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Giraldo-Soto, C.; Ekoreka, A.; Barragan, A.; Mora, L. 2020: Dataset of an in-use tertiary building collected from a detailed 3D mobile monitoring system and building automation system for indoor and outdoor air temperature analysis. Data in Brief 31: 105907
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Skarlupka, A.L.; Handel, A.; Ross, T.M. 2020: Dataset of antigenic distance measures, hemagglutination inhibition, viral lung titers, and weight loss in mice and ferrets when exposed to HA-based vaccination or sub-lethal A(H1) influenza infection. Data in Brief 32: 106118
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Branda, A.; Castellano, D.; Guizzi, G.; Popolo, V. 2021: Dataset of metaheuristics for the flow shop scheduling problem with maintenance activities integrated. Data in Brief 36: 106985
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Salas-Quinchucua, B.; Díaz-Paz, J.P.; Loaiza-Correa, H.; Umbarila-Prieto, J. 2021: Dataset of microscope images of prefrontal cortex from wistar rat tissue after an induced stroke for image registration and stitching. Data in Brief 36: 107066
Sardar, R.; Satish, D.; Birla, S.; Gupta, D. 2020: Dataset of mutational analysis, mi RNAs targeting SARS-CoV-2 genes and host gene expression in SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 infections. Data in Brief 32: 106207
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Madajczyk, K.; Żuchowski, P.S.; Brzȩk, F.; Rajchel, Łu.; Kȩdziera, D.; Modrzejewski, M.; Hapka, M.ł 2021: Dataset of noncovalent intermolecular interaction energy curves for 24 small high-spin open-shell dimers. Journal of Chemical Physics 154(13): 134106
Rey-Villiers, N.és.; Sánchez, A.; Caballero-Aragón, H.; González-Díaz, P. 2020: Dataset of octocoral assemblages in fore reefs in the northwestern region of Cuba. Data in Brief 31: 105790
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Tehrani, H.D.; Yamini, S. 2020: Dataset of parenting practices, self-control and anti-social behaviors: Meta-analytic structural equation modeling. Data in Brief 32: 106114
Toasa, G.; Morochz, C.; Oleas, N.H. 2020: Dataset of permanent plots of trees with dbh >10cm in Mashpi rainforest biodiversity reserve, a remnant of the Chocó forest in Northern Ecuador. Data in Brief 31: 105845
Álvarez-Ruiz, R.; Picó, Y.; Alfarhan, A.H.; El-Sheikh, M.A.; Alshahrani, H.O.; Barceló, D.à 2020: Dataset of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products occurrence in wetlands of Saudi Arabia. Data in Brief 31: 105776
Sadutto, D.; Andreu, V.; Ilo, T.; Akkanen, J.; Picó, Y. 2021: Dataset of pharmaceuticals and personal care products in a Mediterranean coastal wetland. Data in Brief 36: 106934
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Mu, C.; Sheng, Y.; Wang, Q.; Amin, A.; Li, X.; Xie, Y. 2020: Dataset of potential Rhizoma Polygonati compound-druggable targets and partial pharmacokinetics for treatment of COVID-19. Data in Brief 33: 106475
Patel, R.; Singh, H.; Ashcroft, J.; Woods, A.J.; Darzi, A.; Leff, D.R. 2021: Dataset of prefrontal transcranial direct-current stimulation to improve early surgical knot-tying skills. Data in Brief 35: 106905
Alvarez-Zeferino, J.C.; Ojeda-Benítez, S.; Cruz-Salas, A.A.; Martínez-Salvador, C.; Vázquez Morillas, A. 2020: Dataset of quantification and classification of microplastics in Mexican sandy beaches. Data in Brief 33: 106473
Amin, B.; Robinson, R.ã A.S. 2020: Dataset of quantitative proteomic analysis to understand aging processes in rabbit liver. Data in Brief 31: 105701
Ukezono, M.; Takano, Y. 2021: Dataset of reaching behavior for reward in social situations in mice. Data in Brief 35: 106773
