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Inter-sectoral network to face violence against children and adolescents in a rural context

Mapelli, L.D.; Sabino, F.H.O.; Costa, L.C.R.; Silva, J.L.d.; Ferriani, M.d.G.ça.C.; Carlos, D.M.

Revista Gaucha de Enfermagem 41: E20190461


ISSN/ISBN: 1983-1447
PMID: 33237224
Accession: 071990308

To analyze the Primary Health Care inter-sectoral network in a rural context to face domestic violence against children and adolescents. A qualitative research study, with the Paradigm of Complexity as theoretical and methodological framework. Eighteen health professionals from two rural Family Health Units in a municipality in the state of São Paulo were the participants. Data was collected through minimum maps of the institutional network and focus groups in May and June 2019. Data was analyzed through thematic analysis. Two categories emerged, entitled "It's not nonexistent, but it's complicated" and "We're always on the firing line". The existence of a weakened network; assistance based on biomedical bias; and care fragmentation were characteristics present in the care provided to the families. The absence of network care was evident, with isolation and overload of the Primary Health Care unit that is enhanced by the characteristics of rurality.

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