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Phase-stabilized all-fiber-based mode-filtering technique for generating a gigahertz frequency comb

Nakajima, Y.; Hariki, T.; Nishiyama, A.; Minoshima, K.

Optics Express 28(12): 17502-17510


ISSN/ISBN: 1094-4087
PMID: 32679957
Accession: 072309924

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An all-fiber-based mode-filtering technique is developed for generating a gigahertz-repetition-rate fiber-based frequency comb with a multiplication factor of 21. A high side-mode suppression ratio of approximately 65 dB is achieved by introducing a thermally diffused expanded core fiber between the dispersion compensating fiber and single-mode fiber to reduce splice loss. The fiber cavity length is also stabilized such that the resonance frequency is locked to the comb mode by applying the Pound-Drever-Hall stabilization technique. The proposed stabilized all-fiber-based mode-filtering technique is expected to be an attractive choice for a variety of applications that require a high-repetition-rate frequency comb.

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