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Sympathetic and visceral nerve blocks
What should be done after bee or wasp stings?
Anti-drool cheiloplasty: clinical results in six dogs
The biology of human starvation: some new insights
Vitamin B12 deficiency as a worldwide problem
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
On the nature and role of vivotoxins in plant disease
History of the discovery of vitamins by N. I. Lunin
Preliminary tests with residual sprays against poultry lice
MDU.1, a new mutant chilli variety
A study on compatibility of some insecticides with a fungicide on small cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum Maton.)
The cranial nerves of Mystus seenghala (Sykes)
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Human monkeypox: disease pattern, incidence and attack rates in a rural area of northern Zaire
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A rapid survey of katydids (Insecta: Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) of the Foret Classee du Pic de Fon, Guinea
Cranial nerves of Labeo rohita (Ham.)
Evaluating fundamentals of care: The development of a unit-level quality measurement and improvement programme
Life-cycle of the free-living nematode Pontonema vulgare in the White Sea
Grey leaf blight - a new disease of cocoa
Effect of foliar spray of urea and zinc sulphate on yield and fruit quality of Kinnow - 'a mandarin hybrid'

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 71573

Chapter 71573 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Determining the composition of the Earth
, Nature 416(6876): 39-44 (2002)

Determining the contents and cell origins of apoptotic bodies by flow cytometry
, Scientific Reports 7(1): 14444 (2017)

Determining the contribution of NPM1 heterozygosity to NPM-ALK-induced lymphomagenesis
, Laboratory Investigation; a Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 91(9): 1298-1303 (2011)

Determining the contribution of a high-fructose corn syrup formulation to hepatic glycogen synthesis during ad-libitum feeding in mice
, Scientific Reports 10(1): 12852 (2020)

Determining the contributions of climate change and human activities to the vegetation NPP dynamics in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China, from 2000 to 2015
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 192(10): 663 (2020)

Determining the coordination environment and electronic structure of polymer-encapsulated cobalt phthalocyanine under electrocatalytic CO 2 reduction conditions using in situ X-Ray absorption spectroscopy
, Dalton Transactions 49(45): 16329-16339 (2020)

Determining the core vocabulary used by Sepedi-speaking children during regular preschool activities
, International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology 2021: 1-10 (2021)

Determining the correlation between Cobb angle severity and bone mineral density in women with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis
, Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences 16(3): 365-368 (2021)

Determining the correlation between olive oil consumption, BMI, and waist circumference in the adult Saudi population
, Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences 15(5): 380-386 (2020)

Determining the critical factors of air-conditioning innovation using an integrated model of fuzzy Kano-QFD during the COVID-19 pandemic: The perspective of air purification
, Plos one 16(7): E0255051 (2021)

Determining the crystallographic orientation of hexagonal crystal structure materials with surface acoustic wave velocity measurements
, Ultrasonics 108: 106171 (2020)

Determining the current size and state of subvolcanic magma reservoirs
, Nature Communications 11(1): 5477 (2020)

Determining the deformation and resulting coupling efficiency degradation of ultrastable fiber-coupled optical benches under load
, Review of Scientific Instruments 91(12): 123001 (2020)

Determining the dental origins of foreign bodies in foodstuffs: applications of a new microscopic technique
, British Dental Journal 176(1): 22-25 (1994)

Determining the dielectric constant of injection-molded polymer-matrix nanocomposites filled with barium titanate
, Mrs Communications 10(4): 587-593 (2020)

Determining the domain-level reaction-diffusion properties of an actin-binding protein transgelin-2 within cells
, Experimental Cell Research 2021: 112619 (2021)

Determining the duration of an ultra-intense laser pulse directly in its focus
, Scientific Reports 9(1): 19607 (2019)

Determining the effect of an intercultural nursing course on empathic skill and intercultural sensitivity levels: An intervention study
, Nurse Education Today 99: 104782 (2021)

Determining the effect of different environmental conditions on Ebola virus viability in clinically relevant specimens
, Emerging Microbes and Infections 7(1): 52 (2018)

Determining the effect of ocular chemical injuries on topical drug delivery
, Drug Delivery 28(1): 2044-2050 (2021)

Determining the effect of sertraline on nitrogen transformation through the microbial food web in sediments based on 15 N-DNA-stable isotope probing
, Environmental Research 2021: 111347 (2021)

