Section 72
Chapter 71,682

Efficient artificial light-harvesting systems based on aggregation-induced emission in supramolecular gels

Ma, X.; Qiao, B.; Yue, J.; Yu, J.; Geng, Y.; Lai, Y.; Feng, E.; Han, X.; Liu, M.

Soft Matter 17(34): 7813-7816


ISSN/ISBN: 1744-6848
PMID: 34612349
DOI: 10.1039/d1sm00993a
Accession: 071681186

Based on a new designed acyl hydrazone gelator (G2), we developed a supramolecular organogel in glycol with two different hydrophobic fluorescent dyes, namely rhodamine B (RhB) and acridine red, as acceptors. Both the [email protected] and [email protected] red systems showed high levels of energy-transfer efficiency and high fluorescence quantum yields.

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