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Characterization of functional sweetened condensed milk formulated with flavoring and sugar substitute

Jouki, M.; Jafari, S.; Jouki, A.; Khazaei, N.

Food Science and Nutrition 9(9): 5119-5130


ISSN/ISBN: 2048-7177
PMID: 34532021
DOI: 10.1002/fsn3.2477
Accession: 071421730

In the present study, the effect of sugar replacement and enrichment with cinnamon extract (CE) on the physicochemical, functional, and organoleptic properties of sweetened condensed milk (SCM) and the production of flavored functional dairy dessert was investigated. The results demonstrated that by adding CE (0.5 and 1%) and fructose sugar (50 and 100% replacement) in the formulation containing maltodextrin, the physicochemical, functional, and organoleptic properties of SCM samples were improved. However, adding fructose and CE at the maximum concentration increased the acidity, particle size, redness (a), yellowness (b) and decreased the lightness (L), viscosity, and sensory scores of the SCM samples (p < .05). Scanning electron microscopy images demonstrated that as the fructose level increased, the number of cavities increased, while the size of the cavities decreased (p < .05). Microstructure analysis also showed that the application of CE increased the density of the structure in the SCM samples. However, the SCM samples formulated with maltodextrin, 0.5% CE, and 50% fructose substitution were identified as optimal samples. Evaluation of the functional properties of SCM formulated with 0.5% CE revealed that the total phenolic content (TPC) and DPPH radical scavenging activity were in the range of 139.21-143.24 mg GAE / g and 50.12%-52.01%, respectively.

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