Determining the effect of stair nosing shape on foot trajectory during stair ambulation in healthy and post-stroke individuals
, Applied Ergonomics 91: 103304 (2021)

Determining the effect of tele-rehabilitation on patients with stutter using the goal attainment scaling (GAS)
, Bmc Medical Informatics and Decision Making 21(1): 280 (2021)

Determining the effect of time dependent and time independent factors on pneumonia of children under five in North west Ethiopia
, Turkish Journal of Pediatrics 63(4): 626-638 (2021)

Determining the effect of water temperature on the T1 and T2 relaxation times of the lung tissue at 9.4 T MRI: A drowning mouse model
, Legal Medicine 49: 101836 (2021)

Determining the effectiveness of peer-assisted learning in medical education: A systematic review and meta-analysis
, Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences 15(3): 177-184 (2020)

Determining the effectiveness of using dermal swabs to evaluate the stress physiology of laboratory cephalopods: A preliminary investigation
, General and Comparative Endocrinology 2021: 113903 (2021 )

Determining the effects of Class I landfill leachate on biological nutrient removal in wastewater treatment
, Journal of Environmental Management 275: 111198 (2020)

Determining the effects of LLD and MCI on brain decline according to machine learning and a structural covariance network analysis
, Journal of Psychiatric Research 126: 43-54 (2020)

Determining the effects of manganese source and level on growth performance and carcass characteristics of growing-finishing pigs
, Translational Animal Science 5(2): Txab067 (2021)

Determining the effects of nanoparticulate air pollution on proteostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans
, Plos one 15(12): E0243419 (2020)

Determining the effects of nutrition on the reproductive physiology of male mosquitoes
, Journal of Insect Physiology 2021: 104191 (2021)

Determining the effects of traditional learning approach and interactive learning activities on personal and professional factors among Saudi intern nurses
, Nursing Open 8(1): 327-332 (2021)

Determining the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation on tinnitus and tinnitus-related outcomes: protocol for a systematic review
, Bmj Open 11(3): E047191 (2021)

Determining the effects of trastuzumab, cetuximab and afatinib by phosphoprotein, gene expression and phenotypic analysis in gastric cancer cell lines
, Bmc Cancer 20(1): 1039 (2020)

Determining the effects of wind-aided midge movement on the outbreak and coexistence of multiple bluetongue virus serotypes in patchy environments
, Mathematical Biosciences 2021: 108718 (2021)

Determining the efficacy of 27 commercially available disinfectants against human noroviruses
, Journal of Infection and Public Health 14(2): 244-248 (2021)

Determining the efficacy of low-dose oral benzodiazepine administration and use of wide-bore magnet in assisting claustrophobic patients to undergo MRI brain examination
, Clinical Imaging 79: 289-295 (2021)

Determining the epigenome using DNA alone
, Nature Methods 12(3): 191-192 (2015)

Determining the extent of maternal-foetal chimerism in cord blood
, Scientific Reports 9(1): 5247 (2019)

Determining the factors affecting the gestational length in sheep
, Archives Animal Breeding 64(1): 83-89 (2021)

Determining the factors affecting the visibilities of various clips in axillary nodes on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
, Breast Journal 26(11): 2299-2301 (2020)

Determining the fate of lead (Pb) and phosphorus (P) in alkaline Pb-polluted soils amended with P and acidified using multiple synchrotron-based techniques
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 399: 123037 (2020)

Determining the feasibility of a trial to evaluate the effectiveness of phototherapy versus placebo at reducing pain during physical activity for people with knee osteoarthritis: a pilot randomized controlled trial
, Pilot and Feasibility Studies 6(1): 186 (2020)

Determining the feasibility of an index of the social determinants of health using data from public sources
, Informatics for Health and Social Care 2021: 1-13 (2021)

Determining the frequency of open windows in motor vehicles: a pilot study using a video camera in Houston, Texas during high temperature conditions
, Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology 12(3): 214-225 (2002)

Determining the frequency of open windows in residences: a pilot study in Durham, North Carolina during varying temperature conditions
, Journal of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology 15(4): 329-349 (2005)

Determining the frequency of thyroid parameter measurements following rhTSH administration in a healthy, older population
, Methodsx 8: 101400 (2021)

