Mutations in the fibrillin gene responsible for dominant ectopia lentis and neonatal Marfan syndrome

Kainulainen, K.; Karttunen, L.; Puhakka, L.; Sakai, L.; Peltonen, L.

Nature Genetics 6(1): 64-69


ISSN/ISBN: 1061-4036
PMID: 8136837
DOI: 10.1038/ng0194-64
Accession: 072174371

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Mutations in the gene coding for fibrillin on chromosome 15 (FBN1) are known to cause Marfan syndrome (MFS). A related disorder, dominant ectopia lentis (EL), has also been linked genetically to this locus. We now describe ten novel mutations of FBN1 resulting in strikingly different phenotypes. In addition to classic MFS, FBN1 mutations also give rise to EL and a severe neonatal form of MFS. Interestingly, the neonatal MFS mutations are clustered in one particular region of FBN1, possibly providing new insights into genotype-phenotype comparisons.