Pannozzo, N.; Leonardi, N.; Carnacina, I.; Smedley, R. 2021: Dataset of results from numerical simulations of increased storm intensity in an estuarine salt marsh system. Data in Brief 38: 107336
Hou, L.; Gupta, R.; Van Arnam, J.S.; Zhang, Y.; Sivalenka, K.; Samaras, D.; Kurc, T.M.; Saltz, J.H. 2020: Dataset of segmented nuclei in hematoxylin and eosin stained histopathology images of ten cancer types. Scientific Data 7(1): 185
Ercoli, M.; Di Giulio, G.; Vassallo, M.; Porreca, M. 2020: Dataset of seismic ambient vibrations from the quaternary Norcia basin (central Italy). Data in Brief 31: 105709
Goulouti, K.; Favre, D.; Giorgi, M.; Padey, P.; Galimshina, A.; Habert, G.; Lasvaux, S.éb. 2021: Dataset of service life data for 100 building elements and technical systems including their descriptive statistics and fitting to lognormal distribution. Data in Brief 36: 107062
Švábenský, V.; Vykopal, J.; Seda, P.; Čeleda, P. 2021: Dataset of shell commands used by participants of hands-on cybersecurity training. Data in Brief 38: 107398
Wibisono, A.; Wisesa, H.A.; Habibie, N.; Arshad, A.; Murdha, A.; Jatmiko, W.; Gamal, A.; Hermawan, I.; Aminah, S. 2020: Dataset of short-term prediction of CO2 concentration based on a wireless sensor network. Data in Brief 31: 105924
Lee, H.; Yun, S.H.; Hyon, J.-Y.; Lee, S.-Y.; Yi, Y.-S.; Choi, C.-W.; Jun, S.; Park, E.C.; Kim, S.I. 2021: Dataset of single nucleotide polymorphisms and comprehensive proteomic analysis of Streptococcus equi subsp. equi ATCC 39506. Data in Brief 38: 107402
Pau, D.; Kumar, B.P.; Namekar, P.; Dhande, G.; Simonetta, L. 2020: Dataset of sodium chloride sterile liquid in bottles for intravenous administration and fill level monitoring. Data in Brief 33: 106472
Fedele, T.; Boran, E.; Chirkov, V.; Hilfiker, P.; Grunwald, T.; Stieglitz, L.; Jokeit, H.; Sarnthein, J. 2021: Dataset of spiking and LFP activity invasively recorded in the human amygdala during aversive dynamic stimuli. Scientific Data 8(1): 9
Ghareeb, S.; Hussain, A.; Khan, W.; Al-Jumeily, D.; Baker, T.; Al-Jumeily, R. 2021: Dataset of student level prediction in UAE. Data in Brief 35: 106908
Sutula, M.; Ho, M.; Sengupta, A.; Kessouri, F.ça.; McLaughlin, K.; McCune, K.; Bianchi, D. 2021: Dataset of terrestrial fluxes of freshwater, nutrients, carbon, and iron to the Southern California bight, U.A.A. Data in Brief 35: 106802
Cheng, Z.; Zhang, X.; Bassig, B.; Hauser, R.; Holford, T.R.; Zheng, E.; Shi, D.; Zhu, Y.; Schwartz, S.M.; Chen, C.; Shi, K.; Yang, B.; Qian, Z.; Boyle, P.; Zheng, T. 2021: Dataset of testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT) risk associated with serum polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) by age at diagnosis and histologic types. Data in Brief 36: 107014
Sakiyama, N.R.M.; Mazzaferro, L.; Carlo, J.C.; Bejat, T.; Garrecht, H. 2021: Dataset of the EnergyPlus model used in the assessment of natural ventilation potential through building simulation. Data in Brief 34: 106753
Patelis, N.; Bisdas, T.; Jing, Z.; Feng, J.; Trenner, M.; Tri Nugroho, N.; Reis, P.E.O.; Elkouri, S.; Lecis, A.; Karam, L.; Roux, D.L.; Ionac, M.; Berczeli, M.; Jongkind, V.; Yeung, K.K.; Katsargyris, A.; Avgerinos, E.; Moris, D.; Choong, A.; Ng, J.J.; Cvjetko, I.; Antoniou, G.A.; Ghibu, P.; Svetlikov, A.; Pedrajas, F.G.; Ebben, H.P.; Stepak, H.; Chornuy, A.; Kostiv, S.; Ancetti, S.; Tadayon, N.; Mekkar, A.; Magnitskiy, L.; Fidalgo-Domingos, L.; Matheiken, S.; Rosello, E.S.S.; Isik, A.; Kirkilesis, G.; Kakavia, K.; Georgopoulos, S. 2021: Dataset of the vascular e-Learning during the COVID-19 pandemic (EL-COVID) survey. Data in Brief 38: 107442
