Section 72
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Chromosome aneuploidy analysis in embryos derived from in vivo and in vitro matured human oocytes

Li, J.; Chen, J.; Sun, T.; Zhang, S.; Jiao, T.; Chian, R.-C.; Li, Y.; Xu, Y.

Journal of Translational Medicine 19(1): 416


ISSN/ISBN: 1479-5876
PMID: 34625066
Accession: 071435053

In vitro oocyte maturation (IVM) is being increasingly approached in assisted reproductive technology (ART). This study aimed to evaluate the quality of embryos generated by in-vitro matured immature follicles, as a guideline for further clinical decision-making. A total of 52 couples with normal karyotypes underwent in vitro fertilization, and 162 embryos were donated for genetic screening. Embryos in IVF group were generated by mature follicles retrieved during gonadotrophin-stimulated in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles. And embryos in IVM group were fertilized from IVM immature oocytes. The average age of the women was 30.50 ± 4.55 years (range 21-42 years) with 87 embryos from IVF group and 75 embryos from IVM group. The rate of aneuploid with 28 of the 87 (32.2%) embryos from IVF group and 21 of the 75 (28%) embryos from IVM group, with no significant difference. The frequency of aneuploid embryos was lowest in the youngest age and increased gradually with women's age, whether in IVF group or IVM group and risen significantly over 35 years old. The embryos with morphological grade 1 have the lowest aneuploidy frequency (16.6%), and increase by the grade, especially in IVF group. In grade 3, embryos in IVM group were more likely to be euploid than IVF group (60% vs 40%, respectively). IVM does not affect the quality of embryos and does not increase the aneuploidy rate of embryos. It is clinically recommended that women more than 35 years have a high aneuploidy rate and recommended to test by PGS (strongly recommended to screened by PGS for women more than 40 years). Women aged less than 35 years old for PGS according to their physical and economic conditions. Embryo with poor quality is also recommended to test by PGS, especially for grade III embryos.

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