Determining the function of LvSmad3 on Litopenaeus vannamei in response to acute low temperature stress
, Developmental and Comparative Immunology 2021: 104209 (2021)

Determining the geographical model and environmental resilience patterns in Iranian provinces
, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 193(8): 524 (2021)

Determining the geographical origin of milk by multivariate analysis based on stable isotope ratios, elements and fatty acids
, Analytical Methods: Advancing Methods and Applications 2021 (2021)

Determining the health of one kidney in kidney tuberculosis
, Helvetica Chirurgica Acta 13(2): 156 (1946)

Determining the healthy lifestyle behaviors and e-health literacy levels in adolescents
, Revista da Escola de Enfermagem da U S P 55: E03742 (2021)

Determining the hydration free energies of selected small molecules with MP2 and local MP2 through adaptive force matching
, Journal of Chemical Physics 154(10): 104113 (2021)

Determining the immune environment of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma lesions through the assessment of lesional blood drops
, Scientific Reports 11(1): 19629 (2021)

Determining the immunohistochemical expression of GLUT1 in renal cell carcinoma using the HSCORE method
, Biomedical Reports 15(4): 79 (2021)

Determining the impact of Medicaid expansion on cancer burden
, Cancer 126(18): 4114-4117 (2020)

Determining the impact of an interprofessional simulation focused on social determinants of health among pharmacy students
, Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning 13(7): 779-783 (2021)

Determining the impact of augmented reality graphic spatial location and motion on driver behaviors
, Applied Ergonomics 96: 103510 (2021)

Determining the impact of roasting degree, coffee to water ratio and brewing method on the sensory characteristics of cold brew Ugandan coffee
, Food Research International 137: 109667 (2020)

Determining the impact of timing and of clinical factors during end-of-life decision-making in potential controlled donation after circulatory death donors
, American journal of transplantation: official journal of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons 20(12): 3574-3581 (2020)

Determining the impact of uncharacterized inversions in the human genome by droplet digital PCR
, Genome Research 30(5): 724-735 (2020)

Determining the incidence of interstitial pneumonitis and chronic kidney disease following full intensity haemopoetic stem cell transplant conditioned using a forward-planned intensity modulated total body irradiation technique
, RadioTherapy and Oncology: Journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology 158: 97-103 (2021)

Determining the incidence of needle-related complications in hemodialysis access: We need a better system
, Journal of Vascular Access 2020: 1129729820946917 (2020)

Determining the indications for post mastectomy radiotherapy: moving from 20th century clinical staging to 21st century biological criteria
, Annals of Oncology: Official Journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology 26(6): 1043-1044 (2015)

Determining the infectious potential of individuals with positive RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 tests
, Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America 2020 (2020)

Determining the influence of structure on hybridization using oligonucleotide arrays
, Nature Biotechnology 17(8): 788-792 (1999)

Determining the information needs of contact lens wearers for better education and more support: a qualitative study
, Bmc Ophthalmology 21(1): 325 (2021)

Determining the informational needs of family caregivers of people with intellectual disability who require palliative care: A qualitative study
, Palliative and Supportive Care 2020: 1-10 (2020)

Determining the interaction status and evolutionary fate of duplicated homomeric proteins
, Plos Computational Biology 16(8): E1008145 (2020)

Determining the interactions between postural variability structure and discomfort development using nonlinear analysis techniques during prolonged standing work
, Applied Ergonomics 96: 103489 (2021)

Determining the invasiveness of pure ground-glass nodules using dual-energy spectral computed tomography
, Translational Lung Cancer Research 9(3): 484-495 (2020)

Determining the kinetic constants leading to mineralization of dilute carbamazepine and estradiol-containing solutions under continuous supercritical water oxidation conditions
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 422: 126797 (2021)

Determining the leading sources of N-nitrosamines and dissolved organic matter in four reservoirs in Southern China
, Science of the Total Environment 771: 145409 (2021)

Determining the level of evidence: Nonexperimental research designs
, Nursing 51(2): 62-65 (2021)

Determining the level of evidence: Nonresearch evidence
, Nursing 51(3): 53-57 (2021)

Determining the level of extra-pair paternity in yellow-bellied prinias, a socially monogamous passerine
, Zoological Research 2020: 1-8 (2020)