Padilla-Rivas, G.R.; Delgado-Gallegos, J.L.; Montemayor-Garza, R.d.J.ús.; Franco-Villareal, H.éc.; Cosio-León, M.ía.D.L.Án.; Avilés-Rodriguez, G.; Zuñiga-Violante, E.; Romo-Cardenas, G.S.; Islas, J.F. 2021: Dataset of the adapted COVID stress scales for healthcare professionals of the northeast region of Mexico. Data in Brief 34: 106733
Oku, T.; Funashima, H.; Kawaguchi, S.; Kubota, Y.; Kosuga, A. 2021: Dataset of the crystal structures, electrical transport properties, and first-principles electronic structures of GeTe-rich GeTe-Sb2Te3 thermoelectric materials. Data in Brief 39: 107462
Pizzarelli, M. 2021: Dataset of the experimentally measured heat transfer in the throat region of liquid rocket engine thrust chambers. Data in Brief 37: 107173
Zhu, W.; Gao, Y.; Song, C. 2020: Dataset of the land use pattern optimization in Horqin Sandy Land. Data in Brief 33: 106335
Gancarz, M.; Hurd, P.J.; Latoch, P.; Polaszek, A.; Michalska-Madej, J.; Grochowalski, Łu.; Strapagiel, D.; Gnat, S.; Załuski, D.; Rusinek, R.; Starosta, A.L.; Krutmuang, P.; Hernández, R.M.ín.; Pascual, M.H.; Ptaszyńska, A.A. 2021: Dataset of the next-generation sequencing of variable 16S rRNA from bacteria and ITS2 regions from fungi and plants derived from honeybees kept under anthropogenic landscapes. Data in Brief 36: 107019
Cao, X.; Brouwers, J.F.H.M.; van Dijk, L.; van de Lest, C.H.A.; Parker, C.T.; Huynh, S.; van Putten, J.P.H.; Kelly, D.J.; Wösten, M.M.S.M. 2020: Dataset of the phospholipidome and transcriptome of Campylobacter jejuni under different growth conditions. Data in Brief 33: 106349
Cecon, V.S.; Da Silva, P.F.; Vorst, K.L.; Curtzwiler, G.W. 2021: Dataset of the properties of polyethylene (PE) blends of different densities mixed with post-consumer recycled polyethylene (PCRPE). Data in Brief 38: 107452
Jiao, X.; Shi, J.; Qin, S.; Huang, D.; Wang, Y. 2021: Dataset of the transcriptomes of Urechis unicinctus to identify differentially expressed genes (DEGs) under different temperature and exposure to open air. Data in Brief 35: 106941
Silvarajoo, S.; Osman, U.M.; Kamarudin, K.H.; Razali, M.H.; Yusoff, H.M.; Bhat, I.U.H.; Rozaini, M.Z.H.; Juahir, Y. 2020: Dataset of theoretical Molecular Electrostatic Potential (MEP), Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital-Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbital (HOMO-LUMO) band gap and experimental cole-cole plot of 4-(ortho-, meta- and para-fluorophenyl)thiosemicarbazide isomers. Data in Brief 32: 106299
Ariza-López, F.Javier.; Mozas-Calvache, A.Tomás.; Ureña-Cámara, M.Antonio.; Gil de la Vega, P. 2019: Dataset of three-dimensional traces of roads. Scientific Data 6(1): 142
Chen, S.; Liu, W.; Ye, T. 2020: Dataset of trend-preserving bias-corrected daily temperature, precipitation and wind from NEX-GDDP and CMIP5 over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Data in Brief 31: 105733
Nagornov, I.S.; Nishino, J.; Kato, M. 2021: Dataset of tug Hall simulations of cell evolution for colorectal cancer. Data in Brief 34: 106719
Sasongko, A.T.; Jati, G.; Fanany, M.I.; Jatmiko, W. 2020: Dataset of vehicle images for Indonesia toll road tariff classification. Data in Brief 32: 106061
Röhrich, M.; Loi, L.; Floca, R.; Haberkorn, U.; Paech, D. 2020: Dataset of voxelwise correlated signal values of ADC, rCBV and FAP-specific PET of 13 Glioblastoma patients. Data in Brief 31: 105712
Flagiello, D.; Erto, A.; Lancia, A.; Di Natale, F. 2020: Dataset of wet desulphurization scrubbing in a column packed with Mellapak 250.X. Data in Brief 33: 106383
Hasan, N.A.; Haque, M.M. 2020: Dataset of white spot disease affected shrimp farmers disaggregated by the variables of farm site, environment, disease history, operational practices, and saline zones. Data in Brief 31: 105936
