17(9): E1008949 (2021)

An assembly-regulated SNAP-tag fluorogenic probe for long-term super-resolution imaging of mitochondrial dynamics
, Biosensors and Bioelectronics 176: 112886 (2021)

An assessment for health education and health promotion in chronic disease demonstration districts: a comparative study from Hunan Province, China
, Peerj 7: E6579 (2019)

An assessment method for dermal structures using cross-polarized light imaging with a green light-emitting diode
, Skin Research and Technology 26(6): 932-936 (2020)

An assessment of Nurses' knowledge, attitude and practice of emergency care related to road traffic accident victims at three selected hospitals in Rwanda
, African Journal of Emergency Medicine: Revue Africaine de la Medecine d'Urgence 10(3): 127-131 (2020)

An assessment of Parkinson's disease medication treatment patterns in the Medicaid population
, Clinical Parkinsonism and Related Disorders 5: 100109 (2021)

An assessment of US microbiome research
, Nature Microbiology 1: 15015 (2016)

An assessment of age-appropriate infant and young child feeding practices among children in Kancheepuram district, Tamil Nadu, India
, Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care 9(9): 4692-4698 (2020)

An assessment of air passenger confidence a year into the COVID-19 crisis: A segmentation analysis of passengers in Norway
, Journal of Transport Geography 96: 103204 (2021)

An assessment of aluminum and iron in normalisation and enrichment procedures for environmental assessment of marine sediment
, Science of the Total Environment 727: 138123 (2020)

An assessment of anterior restorations in vivo using the scanning electron microscope. Results after 3 years
, British Dental Journal 146(3): 71-76 (1979)

An assessment of anterior restorations in vivo using the scanning electron microscope. Results after one year
, British Dental Journal 137(12): 463-471 (1974)

An assessment of anti-citrullinated protein antibody in systemically healthy individuals with or without chronic periodontitis: A case-control study
, Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology 24(6): 525-529 (2020)

An assessment of attitude changes following a dental exhibition
, British Dental Journal 135(5): 224-226 (1973)

An assessment of attitudes towards plastics and bioplastics in Europe
, Science of the Total Environment 2020: 142732 (2020)

An assessment of baseline risk factors for peripartum maternal critical care interventions
, Journal of Maternal-Fetal and Neonatal Medicine: the Official Journal of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine the Federation of Asia and Oceania Perinatal Societies the International Society of Perinatal Obstetricians 2020: 1-6 (2020)

An assessment of bioavailability of acrylate based pH-sensitive complexes of lovastatin
, Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 32(3 ): 1129-1136 (2019)

An assessment of biochemical tests for the diagnosis of pheochromocytoma
, Nature Clinical Practice. Endocrinology and Metabolism 3(11): 744-745 (2007)

An assessment of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell and human articular cartilage derived chondroprogenitor cocultures vs. monocultures
, Knee 29: 418-425 (2021)

An assessment of capitation in the General Dental Service Contract. 1. The level of caries and its treatment in regularly attending children and adolescents
, British Dental Journal 182(11): 418-423 (1997)

An assessment of capitation in the General Dental Service contract 2. Patterns of treatment provided to regularly attending patients
, British Dental Journal 182(12): 460-464 (1997)

An assessment of career satisfaction among a group of general dental practitioners in Staffordshire
, British Dental Journal 198(11): 701 (2005)

An assessment of cerebral venous thrombosis risk factors and associated clinical outcomes in Jazan region, Saudi Arabia
, Neurosciences 26(1): 15-20 (2021)

An assessment of chlorine stain and collegiate swimmers
, Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene: Cjdh 53(3): 166-171 (2019)

An assessment of chromosomal alterations detected by fluorescence in situ hybridisation in pancreatobiliary tract malignancy
, Bmc Gastroenterology 20(1): 367 (2020)

An assessment of contamination fingerprinting techniques for determining the impact of domestic wastewater treatment systems on private well supplies
, Environmental Pollution 268(Pt B): 115687 (2020)

An assessment of contamination pickup on ground robotic vehicles for nuclear surveying application
, Journal of Radiological Protection: Official Journal of the Society for Radiological Protection 2020 (2020)