Determining the level of social distancing necessary to avoid future COVID-19 epidemic waves: a modelling study for North East London
, Scientific Reports 11(1): 5806 (2021)

Determining the likely place of HIV acquisition for migrants in Europe combining subject-specific information and biomarkers data
, Statistical Methods in Medical Research 28(7): 1979-1997 (2019)

Determining the limiting water level of early flood season by combining multiobjective optimization scheduling and copula joint distribution function: A case study of three gorges reservoir
, Science of the Total Environment 737: 139789 (2020)

Determining the location and nearest neighbours of aluminium in zeolites with atom probe tomography
, Nature Communications 6: 7589 (2015)

Determining the macropinocytic index of cells through a quantitative image-based assay
, Nature Protocols 9(1): 182-192 (2014)

Determining the maximal storage time of centrifuged citrated samples for performing add-on routine coagulation tests
, Thrombosis Research 196: 54-62 ( 2020)

Determining the maximum information gain and optimizing experimental design in neutron reflectometry using the Fisher information
, Journal of Applied Crystallography 54(Pt 4): 1100-1110 (2021)

Determining the meaning of claim terms
, Nature Biotechnology 24(1): 41-43 (2006)

Determining the mechanism of cusp proton aurora
, Scientific Reports 3: 1654 (2013)

Determining the median effective dose of prolonged exposure therapy for veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder
, Behaviour Research and Therapy 135: 103756 (2020)

Determining the microbial and chemical contamination in Ecuador's main rivers
, Scientific Reports 11(1): 17640 (2021)

Determining the minimal important difference of the Oral Health Impact Profile for Chronic Periodontitis
, Journal of Clinical Periodontology 47(10): 1201-1208 (2020)

Determining the molecular landscape and impact on prognosis in HPV-associated head and neck cancer
, Cancers of the Head and Neck 5: 11 (2020)

Determining the nature of the gap in semiconducting graphene
, Scientific Reports 7: 41713 (2017)

Determining the need for fertility care and the acceptability and feasibility of administering a fertility awareness tool from the user's perspective in a sample of Sudanese infertility patients
, Reproductive Biomedicine and Society Online 13: 85-97 (2021)

Determining the normal effective diameter of thoracic aorta in pediatric population of India
, Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging 30(2): 170-176 (2020)

Determining the number of hidden layer and hidden neuron of neural network for wind speed prediction
, PEERJ. Computer Science 7: E724 (2021)

Determining the number of repetitions to establish isokinetic knee evaluation protocols specific to angular velocities of 60°/second and 180°/second
, Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies 25: 255-260 (2021)

Determining the number of specific proteins in cellular compartments by quantitative microscopy
, Nature Protocols 6(12): 1953-1968 (2011)

Determining the nutritional immunity information seeking behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic in India: A Google Trends data analysis
, Public Health Nutrition 2021: 1-26 (2021)

Determining the optimal cholecalciferol dosing regimen in children with CKD: a randomized controlled trial
, Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation: Official Publication of the European Dialysis and Transplant Association - European Renal Association 2020 (2020)

Determining the optimal dose in the development of anticancer agents
, Nature Reviews. Clinical Oncology 11(5): 272-281 (2014)

Determining the optimal dose of reactive balance training after stroke: study protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial
, Bmj Open 10(8): E038073 (2020)

Determining the optimal dosing of a novel combination regimen of ceftazidime/avibactam with aztreonam against NDM-1-producing Enterobacteriaceae using a hollow-fibre infection model
, Journal of Antimicrobial ChemoTherapy 75(9): 2622-2632 (2020)

Determining the optimal duration for premature ventricular contraction monitoring
, Heart Rhythm 17(12): 2119-2125 (2020)

Determining the optimal duration of adjuvant therapy in colon cancer
, Clinical Advances in Hematology and Oncology: H&o 19(4): 220-222 (2021)

Determining the optimal expression method for dual-color imaging
, Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2020: 109064 (2020)

Determining the optimal interval for imaging surveillance of ascending aortic aneurysms
, Netherlands Heart Journal: Monthly Journal of the Netherlands Society of Cardiology and the Netherlands Heart Foundation 2021 (2021)

Determining the optimal magnetic resonance imaging sequences for the efficient diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorders
, Quantitative Imaging in Medicine and Surgery 11(4): 1343-1353 (2021)