Li, X.; Fischer, H.åk.; Manzouri, A.; Månsson, K.N.T.; Li, T.-Q. 2021: Dataset of whole-brain resting-state fMRi of 227 young and elderly adults acquired at 3T. Data in Brief 38: 107333
Shi, Y.; Shi, Z.M. 2020: Dataset of wind blow sand erosion test on ultrasonic surface treated cementitious composites. Data in Brief 31: 105943
López, S.; Ramos, M.J.; García-Vargas, J.M.; García, M.T.; Rodríguez, J.F.; Gracia, I. 2021: Dataset of working mPEG-alkyne with scCO2. Data in Brief 35: 106907
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Wayoi, D.S.; Margana, M.; Prasojo, L.D.; Habibi, A. 2021: Dataset on Islamic school teachers' organizational commitment as factors affecting job satisfaction and job performance. Data in Brief 37: 107181
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Rumuri, R. 2020: Dataset on hydrogeochemical characteristics of groundwater and surface water in Kattumannarkoil Taluk, India. Data in Brief 32: 106058
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Orosun, M.M.; Oyewumi, K.J.; Usikalu, M.R.; Onumejor, C.A. 2020: Dataset on radioactivity measurement of Beryllium mining field in Ifelodun and gold mining field in Moro, Kwara State, North-central Nigeria. Data in Brief 31: 105888
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Adegoke, R.O.; Oyebamiji, A.K.; Semire, B. 2020: Dataset on the DFT-QSAR, and docking approaches for anticancer activities of 1, 2, 3-triazole-pyrimidine derivatives against human esophageal carcinoma (EC-109). Data in Brief 31: 105963
Van Khuc, Q.; Phu, T.V.; Luu, P. 2020: Dataset on the Hanoian suburbanites' perception and mitigation strategies towards air pollution. Data in Brief 33: 106414
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Tran, Q.V.; Tran, L.T.; Nguyen, D.T.K.; Ta, L.H.; Nguyen, L.V.; Nguyen, T.T. 2021: Dataset on the agronomic characteristics and combining ability of new parental lines in the two-line hybrid rice systems in Vietnam. Data in Brief 36: 107069
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Divahar, R.; Raj, P.S.A.; Sangeetha, S.P.; Mohanakavitha, T.; Meenambal, T. 2020: Dataset on the assessment of water quality of ground water in Kalingarayan Canal, Erode district, Tamil Nadu, India. Data in Brief 32: 106112
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Budko, D.F.; Lobus, N.V.; Vedenin, A.A. 2021: Dataset on the content of major, trace, and rare-earth elements in the bottom sediments and bivalve mollusks of the Kara Sea (Arctic Ocean). Data in Brief 36: 107087
Guateque-Londoño, J.F.; Serna-Galvis, E.ím.A.; Silva-Agredo, J.; Ávila-Torres, Y.; Torres-Palma, R.A. 2020: Dataset on the degradation of losartan by TiO2-photocatalysis and UVC/persulfate processes. Data in Brief 31: 105692
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Ren, J.-C.; Liu, H.; Zhang, G.-H.; Wang, T.; Li, J.; Dong, T.; Wu, H.; Xia, Z.-L. 2020: Dataset on the effect of Benzene exposure on genetic damage, hematotoxicity, telomere length and polymorphisms in metabolic and DNA repair genes. Data in Brief 31: 105869
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Baldion, P.A.; Betancourt, D.E. 2021: Dataset on the effect of flavonoids on the stabilization of the resin-dentin interface. Data in Brief 35: 106984
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Svintsov, A.P.; Galishnikova, V.V.; Stashevskaya, N.А 2020: Dataset on the effect of nano-modified additives of concrete mixes technological properties for winter concreting. Data in Brief 31: 105756
Nguyen, H.T.; Duong, D.C. 2021: Dataset on the effect of perceived educational support on entrepreneurial intention among Vietnamese students. Data in Brief 35: 106761
