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Design and use of a sapphire single-crystal gas-pressure cell for in situ neutron powder diffraction

Finger, R.; Kurtzemann, N.; Hansen, T.C.; Kohlmann, H.

Journal of Applied Crystallography 54(Part 3): 839-846


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8898
PMID: 34188615
Accession: 071563560

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A sapphire single-crystal gas-pressure cell without external support allowing unobstructed optical access by neutrons has been developed and optimized for elastic in situ neutron powder diffraction using hydrogen (deuterium) gas at the high-intensity two-axis diffractometer D20 at the Institut Laue-Langevin (Grenoble, France). Given a proper orientation of the single-crystal sample holder with respect to the detector, parasitic reflections from the sample holder can be avoided and the background can be kept low. Hydrogen (deuterium) gas pressures of up to 16.0 MPa at 298 K and 8.0 MPa at 655 K were tested successfully for a wall thickness of 3 mm. Heating was achieved by a two-sided laser heating system. The typical time resolution of in situ investigations of the reaction pathway of hydrogen (deuterium) uptake or release is on the order of 1 min. Detailed descriptions of all parts of the sapphire single-crystal gas-pressure cell are given, including materials information, technical drawings and instructions for use.

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