Determining the optimal method for proteinuria detection in chronic spinal cord injury
, Spinal Cord 50(2): 153-158 (2012)

Determining the optimal pulse number for theta burst induced change in cortical excitability
, Scientific Reports 11(1): 8726 (2021)

Determining the optimal puncture site of CT-guided transthoracic needle aspiration biopsy for the diagnosis of tuberculosis
, Journal of Thoracic Disease 12(8): 3987-3994 (2020)

Determining the optimal strategy for reopening schools, the impact of test and trace interventions, and the risk of occurrence of a second COVID-19 epidemic wave in the UK: a modelling study
, LANCET. Child and Adolescent Health 4(11): 817-827 (2020)

Determining the optimal timing of screening spinal cord ultrasonography to detect filum terminale lipoma in infants
, Ultrasonography 39(4): 367-375 (2020)

Determining the optimum morphology in high-performance polymer-fullerene organic photovoltaic cells
, Nature Communications 4: 2867 (2013)

Determining the pathogenicity of genetic variants associated with cardiac channelopathies
, Scientific Reports 5: 7953 (2015)

Determining the pathogenicity of patient-derived TSC2 mutations by functional characterization and clinical evidence
, European Journal of Human Genetics: Ejhg 19(7): 789-795 (2011)

Determining the perceived safety and security attitude and knowledge of urban residents towards bus fires
, Burns: Journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries 46(3): 687-694 (2020)

Determining the phase diagram of atomically thin layered antiferromagnet CrCl 3
, Nature Nanotechnology 14(12): 1116-1122 (2019)

Determining the phosphorus release of GraINzyme phytase in diets for nursery pigs
, Translational Animal Science 5(3): Txab105 (2021)

Determining the photostability of avobenzone in sunscreen formulation models using ultrafast spectroscopy
, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, PCCP (2021)

Determining the physical properties of polymer in different admixtures used for self-compacting cement paste by ESEM
, Micron 139: 102953 (2020)

Determining the polarization state of an extreme ultraviolet free-electron laser beam using atomic circular dichroism
, Nature Communications 5: 3648 (2014)

Determining the polysaccharide composition of plant cell walls
, Nature Protocols 7(9): 1590-1607 (2012)

Determining the potential link of self-compassion with eating pathology and body image among women: a longitudinal mediational study
, Eating and Weight Disorders: Ewd 2021 (2021)

Determining the potential of mobilephone-based health interventions in Kumasi, Ghana
, Ghana Medical Journal 54(2): 88-92 (2020)

Determining the precise anatomic location of the sensory nerves to the abdominal wall: Optimizing autologous innervation of abdominally based free flaps
, Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery: Jpras 2020 (2020)

Determining the presence of undeclared animal species using Real-time PCR in canned and ready-to-eat meat products in South Africa
, Journal of Food Science and Technology (Mysore) 58(7): 2699-2704 (2021)

Determining the prevalence and risk factors for prescription drug unaffordability
, Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy: Rsap 2021 (2021)

Determining the prevalence of McArdle disease from gene frequency by analysis of next-generation sequencing data
, Genetics in Medicine: Official Journal of the American College of Medical Genetics 17(12): 1002-1006 (2015)

Determining the prevalence of cannabis, tobacco, and vaping device mentions in online communities using natural language processing
, Drug and Alcohol Dependence 228: 109016 (2021)

Determining the prevalence of high-risk human papillomavirus infection using a novel cervical precancer screening approach in incarcerated women at the Nsawam Medium Security Prison, Ghana
, Ecancermedicalscience 15: 1248 (2021)

Determining the prevalence of palliative needs and exploring screening accuracy of depression and anxiety items of the integrated palliative care outcome scale - a multi-centre study
, Bmc Palliative Care 19(1): 69 (2020)

Determining the prevalence of symptoms and risk of obstructive sleep apnoea among old Saudis
, Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences 16(3): 402-412 (2021)

Determining the primary sources of fecal pollution using microbial source tracking assays combined with land-use information in the Edwards Aquifer
, Water Research 184: 116211 (2020)

Determining the probability of an important difference in bioavailability
, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 28(2): 247-252 (1980)

Determining the probability of juvenile delinquency by using support vector machines and designing a clinical decision support system
, Medical Hypotheses 143: 110118 (2020)

