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Characterization of pncA mutations in multi-drug and pyrazinamide resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates cultured from Queensland migrants and Papua New Guinea residents

Pandey, S.; Lavu, E.; Congdon, J.; Moke, R.; Bainomugisa, A.; Coulter, C.

Tuberculosis 111: 109-113


ISSN/ISBN: 1472-9792
PMID: 30029894
DOI: 10.1016/j.tube.2018.06.006
Accession: 071422301

Outbreak of drug resistant tuberculosis in the Western province, Papua New Guinea is a concern to Queensland, Australia due to migration. We performed pncA mutation analysis and genotyping of multi-drug/pyrazinamide (MDR/PZA) resistant isolates from 18 Queensland (Qld) migrants and 81 Papua New Guinea (PNG) residents, to compare with phenotypic evidence of PZA resistance and to evaluate the genotypes obtained from the two countries. Seven different mutations were seen from Qld isolates of which 2 have not been described previously. A cluster of mutations were found between amino acids L35 and S65. Amongst the PNG isolates, 10 mutations were identified, of which 6 were unique and have not been described previously. Majority of the mutations formed 2 clusters, between amino acids Q10 to A20 and W68 to W119. Mutations identified at nucleotide (nt) position 202 and 307 were found to be the most common types, occurring in 25% and 51% of the PNG isolates respectively. The majority of the mutations were seen in MDR/PZA resistant isolates. These mutations could be utilized for direct screening of PZA resistance from PNG patient samples. Genotypic analysis of the isolates showed strong clustering amongst the PNG isolates as opposed to Qld isolates. A diversity of mutations and genotypes were seen amongst the Qld migrant isolates. Majority of PNG isolates had one genotype with two distinct pncA mutation patterns (T202C and T307G) which highlight on-going transmission. pncA mutation analysis provided a satisfactory alternative to PZA culture DST with high positive predictive value and an improved result turnaround time.

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