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Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Hopea chinensis (Dipterocarpaceae) , a rare and critically endangered species

Shi, Y.; Duan, N.; Liu, B.

Mitochondrial Dna. Part B Resources 4(2): 4079-4080


ISSN/ISBN: 2380-2359
PMID: 33366327
DOI: 10.1080/23802359.2019.1681920
Accession: 071486107

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Hopea chinensis (Dipterocarpaceae) is a rare and critically endangered species. Here, we first report and characterize its complete chloroplast genome sequence based on Illumina paired-end sequencing data. The complete plastid genome was 152,054 bp, which contained inverted repeats (IR) of 21,702 bp separated by a large single-copy (LSC) and a small single-copy (SSC) of 20,462 bp and 88,188 bp, respectively. The cpDNA contains 129 genes, comprising 83 protein-coding genes, 38 tRNA genes, and 8 rRNA genes. The overall GC content of the plastome is 37.4%. The phylogenetic analysis of 18 selected chloroplast genomes demonstrated that H. chinensis was close to the species Parashorea macrophylla.

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