Determining the prognosis of patients with renal cell carcinoma: is it time for a re-evaluation?
, Nature Clinical Practice. Urology 3(10): 510-511 (2006)

Determining the prognostic significance of IKKα in prostate cancer
, Prostate 80(14): 1188-1202 (2020)

Determining the quantitative relationship between glycolysis and GAPDH in cancer cells exhibiting the Warburg effect
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 202(1): 100369 (2021)

Determining the radial distribution function of water using electron scattering: A key to solution phase chemistry
, Journal of Chemical Physics 153(19): 194504 (2020)

Determining the real site of peroneal nerve injury with knee dislocation: Earlierier is easier
, Journal of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery: Jpras 2021 (2021)

Determining the reasons for unmet healthcare needs in South Korea: a secondary data analysis
, Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 19(1): 99 (2021)

Determining the recommended dose of pacritinib: results from the PAC203 dose-finding trial in advanced myelofibrosis
, Blood Advances 4(22): 5825-5835 (2020)

Determining the refractive index, absolute thickness and local slope of a thin transparent film using multi-wavelength and multi-incident-angle interference
, Optics Express 28(16): 24198-24213 (2020)

Determining the relation between total knee arthroplasty surgery site drainage in two weeks after surgery with periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) in two years
, International Journal of Burns and Trauma 11(1): 62-68 (2021)

Determining the relationship between SARS-CoV-2 infection, dopamine, and COVID-19 complications
, Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences 15(6): 550-553 (2020)

Determining the relationship between emotional intelligence and interpersonal sensitivity with quality of work life in nurses
, Journal of Education and Health Promotion 10(1): 174 (2021)

Determining the relationship between load markers and non-contact injuries during the competitive season among professional and semi-professional basketball players
, Research in Sports Medicine 2020: 1-12 (2020)

Determining the relationship between physical status and musculoskeletal injuries in children: a cohort study
, Journal of Rural Medicine: Jrm 15(3): 116-123 (2020)

Determining the relationship between the impairment of selective voluntary motor control and gait deviations in children with cerebral palsy using simple video-based analyses
, Gait and Posture 90: 295-300 (2021)

Determining the relationship between the quadriceps and tibiofemoral angles among adolescents
, Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences 16(1): 70-76 (2021)

Determining the relative contribution of retinal disparity and blur cues to ocular accommodation in Down syndrome
, Scientific Reports 7: 39860 (2017)

Determining the relative importance of titania nanotubes characteristics on bone implant surface performance: A quality by design study with a fuzzy approach
, Materials Science and Engineering. C Materials for Biological Applications 114: 110995 (2020)

Determining the release kinetics of risperidone controlled release matrices to treat schizophrenia
, Pakistan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 34(2(Supplementary): 657-663 (2021)

Determining the reliability and usability of change of direction speed tests in adolescent female soccer players: a systematic review
, Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness 60(5): 720-732 (2020)

Determining the reliability of liver biopsies in NASH clinical studies
, Nature Reviews. Gastroenterology and Hepatology 17(11): 653-654 (2020)

Determining the research status and coronavirus anxiety scores of academics during the flexible working arrangements initiated after the COVID-19 pandemic
, Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences 16(3): 336-343 (2021)

Determining the right tool for diagnosing adnexal torsion
, Bjog: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 128(1): 45 (2021)

Determining the risk factors and characteristics of de novo stress urinary incontinence in women undergoing pelvic organ prolapse surgery: A systematic review
, Turkish Journal of Urology 46(6): 427-435 (2020)

Determining the risk factors associated with delayed sputum conversion at the end of the intensive phase among tuberculosis patients
, Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal 27(8): 755-763 (2021)

Determining the role and responsibilities of the Australian epilepsy nurse in the management of epilepsy: a study protocol
, Bmj Open 11(1): E043553 (2021)

Determining the role of eudaimonic values in conservation behavior
, Literature Cited 34(6): 1404-1415 (2020)

Determining the role of micro RNAs in psychiatric disorders
, Nature Reviews. Neuroscience 16(4): 201-212 (2015)

Determining the role of specific signaling molecules during lymphocyte development in vivo: instant transgenesis
, Nature Protocols 1(3): 1185-1193 (2006)

Determining the rotation direction in pulsars
, Nature Communications 10(1): 3232 (2019)