Ding, Y.; Zhang, S.; Li, M.; Ma, C.; Zhang, Z.; Mao, W.; Bao, K. 2020: Dataset on the effect of sodium sources on the morphology, crystallite size and carbon content of NaTi2(po4)3/c composite prepared by an in situ process. Data in Brief 31: 105871
Mulyono, H.; Saskia, R. 2020: Dataset on the effects of self-confidence, motivation and anxiety on Indonesian students' willingness to communicate in face-to-face and digital settings. Data in Brief 31: 105774
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Tiozon, R.N.; Camacho, D.H.; Bonto, A.P.; Oyong, G.G.; Sreenivasulu, N. 2020: Dataset on the folic acid uptake and the effect of sonication-based fortification on the color, pasting and textural properties of brown and milled rice. Data in Brief 32: 106198
Ghani, N.A.M.; Yusop, F.D.; Kamarulzaman, Y. 2020: Dataset on the green consumption behaviour amongst Malaysian consumers. Data in Brief 32: 106302
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Uthamaputhran, L.; Ahmad, F.; Hassan, H.; Jaganathan, M. 2021: Dataset on the influence TPB predictors on environmental responsive behaviour amongst head teachers in the northern region of malaysia. Data in Brief 35: 106815
Rahman, M.M.; Alam, M.A.; Salehin, M.M.; Ahammad, G.S.; Janny, R.J.; Jahan, N.; Haque, M.M. 2021: Dataset on the influence of zinc foliar application and vermicompost on agromorphogenic traits of Aloe vera. Data in Brief 38: 107436
Wiyono, A.; Pambudi, N.A.; Hijriawan, M.; Gandidi, I.M.; Husen, A.S.; Purnawan 2020: Dataset on the integrated downdraft gasifier and multi integrated gas cleaner system (IGCS) for municipal solid waste (MSW). Data in Brief 30: 105521
Thomai, M.P.; Sivamani, S.; Venkatesan, H. 2020: Dataset on the measurement of power in the hybrid vertical axis wind turbine in natural wind. Data in Brief 31: 105922
Ntenga, R.; Mfoumou, E.; Béakou, A.; Tango, M.; Kamga, J.; Ahmed, A. 2019: Dataset on the microstructure morphology and elemental composition of the palm kernel shell and the coconut kernel shell by TEM/SEM and EDXA/EDS. Data in Brief 22: 336-343
Sani, A.S.; Abu Bakar, A.S.B. 2021: Dataset on the perceptions of ordinary people on the persistence of bribery practices in Nigeria. Data in Brief 34: 106616
Maluwa, A.; Snake, M.; Zidana, H.; Chigwechokha, P.; Simwaka, M. 2020: Dataset on the production of predominantly male tilapia progeny using two malawian tilapias, Oreochromis karongae and Oreochromis shiranus. Data in Brief 31: 105716
Egbetokun, A.; Olofinyehun, A. 2021: Dataset on the production, dissemination and uptake of social science research in Nigeria. Data in Brief 35: 106932
Maham, R.; Bhatti, O.K. 2020: Dataset on the scale validation of Islamic piety. Data in Brief 33: 106360
Pour-Aboughadareh, A.; Poczai, P. 2021: Dataset on the use of MGIdi index in screening drought-tolerant wild wheat accessions at the early growth stage. Data in Brief 36: 107096
Oyebamiji, A.K.; Akintelu, S.A.; Amao, O.P.; Kaka, M.O.; Morakinyo, A.E.; Amao, F.A.; Semire, B. 2021: Dataset on theoretical bio-evaluation of 1,2,4-thiadiazole-1,2,4-triazole analogues against epidermal growth factor receptor kinase down regulating human lung cancer. Data in Brief 37: 107234
Oyedepo, S.O.; Kilanko, O.; Waheed, M.A.; Fayomi, O.S.I.; Ohunakin, O.S.; Babalola, P.O.; Ongbali, S.O.; Nwaokocha, C.N.; Mabinuori, B.; Shopeju, O.O. 2020: Dataset on thermodynamics performance analysis and optimization of a reheat - regenerative steam turbine power plant with feed water heaters. Data in Brief 32: 106086