An assessment of current practices in the treatment of hidradenitis suppurativa: the rise of biologic therapy
, Journal of Dermatological Treatment 2020: 1-4 (2020)

An assessment of dental anxiety in children
, British Dental Journal 171(7): 201-207 (1991)

An assessment of dexmedetomidine as an opioid-sparing agent after neonatal open thoracic and abdominal operations
, Journal of Perinatology: Official Journal of the California Perinatal Association 2021 (2021)

An assessment of dietary intake, food avoidance and food beliefs in patients with ulcerative colitis of different disease status
, Intestinal Research 18(4): 447-458 (2020)

An assessment of different methods to determine specific yield for estimating groundwater recharge using lysimeters
, Science of the Total Environment 788: 147799 (2021)

An assessment of eggshell pigments as non-invasive biomarkers of organochlorine pollutants in gull-billed tern
, Science of the Total Environment 732: 139210 (2020)

An assessment of extensive intraductal component as a risk factor for local recurrence after breast-conserving therapy
, British Journal of Cancer 61(6): 873-876 (1990)

An assessment of factors associated with neurocognitive decline in people living with HIV
, International Journal of Std and Aids 2021: 9564624211043351 (2021)

An assessment of groundwater quality in Zimbabwe's urban areas: case of Mkoba 19 suburb, Gweru
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 193(7): 391 (2021)

An assessment of gully pot sediment scour behaviour under current and potential future rainfall conditions
, Journal of Environmental Management 282: 111911 (2021)

An assessment of high-resolution wind speeds downscaled with the Weather Research and Forecasting Model for coastal areas in Ghana
, Heliyon 7(8): E07768 (2021)

An assessment of histone-modification antibody quality
, Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 18(1): 91-93 (2011)

An assessment of how the anterior cerebral artery anatomy impacts ACoA aneurysm formation based on CFD analysis
, British Journal of Neurosurgery 2020: 1-5 (2020)

An assessment of implementation science research capacity in Uganda
, Health Research Policy and Systems 19(1): 14 (2021)

An assessment of important SPECIATE profiles in the EPA emissions modeling platform and current data gaps
, Atmospheric Environment 207: 93-104 (2019)

An assessment of integrated amendments of biochar and soil replacement on the phytotoxicity of metal(loid)s in rotated radish-soya bean-amaranth in a mining acidy soil
, Chemosphere 287(Pt 1): 132082 (2021)

An assessment of level of heavy metals pollution in the water, sediment and aquatic organisms: A perspective of tackling environmental threats for food security
, Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences 28(2): 1218-1225 (2021)

An assessment of measured and computed depth of closure around Japan
, Scientific Reports 10(1): 2987 (2020)

An assessment of microplastic inputs into the aquatic environment from wastewater streams
, Marine Pollution Bulletin 160: 111538 (2020)

An assessment of mutagenicity of chemical substances by (quantitative) structure-activity relationship
, Genes and Environment: the Official Journal of the Japanese Environmental Mutagen Society 42: 23 (2020)

An assessment of mutagenicity, genotoxicity, acute-, subacute and subchronic oral toxicity of paraxanthine (1,7-dimethylxanthine)
, Food and Chemical Toxicology: An International Journal Published for the British Industrial Biological Research Association 2021: 112579 (2021)

An assessment of neuronal calcium sensor-1 and response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients
, Npj Breast Cancer 4: 6 (2018)

An assessment of noise exposure and hearing health status among auto body workers in Kermanshah, Iran
, Journal of Education and Health Promotion 10: 290 (2021)

An assessment of nutrition information on front of pack labels and healthiness of foods in the United Kingdom retail market
, Bmc Public Health 21(1): 220 (2021)

An assessment of nutritional status in children of rural, northern KwaZulu-Natal province
, South African Family Practice: Official Journal of the South African Academy of Family Practice/Primary Care 62(1): E1-E7 (2020)

Three-year trajectories of metabolic risk factors predict subsequent long-term mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes
, Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 2021: 104227 (2021)

An assessment of operative choledochoscopy-a worthwhile procedure or not?
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An earth system model shows self-sustained melting of permafrost even if all man-made GHG emissions stop in 2020
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An earthquake gap south of Istanbul
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