Section 72
Chapter 71,262

An efficient artificial light-harvesting system with tunable emission in water constructed from a H-bonded AIE supramolecular polymer and Nile Red

Xiao, T.; Wu, H.; Sun, G.; Diao, K.; Wei, X.; Li, Z.-Y.; Sun, X.-Q.; Wang, L.

Chemical Communications 56(80): 12021-12024


ISSN/ISBN: 1364-548X
PMID: 32901631
DOI: 10.1039/d0cc05077f
Accession: 071261112

With the aid of CTAB amphiphile, water-phase artificial light-harvesting systems were fabricated as nanoparticles by the self-assembly of two low-molecular-weight organic molecules: a UPy-functionalized TPE derivative 1 with both supramolecular polymerization and AIE capabilities as a donor and a fluorescent chromophore NiR as an acceptor. Owing to the flexibility of supramolecular self-assembly, tunable emissions including white-light emission could be easily realized with high energy transfer efficiency and the antenna effect.

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