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Demineralization Inhibitory Effects of Highly Concentrated Fluoride Dentifrice and Fluoride Gels/Solutions on Sound Dentin and Artificial Dentin Caries Lesions in vitro

Erdwey, D.; Meyer-Lueckel, H.; Esteves-Oliveira, M.; Apel, C.; Wierichs, R.J.

Caries Research 55(1): 41-54


ISSN/ISBN: 1421-976X
PMID: 33285548
DOI: 10.1159/000509931
Accession: 071556403

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The aim of this in vitro study was to compare the demineralization inhibitory effect of gels/solutions used in combination with either standard or highly fluoridated dentifrices on sound dentin as well as on artificial dentin caries-like lesions. Bovine dentin specimens (n = 240) with two different surfaces each (sound [ST] and artificial caries lesion [DT]) were prepared and randomly allocated to twelve groups. Weekly interventions during pH-cycling (28 days, 6 × 120 min demineralization/day) were: the application of gels/solutions containing amine fluoride/sodium fluoride (12,500 ppm F [ppm]; pH = 4.4; AmF); NaF (12,500 ppm; pH = 6.6; NaF1); NaF (12,500 ppm; pH = 6.3; NaF2); silver diamine fluoride (14,200 ppm; pH = 8.7; SDF); acidulated phosphate fluoride (12,500 ppm; pH = 3.8; APF), and no intervention (standard control; S). Furthermore, half of the specimens in each group were brushed (10 s; twice per day) with dentifrice slurries containing either 1,450 ppm (e.g., AmF1450) or 5,000 ppm (e.g., AmF5000). Differences in integrated mineral loss (ΔΔZ) and lesion depth (ΔLD) were calculated between values before and after pH-cycling using transversal microradiography. After pH-cycling Ss showed significantly increased ΔZDT and LDDT values, indicating further demineralization. In contrast, except for one, all groups including fluoride gels/solutions showed significantly decreased ΔZDT values. Additional use of most fluoride gels/solutions significantly enhanced mineral gain, mainly in the surface area; however, acidic gels/solutions seemed to have negative effects on lesion depths. Under the present pH-cycling conditions the highly fluoridated dentifrice significantly reduced caries progression and additional application of nearly all of the fluoride gels/solutions resulted in remineralization. However, there was no difference in the remineralizing capacity of fluoride gels/solutions when used in combination with either standard or highly fluoridated dentifrices.

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