Determining the safety of ultrafocal salvage high-dose-rate brachytherapy for radiorecurrent prostate cancer: A toxicity assessment of 150 patients
, Clinical and Translational Radiation Oncology 27: 1-7 (2021)

Determining the sample size in a clinical trial
, Medical Journal of Australia 178(7): 358; Author Reply 358-9 (2003)

Determining the scale of coal mining in an ecologically fragile mining area under the constraint of water resources carrying capacity
, Journal of Environmental Management 2020: 111621 (2020)

Determining the sex-specific distributions of average daily alcohol consumption using cluster analysis: is there a separate distribution for people with alcohol dependence?
, Population Health Metrics 19(1): 28 (2021)

Determining the source of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 infection in a healthcare worker
, Medrxiv: the Preprint Server for Health Sciences 2020 (2020 )

Determining the specific microbial populations and their spatial distribution within the stromatolite ecosystem of Shark Bay
, Isme Journal 3(4): 383-396 (2009)

Determining the specificity of protein-DNA interactions
, Nature Reviews. Genetics 11(11): 751-760 (2010)

Determining the spectral transmittance of photochromic contact lenses
, Contact Lens and Anterior Eye: the Journal of the British Contact Lens Association 2021 (2021)

Determining the stability of minimally displaced lateral humeral condyle fractures in children: ultrasound is better than arthrography
, Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery and Research 16(1): 32 (2021)

Determining the stages of cellular differentiation using deep ultraviolet resonance Raman spectroscopy
, Talanta 227: 122164 (2021)

Determining the steering direction in critical situations: A decision tree-based method
, Traffic Injury Prevention 21(6): 395-400 (2020)

Determining the stoichiometry and interactions of macromolecular assemblies from mass spectrometry
, Nature Protocols 2(3): 715-726 (2007)

Determining the structure and binding mechanism of oxytocin-Cu 2+ complex using paramagnetic relaxation enhancement NMR analysis
, Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry: Jbic: a Publication of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 2021 (2021)

Determining the survival benefit of adjuvant radiotherapy in patients with node-positive head and neck cancer
, Nature Clinical Practice. Oncology 5(12): 694-695 (2008)

Determining the temperature of petroleum formation from the kinetic properties of petroleum asphaltenes
, Nature 406(6792): 173-176 (2000)

Determining the thermal characteristics of breast cancer based on high-resolution infrared imaging, 3D breast scans, and magnetic resonance imaging
, Scientific Reports 10(1): 10105 (2020)

Determining the three-dimensional atomic structure of an amorphous solid
, Nature 592(7852): 60-64 (2021)

Determining the thresholds for abnormal left ventricular strains in healthy subjects by echocardiography: a meta-analysis
, Cardiovascular Diagnosis and Therapy 10(6): 1858-1873 (2020)

Determining the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 in the urine: an unreliable test for hypothyroidism
, Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 152(22): 1298; Author Reply 1298-9 (2008)

Determining the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 in the urine: an unreliable test for hypothyroidism
, Nederlands Tijdschrift Voor Geneeskunde 152(30): 1698-1699 (2008)

Determining the time course of CYP3A inhibition by potent reversible and irreversible CYP3A inhibitors using A limited sampling strategy
, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 90(5): 666-673 (2011)

Determining the time needed for workers to acclimatize to hypoxia
, International Journal of Biometeorology 64(12): 1995-2005 (2020)

Determining the true burden of kidney stone disease
, Nature Reviews. Nephrology 16(12): 736-746 (2020)

Determining the unmet needs of patients with intracranial meningioma-a qualitative assessment
, Neuro-Oncology Practice 7(2): 228-238 (2020)

Determining the utility of minimum F-wave latency alterations in the electrodiagnosis of ulnar neuropathy at the elbow
, Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria 79(3): 195-200 (2021)

Determining the validity and reliability of spinopelvic parameters through comparing standing whole spinal radiographs and upright computed tomography images
, Bmc Musculoskeletal Disorders 22(1): 899 (2021)

Determining the validity of advance directives
, Medical Journal of Australia 173(6): 335-336 (2000)

Determining the value of TB active case-finding: current evidence and methodological considerations
, International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease: the Official Journal of the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease 25(3): 171-181 (2021)

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Developing a strategic plan
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