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Gijbels, E.; Devisscher, L.; Vinken, M. 2021: Dataset on transcriptomic profiling of cholestatic liver injury induced by food additives and a cosmetic ingredient. Data in Brief 38: 107373
Kumar, S.S.; Vardhan, T.V.; Babu, B.S.; Chakravarthy, C.N.; Prabhakar, N.; Rao, K.V.; Tirupathi, K. 2020: Dataset on tribological, characterization and thermal properties of Silicon carbide reinforced polyamide composites for industrial applications. Data in Brief 30: 105662
Buenafe, R.J.Q.; Kumanduri, V.; Sreenivasulu, N. 2021: Dataset on viscosity and starch polymer properties to predict texture through modeling. Data in Brief 36: 107038
Brotosusilo, A.; Handayani, D. 2020: Dataset on waste management behaviors of urban citizens in large cities of Indonesia. Data in Brief 32: 106053
Noguera-Polania, J.é F.; Hernández-García, J.; Galaviz-López, D.F.; Torres, L.; Guzmán, J.E.V.; Sanjuán-Mejía, M.E.; Jiménez-Cabas, J. 2020: Dataset on water-glycerol flow in a horizontal pipeline with and without leaks. Data in Brief 31: 105950
Steenkamp, J.D.; Lindstad, C.; Lindstad, L. 2021: Dataset produced by automated sand-rammer, clay-gun, and plate viscometer for three different tap-hole clays. Data in Brief 35: 106819
Kadijevich, D.M.; Masliković, D.; Tomić, B.M. 2020: Dataset regarding access to information for persons with disabilities in Serbia. Data in Brief 32: 106309
Barbieri, D.M.; Dorval, J.-G.; Lou, B.; Chen, H.; Shu, B.; Wang, F.; Hoff, I. 2021: Dataset regarding the mechanical characterization of sedimentary rocks derived from Svalbard for possible use in local road constructions. Data in Brief 34: 106735
Wan Sulaiman, W.M.S.; Ismail, Z.; Wan Sulaiman, W.S.; Kawangit, R.M. 2021: Dataset relating self-control and hope among participants in Malaysian rehabilitation centers. Data in Brief 35: 106890
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Manful, C.F.; Vidal, N.P.; Pham, T.H.; Nadeem, M.; Wheeler, E.; Thomas, R.H. 2020: Dataset showing the relationship between terpenes, antioxidants and polyphenols in protecting ester and ether linked glycerophospholipids of grilled beef and moose meat marinated with unfiltered beer from oxidation. Data in Brief 33: 106324
Lech, K. 2020: Dataset supporting the identification of natural dyes in yellow, orange, brown and green fibres from Krakow liturgical vestments. Data in Brief 31: 105735
Schenk, J.; Höss, S.; Brinke, M.; Kleinbölting, N.; Brüchner-Hüttemann, H.; Traunspurger, W. 2020: Dataset supporting the use of nematodes as bioindicators of polluted sediments. Data in Brief 32: 106087
Akande, O.N.; Badmus, T.A.; Akindele, A.T.; Arulogun, O.T. 2020: Dataset to support the adoption of social media and emerging technologies for students' continuous engagement. Data in Brief 31: 105926
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Williams, V.L.; Burness, A.; Wojtasik, E.M.; Byrne, M.J. 2021: Dataset, including a photo-guide, of alien plants sold in traditional medicine markets and healthcare outlets in three South African cities, specifically by traders of Indian, West African, East African, and Chinese origin. Data in Brief 38: 107395
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Schwenk-Nebbe, L.J.; Victoria, M.; Andresen, G.B. 2021: Dataset: a proxy for historical CO2 emissions related to centralised electricity generation in Europe. Data in Brief 36: 107016
Arévalo-Valenzuela, P.; Peña-Cortés, F.; Pincheira-Ulbrich, J. 2021: Dataset: Ecosystem services and uses of dune systems of the coast of the Araucanía Region, Chile: a perception study. Data in Brief 35: 106725
Jacobs, P.; Ohinmaa, A. 2021: Dataset: local government mask orders preceding statewide orders by US states. F1000research 10: 8
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